Luxis III

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Luxis 2.png
Stellar Cartography
Sector Duronis Sector
System Duronis system
Sun(s) 2 (Luxis, Sebris)
Moon(s) 3 ( Moku,Bela,Kretos
Class O
Diameter 8746km
Atmosphere O2 20%,N2 78%,CO2 0.1%,Ar 0.93%,
Hydrosphere 89%
Climate Habitable
Gravity 1.4 (Earth = 1)
Primary terrain Water World/Jungle
Points of interest None
Length of Day 12h,2m,3s
Length of Year 148d,13m,54s
Native species Various Species
Other species None
Official Language None
Population None
Technological Classification None
Major cities None
Imports None
Exports None
Affiliation None
Government None

Also known as "Rhil'ahn" to the indigenous inhabitants of the system, the Laudeans, Luxis III is a Class O water world in the third orbital position of the system's primary, Luxis.


Luxis 3 map.png

Laudean Interest

The Laudean Aeronautical and Space Initiative has had a keen interest in Luxis III as the oceans have been proven to harbor many rare minerals, salt and useful plant life that could bolster the home world's stock of those items. There are plans in the work of moving mining and collection facilities to the small islands that are still above sea level especially since the discovery of medicinal plants growing abundant on the ocean's bottom.

Since the two wars that have destroyed the Laudean infrastructure, the demand for medicines have sky rocketed.

The planet still bears much exploration potential once time can be devoted to it.