Xena S'milus

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USS Arrow
[[File:Xena S'milus|240px]]
Xena S'milus
Position PNPC
Rank Civilian
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 237910.31
Age 21
Birthplace Cait Homeworld
Writer ID J239706R10

Xena S'milus is currently serving as a Corporate representative of the Exploratores Consortium, sometimes aboard the USS Arrow in an independent capacity. It is rumored in the inner-most intel circles that her corporate boss is Foeixache, a Deltan, and estranged father of Lt R'Ariel, as such that information is not public knowledge. Her duties often involve providing information or technology to Starfleet on loan to assist with their missions.


  • Height: 180 cm (5'9")
  • Hair: Blonde Mane
  • Fur Speckled
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ears: Small, obscurred by her mane.
  • Build: Athletic

Background Family History

Xena S'milus was born on the Cait homeworld. Not much is known about her, aside from her very brief career in Starfleet. She joined Starfleet at a young age. Her entrance scores were unnaturally high, a feat she was conspicuously unable to duplicate during her time as a Cadet. She graduated a bit below average in her class. Many demerits levied against her is partly responsible for her lower graduating grades. One of the more memorable demerits involved charges of setting up an underground gambling racquet for the Cadets.

She is known to carry many of the common characteristics of her fellow Caitians which includes a passionate level of loyal devotion to those close to her.

Xena graduated as an Ensign in Starfleet Intelligence, where her assignment request placed her as an aide. Most of her official records are redacted at this point, and Xena resigned from Starfleet shortly afterwards.

Eventually Xena S'milus made her way back to Cait. During this time it is believed she met Foeixache and soon took up employment at Exploratores Consortium as the Director.

Exploratores Consortium Background

Exploratores Consortium has an investing interest in a wide variety of commercial interests in the region of space around Deep Space Station 3 where they have one of their offices. Their specific offerings vary and can change from day to day. Much of their trade deals in technology, research, and private security. The newest Director of Exploratores Consortium is currently Xena S'milus. Starfleet Intelligence suggests that a Deltan, Foeixache has a controlling interest in Exploratores Consortium.

Background Present History

Director Xena S'milus, recently, bought out a local bar for the Exploratores Consortium on the commercial section of Raft One. The local bar claims to offer a drink for every species with a wide range of meal options, and has been expanded to offer a range of holo suites and conference rooms for "secure meetings" in addition to the usual games of chance. Discounts are publicized for all Starfleet members, which she leverages to get assignments aboard the USS Arrow. The bar's name, Xeno Smiles, catering to its claims to be a place for all species to enjoy, it is often called Smileys for short.


  • Parents
    • Father: Unknown
    • Mother: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Spouse: Unknown
  • Children: Unknown

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