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This page records mission summaries for the past adventures of the USS Aurora. Data relating to previous missions is posted here, as well as a synopsis of what happened. For information on the Aurora's current mission, go to the Current Mission page.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The freshly recommissioned USS Aurora, complete with it’s new command and senior staff, departed SB118 on a combination shakedown and patrol run. Her orders were to head out to the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone and keep an eye out for unusual or suspicious activity there, as well as investigate any out-of-the-ordinary happenings that may have occurred in the wake of the Hobus supernova. With the crew still in the process of getting to know one another, the ship underwent a number of tests of it’s systems – including one rather creative experiment involving the sensor grid and it’s own emissions – but reached the Neutral Zone without incident. Almost immediately upon arrival,the Aurora detected signs of unusual levels of rather exotic radiation in the area, and has begun investigating… with no idea what the crew’s actions are about to trigger.

Without warning, the anomaly responsible for the radiation opened up, engulfing the ship and depositing it roughly 750 light years on the other side of the Romulan Star Empire. The ship received some damage but nothing too serious that the repair teams and medical team couldn’t handle. When recovering the sensor capability, the crew discovered a D7 Romulan ship floating in space, apparently without energy or living signatures. Having in count that the D7 class was last produced more than 200 years ago, it’s worth investigating, so an away team was sent in a shuttle due some damage on the transporters. After an easy ride, the doors of the Romulan ship opened and once inside they’re received by a group of Romulans who’s leader was named Lakacl. After an offer to repair the ventilation system of the ship and some diplomatic talks, the Elder Lakacl accepted to interview with Captain Vetri on the Aurora while the away team remained on the Romulan ship.

As if being surrounded by tension from the crew of the Romulan D7 they are trying to help wasn’t bad enough, the USS Aurora’s away team find themselves caught in the midst of an attempted coup against the ship’s leaders, triggered by the arrival of the Aurora and the promise of a potential way home – something not all of those aboard the Romulan vessel want to take. This struggle also manifests aboard the Aurora itself, where the visiting dignitaries are themselves split, resulting in an armed confrontation in the conference room. Luckily, things are resolved with a minimum of trouble on the Starfleet ship, but only in time for it to find itself falling prey to another hazard of the area they have found themselves in – a space-borne crystalline object that begins draining the Aurora of power at a dangerous rate.

Having helped those loyal to the leadership regain control of the D7, the away team then proceed to help the Aurora out, using the Romulan ship’s weapons to disable the entity, allowing the Aurora to break free and begin working out just what it is. Now, with those Romulans that wish to return home safely aboard, the Aurora’s crew can focus their efforts on making sure the anomaly that brought them here can get them back again – and the fact that a Starfleet shuttle got dragged through it to their location is a fair indication that it might just be able to do it…

Study of the now-disabled crystal revealed a connection between it and the anomaly, more specifically, the artificial structures within it. Careful analysis showed it to actually be a part of the anomaly’s maintenance system that had somehow ended up wandering astray, and plans were rapidly formulated to return it to where it was meant to be. After last minute preparations, the Aurora made it’s attempt to return home, running the more stable, but still volatile, gauntlet of the anomaly’s interior. Getting off a lot lighter than the first time, the ship made it back to Federation space- and nearly ran over a runabout that happened to be investigating that end of the conduit at the time. Safely home again, the crew set course for Starbase 23 to drop off their Romulan passengers, as well as get the ship patched up and take a well-earned break.

The Battle of Bajor: Conundrum

After a spell of rest and repair at Starbase 23, the Aurora heads out for what is expected to be a fairly routine patrol run of the area near the Klingon border. What the crew don't realise yet is that what they're about to stumble into will have repercussions that travel a lot further than they might expect...

With the ship patched up after it’s last mission, the USS Aurora’s new job was a patrol of a section of the Federation/Klingon border, maintaining a presence in the area should anything crop up.

It didn’t take all that long for just that to happen, with the Aurora – coordinating with the Brikar Defence Force – identifying a vessel crossing the border that was flagged by Starfleet as being of interest in a number of criminal activities. Suspicion heightened still further when the vessel displayed signs of carrying a cloak, though not a very good one.

When the Aurora confronted the ship, the ensuing discussion didn’t go smoothly, with the Orion Captain accusing Starfleet of interfering with a scientific study in neutral space. After a reminder that the Klingon Neutral Zone didn’t exist any more, she agreed to a more face-to-face discussion to resolve the situation.

The Aurora’s Away Team beamed over, but as soon as they arrived, a jamming field began coming from the Orion ship, cutting off contact, and Orions boarders managed to slip aboard during the beaming process. Whilst the away Team experienced little trouble beyond some aggressive posturing, the Aurora itself had to deal with hostile intruders using an incapacitating gas weapon that managed to penetrate almost as far as the bridge.

The Away Team managed to secure one of the suspected Bajoran terrorists on the Orion ship – sadly, the only one that failed to successfully suicide to avoid capture. This captive was transported to the Aurora’s sickbay for stabilisation, during which time the Orion prisoners managed to stage a jail-break.

With one of it’s own shuttles now making a break for Klingon space with the Orions aboard, the Aurora was unable to pursue due to the fact people were still aboard the Orion’s own vessel. Luckily, the Verter, a Brikar patrol ship in the area, was more than happy to take on the chase.

After being interrogated by LtCmdr Dickens, the Bajoran prisoner let slip a definite connection between his group and the attack on SB118, as well as the fact that the were others of the Scarlet Brotherhood on Farius Prime, planning yet more chaos.

An initial plan to try and infiltrate Farius Prime was devised, using the Orion ship to get a team in undetected whilst the Aurora hangs back to provide support, but it still needs a lot of work – something that the command crew are attending to, along with digesting the news of both the casualties on SB118 and LtCmdr T’Lea’s premature delivery of her and the Captain’s daughter.

Whilst a covert infiltration team makes their way to Farius Prime to try and dig up what they can on Scarlet Brotherhood operations based there, the crew aboard the USS Aurora find themselves having to deal with a member of the self-same group who has managed to infiltrate their vessel from the Orion freighter they had secured.

A hostage situation in Engineering ends with a number of minor injuries to the crew and a Bajoran terrorist left to regain consciousness in the brig. With that little interruption dealt with, they get under way for Farius Prime themselves, with the science and engineering teams cooking up a stealthed probe intended to give the away team a little extra support without announcing the presence of Starfleet in the system.

Meanwhile, the away team successfully makes contact with the Bajorans they are seeking, though it takes a certain amount of fast-talking to get the terrorists to accept the disguises and cover identities the team have put together. Now all they need to do is get some intel on what the Brotherhood are planning next in their attempts to destabilize Bajor’s entry to the Federation – something made perhaps a little trickier by the Orion slave of the terrorist leader who is far less taken in by their act…

The away team on Farius Prime arrived to a brotherhood bunker where they’re tested by an Orion slave named Jalen following orders of Major Talar to discover if they’re of the Brotherhood or faking. The team managed to uncover themselves Lt. Tali managed to make Jalen sympathize with them and get her help for the team.

Meanwhile the rest of the team members managed to get some Intel from other brotherhood members until a storm falls over Maltabra city and caused a blackout on the energy generator of the bunker. With their engineer out Tali get to the task of repairing it and the others gathered Intel and prepared to leave. Jalen finally sacrificed herself to allow the team get out and destroy the energy generator on their way out. Commander Dickens was injured in the escape ending with the loss of his left hand.

Meanwhile the USS Aurora crew dealt with a hybrid bio-mechanical virus that affected systems throughout the ship, including the holodeck where an experiment was performed, causing a little supernova to damage part of the ship and infected Ensign Blackwood and part of the crew she came in contact with. Finally ensign Okera from Engineering, Malcolm from Medical and T’Lea from Science managed to stop the virus and contain it for further study.