What Happened At Luxis III (Victory)

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What Happened at Luxis III
239202.01 - Present

People of Note

Mission Synopsis

The crew of the USS Victory had been through a lot in the past months and it looked like karma was on their side when the Intrepid Class ship was assigned to the Embassy of Duronis II for a temporary science mission for the Laudeans.

The first order of business when they arrived was to attend the promotion banquet of Toni Turner to Rear admiral and Nugra to Captain. Each and every crewmember from both the Victory and the USS Thunder-A had a great time.

The next day, they receieved instructions that they would be assisting the Laudeans in the construction of a science outpost around the third planet of their solar system, Luxis III. There was a minor crew exchange with both the first officers, Eerie and Hannibal Parker switching follow by Leland Bishop, Alucard Vess, and Ayiana Sevo going over to the Thunder-A. In return, the Victory received Brayden Jorey, Irina Pavlova, and Aurora James.

Though it was not a long trip to Luxis III's orbit, the ships did not waste time in deploying their away teams. Director Abeda and Doctor Favel met the Victory's away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe under a heavy downpour caused by the tidal locked seas. As the Victory began its scan of the third moon, Kretos, a anomaly appeared sending out a pulsing shockwave that cut though every defense the USS Victory had rendering her brain dead. If it was not for the timely arrival of Jaxon Mc Ghee aboard the Raven, followed by the Thunder-A being able to lock a tractor beam, the Victory may have crashed on to the highly magnetic moon.

Admiral Turner ordered an abort of the mission as they received orders from SST to yank some of their crew for newly launched ships and that the Victory was doomed without some concentrated assistance.

They were able to be successfully towed from Luxis III back to Duronis II and that was where the Victory remained until she was towed to the Utopia Planitia shipyards to under go a refit and repair of the extensive software and electronic damage.