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Mission Reports


Every month, one of the Victory crewmembers writes a monthly summary about all ship activities.

These summaries are written to give you a global idea of what happens aboard the fine Intrepid Class starship. To that end, a certain level of detail is being maintained. Personal b-plots and personnal experiences will not be mentioned unless important for the main plot. The entries below are sorted by stardate.

Stardate: 238402

The USS Victory, NCC-362447, arrived at Deep Space Nine for shore leave and repairs after its last mission. Waiting on the station were new crewmembers Lt. Richard Anderson and LtJG. Shalom Winters, as well as Admiral Janice Decilla (NPC). Upon the Victory's arrival, Captain Robin Phoenix was reinstated by Decilla as commanding officer.

Before shore leave officially began, LtCmdr. Paul Diamond, the Victory's acting captain, requested that Lt. Aresee Ventu, ship's counselor, organize a party in the Gosport Galley, which started a couple of hours after Victory's arrival at DS9. The party began with an official awards ceremony. Promotions were first, then IC awards; Ventu received the Order of the Valiant Heart; Cmdr. Diamond received the Strange Medallion; and Captain Phoenix received the Federation Peace Medal.

After the official ceremony, the party began in earnest. Lt. Anderson took the stage to sing as the party heated up with drink and dance. New relationships began to form as old ones were revived. In the midst of it all, LtCmdr. Toni Turner arrived as a guest from the USS Challenger, NCC-12886.

Stardate: 238401

The USS Victory's mission was taking them to Cardassia Prime for a diplomatic meeting between Bajorans Diplomats and Cardassians. However, enroute, the USS Victory was attacked by an unknown vessel. Damage was mostly on Deck 6 where the Bajroan Diplomats; Quarters were located. One of the diplomats were seriously injured.

In the meantime, the search continued for Lt. Arsee Ventu, who was "phased:" out of sight and had encounter a person from the future.. This person, Aurelie informed Lt. Ventu of the "Collectors" who were from the future. LT.Ventu tried to make telepathic contact with Captain Phoenix in Sick Bay and succeeded. However, those whom were chasing Lt. Ventu and Aurelie all over the ship were just beyond the Captain's make-shift quarters in sick bay. The Captain locked the doors to prevent those chasing the Lieutenant from getting into the room. However this locked out Commander Diamond and Lt. Cmdr Harden, the ships CMO. To keep Lt. Ventu safe, The Captain transports out of the small room into main sickbay. As this is happening, Lt. Ventu and Aurelie crawl into the jefferies tube and begin climbing. They are captured by the "Collectors".

In the meantime,Diamond tells the Captain about what Lt. Van Ingen had disclosed to him about the Victory's future being crashed into a moon in Cardassian space. The Captain and Commander Diamond, who is acting as Captain decide to continue on their path to Cardassia Prime, despite all circumstaces. Diamond suggests that one of the crew could act as the Bajroan Diplomat. Captain Pheonix returns to her room in sick bay to find Lt. Ventu gone. She goes to search for her and gets captured by the Collectors as well. Presently, the ship is again attacked, but not by the same ship. This time, it's a ship from the tuture. It is a more powerful ship and commanded by Admiral Robin Phoenix, a futuristic version of the current Captain Phoenix. Admiral Phoenix continues to fire at the USS Victory, causing serious damages. As the battle is going on, Lt. Arsee Ventu, Captain Phoenix and Aerulie use the alien portal to return to the USS Victory on the Bridge. However, Commander Diamond, with the aide of Lt. Fanel and Lt. Hunnicutt, manage to set in motion a plan to destroy the futuristic, more powerful ship.

While the battle was going on, a lone shuttle approaches with a new crew member, Lt. Kwame Alexaner. He, in an attempt to assist, releases his warp core, which floats in the casmos. Diamonds idea was for the Victory to lure the futuristic ship past the warp core, have tactical fire on the warp core and explode it as the future ship flies past. This is carried out with percision and the futuristic ship and it's crew ram into the very same moon that the USS Victory was supposed to fly into. After the futuristic ship is destroyed, tjhe rest of the wreckage is vaporized to destroy all evidence. The Victory begins it's road back to Deep Space 9 while undergoing repairs.

Stardate: 238312

Cardassian exchange prisoners were placed in the brig of the USS Victory NCC-362447 under the careful watch of the security department led by Lt. Jacen Fanel and his assistant, Ensign Hugh Barnes (terrans). A party, being organized by Lt.Cmdr. Cura Stone (Betazoid/Argelian, Acting FO, CSO) was happening in Gosport Galley, the Victory’s named messhall.

Within a private surgical suite, the commanding officer-turned-advisor, Captain Robin Phoenix (terran), endured another session of massage (sigh) by the Bynar, Tina (NPC).

The party was in full swing when Lt. Cmdr. Paul Diamond (terran, FO, Acting CO) arrived late. He had secured the aid of Lt. Benjamin Hunnicutt (terran, CEO) in setting up a holographic feed between the USS Challenger and the USS Victory to collaborate in the birth of the Callenger’s Captain T’Pen’s twins. Although it was a successful birth of a boy and a girl, the captain died. Blaming himself, Cmdr. Diamond, now on Deck 2, and under the unnoticed eye of Lt.Cmdr. Julia Harden (terran, CMO) slugged the corridor wall, badly bruising his hand.

Ambassador Prevot (Bajoran, NPC), Bajoran diplomat, and Cmdr. Stone do indeed know one another. But while he is romancing her, he is also hiding a device in the quarters of Priestess Janice S’Rah, Bajoran Ambassador (NPC) with the prisoner exchange program.

Meanwhile, Lt. Ventu, after getting lost within her own ship, is somehow caught up in a temporal phase shift. She can see the crew of the Victory but they can’t see or hear her. Hoping to find the ‘missing’ counselor, Ensign Barnes and Dr. Harden search the ship. Ms. Ventu discovered she was the object of an assassination plot and returned to Cpt. Phoenix’s quarters; one of few persons on the ship that could hear her thoughts.

Using an anyon emitter, Ensign Barnes was able to temporarily bring the phased persons into view proving the counselor was still on board the ship. About the same time the Victory was attacked. However, according to Lt. Fanel, the torpedo wasn’t powerful enough to penetrate the hull, just enough to cause minor damage. Priestess S’Rah was injured and is currently in a coma in sickbay.

Cardassian Ambassador Gul Marlok and Lt. van Ingen (NPC), observer, in their own particular ways, mingled with the Starfleet crew as if they belonged. Van Ingen was proving to be an asset. Gul Marlok made his way to the brig, murdered one of the guards there and assisted prisoner Gul Gurpin to escape. Why?

The phase technology being experienced on the Victory has further effects… into the future.

Stardate: 238311

The USS Victory NCC - 362447 headed for DS9 as it continued on it's mission to carry a Bajoran Delegation to Cardassia Prime with prisoners to exchange as a good faith gesture. Following orders given by acting captain, Lt. Cmdr Paul Diamond, (terran) Lieutenant Chris Wadham (terran) made inquiries of senior commissioner of the prisoner exchange, Dankin Rann (NPC). It was discovered that the Victory crew were dealing with some Cardassians that had military training.

Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond spoke to Captain Robin Phoenix (terran) about his relationship with CMO, Dr. Julia Harden (terran). Phoenix gave some advice to Diamond about love and command in the privacy of the Captain's ready room. No sooner did that conversation finish before Lt. Arsee Ventu (terran) arrive to warn Captain Phoenix and Lt. Cmdr Diamond of a message from the Lieutenant's Mother, who was communicating from the future. The warning had something to do with the current mission they were on.

As if that wasn't enough. Lt. Cmdr Cura A Stone joined them all in the ready room to warn Captain Phoenix about Lt. Van Ingen (NPC), the appointed observer by Adrmial Decilla (NPC). Lt.Arsee Ventu suggested interviewing Lt. van Ingen and finding out more about him. Captain Phoenix asked Lt. Cmdr Stone to privately investigate Lt. van Ingen's past through the ship's link with Star Fleet database. Not long after the ready room conversations, Captain Phoenix had another growth spurt, which led to complications. CMO Dr. Harden arrived on the scene and beamed her to sick bay. While this was going on, Counselor Arsee Ventu met with Lt. van Ingen.

In the meantime, the Victory docked at Deep Space Nine. Lt. Cmdr Diamond heads to the Counselor's office to inform her of Captain Phoenix's last growth spurt and calls Lt. Cmdr Stone to hear the same report. Lt. Cmdr Stone arrives at the counselor's office and Lt. Commander Diamond divulges the Captain's condition and her being confined to Sick Bay. In the meantime, in Sick Bay, Tina, Rena (both NPC) and Dr. Harden decide that a massage treatment with mineral oils is called for. The Captain is given a massage by Tina. Counselor Ventu and Lt. Cmdr Stone promise to visit the Captain after hearing of her condition.

While this is going on, Lt. Wadham takes care of getting provisions from Deep Space Nine. Lt.Jacen Fanel prepares security for everything, posting men in locations throughout the ship. Counselor Ventu visits the Captain in Sick Bay, while Lt. Cmdr Stone heads to the bridge.

Lt. Cmdr Diamond receives communication from USS Challenger about Captain T'Penn's twins due to arrive shortly and the need for his medical assistance. Lt. Cmdr Harden, CMO, brings up the idea of putting in a video feed of Gossport Gally to Captain Phoenix's room in Sick Bay so she can keep informed of what's going on. Lt. Cmdr Diamond and Lt. Cmdr Stone agreed that it's a good idea and steps are made to see about getting it into place.

Presently, the ship arrives at Bajor and arrangements are made to beam up the Bajoran Delegation. In the meantime, Lt. Cmdr Diamond sets up a holographic surgical room on Holodeck 1 with engineer, Lt. Hunnicutt. The Bajoran Delegation beams up from the surface and Lt. Cmdr Stone and Bajoran Delegate, Ambassador Prevot appear to recognize one another, but don't say anything to one another. The Bajoran's are then escorted to their guest quarters on deck 6 by Lt. Cmdr Stone and Lt. Jacen Fanel.

Stardate: 238310

Continuing the joint mission with Starbase 118, Lt.Cmdr. Paul Diamond (FO, Acting CO, Terran) had assumed the duties of commanding officer from the Lilliputian Captain Phoenix. Lt.Cmdr. Cura Assanti-Stone (Betazoid/Argelian hybrid, chief science officer), was assigned as Acting First Officer for the duration of their next mission.

Admiral Decilla informed the Victory’s NCC-362447 command staff that an observer would be coming on board to watch and record the happenings on the ship during the upcoming mission. Lt. Chris Wadham (COO, Terran) had investigated an FNS article defaming the Victory’s captain. What the two had to do with each other only time would tell.

The disagreeable Starfleet observer, Lt. Theo van Ingen (NPC) arrived to the discomfiture of the senior staff. Cmdr. Stone was especially vexed with his presence but the captain and acting CO came in a close second. As Cmdr. Diamond said, it was either the observer on the ship or the captain losing her command. Captain Phoenix wearily settled in as the adviser hoping she would get to advise some one soon.

Having been on leave during the preceding mission, Lt. Aresee Ventu (Counselor, Terran) arrived at SB118 amid a hail of phaser fire from a black ship. The unknown enemy, having caught Aresee and her assistant, Ryan Devin (NPC) in a tractor beam from which they were able to extricate themselves, managed to make contact with the Starbase. Rescued then safe and sound aboard the Victory, Lt. Ventu received a message from her mother, Matilda. Mrs. Ventu warned that the mission to bring the Cardassian and Bajoran people together through a prisoner exchange program wasn’t what it seemed.

Lt. Ventu reported the incident to the commanding officers. Lt. Jacen Fanel (Chief Security Officer, Terran) and his new ASO, Ensign Hugh Barnes (Terran), began establishing the ship’s security measures, taking care to securely guard their guest’s quarters. Currently, the USS Victory is closing in on DS9. Where they will collect some supplies, then heading to Bajor to collect the Bajoran representatives and their Cardassian prisoners.

Stardate: 238309

This month was a joint mission with Starbase 118 as the USS Victory put into port for repairs and R & R. A welcome and eventful state of affairs for everyone.

Lt.Cmdr. Paul Diamond (FO, Terran) assumed the duties of Commanding Officer.

When last seen, Lt.Cmdr. Cura Assanti-Stone (Betazoid/Argelian hybrid), having been relieved of her CO duties, was free to enjoy the base and it’s many attractions. However, Cmdr. Stone was soon accosted by one Res Starrington (NPC, Terran). The man informed her that he had several pieces of art he would like the commander to see. The end result was that Starrington and his cohorts were holding a woman for ransom that they believed to be the Queen of Argelius II. She was, in fact, a clone of Lt.Cmdr. Assanti-Stone, the true Queen.

After agreeing to the ransom amount in latinum, Cmdr. Stone contacted her friend and to some degree, her protector, Senator Defazzi (NPC) and the base security personnel, Lt.Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich (SB118 CTO, Terran) and Lt. Kwame Alexander (SB118 COS, Terran). The criminals were soon apprehended; the hostage freed.

Also on the base, the Victory’s newest crewmember, Ensign Rayden Kayne, (ACOO, Antican) slipped into a rundown, cheap tavern for an injection. While on the Victory and in the presence of the small Dragool, Cmdr. Diamond’s pet, he had felt urges of a primal nature, i.e.: a strong urge to eat the small animal whole, alive and intact. This injection would help alleviate those urges.

Captain Robin Phoenix (relieved-of-duty CO, Terran) stayed in sickbay with the pregnant Dragool, Sheila. The Dragool, subsequently, gave birth and took her twins into an underground lair until they were ready to face the unknown wonders of life.

Meanwhile, Lt. Chris Wadham (COO, Terran) proceeded to investigate the FNS article defaming the Victory’s captain. Contacting an FNS 2nd Editor, Ms. Sophia Lecheva (NPC, a feisty Russian), Lt. Wadham was assured that proper investigative steps would be taken to ensure that the information being published was accurate.

The hybrid plasmid injections Captain Phoenix was undergoing started taking effect, allowing the captain to experience her first growth spurt, a painful, debilitating process. Not a process she was looking forward to again but the ensuing growth spurt was expected while being thoroughly disagreeable.

Lt.Cmdr Richard Shawn Anderson (SB118 CEO, Terran/Betazoid) and family was visiting with the diminutive captain when Admiral Janice Decilla (recurring NPC, Terran) arrived. In her most official tone, she placed the Victory’s captain on a three month probation during which time she would be operating in the role of a Command Advisor and under constant surveillance.

After shopping on the base for some suitable clothes not only for the tiny CO, but herself as well, Chief Medical Officer Lt.Cmdr. Julia Harden (Terran) and First Officer Paul Diamond arranged to meet for dinner. It seems there’s a budding romance building for Lt.Cmdr.’s Harden and Diamond.

Stardate: 238308

Lt.Cmdr. Cura Assanti-Stone (Betazoid/Argelian hybrid), took command of the USS Victory at the removal from duty of Captain Robin Phoenix (CO, Terran) and Lt.Cmdr. Paul Diamond (XO, Terran) by the Chief Medical Officer Lt.Cmdr. Julia Harden (Terran). While the ship was being repaired under Cmdr. Stone’s direction, Captain Phoenix started the hybrid plasmid injections prepared for her.

Lt.’s Chris Wadham and Ben Hunnicutt (Terrans) were getting the ship properly functioning when Admiral Janice Decilla (Terran) contacted the Acting CO, requesting their status and estimated time of arrival (ETA) at Starbase 118. Communications, helm and shields were online as well as the replicators Engineering’s problems were almost resolved; therefore, Cmdr. Stone reported an ETA of 5 hours.

In Sickbay, Dr. Harden performed an EEG (brain) and EKG (heart) on Cmdr. Diamond. The results were close enough to be called normal and later that same day she returned him to active duty.

Sheila, Cmdr. Diamond’s pet Dragool, had served as the diminutive captain’s transportation and guardian over the recent couple of days. While Captain Phoenix waited for the injection to take effect making her taller, Sheila was diagnosed as being with child.

Now, having reached Starbase 118, Admiral Decilla arrived ostensibly to meet with Captain Phoenix. Soon, however, it became apparent that she was there to have a private conference with Dr. Harden concerning the captain’s ability to continue in command of the USS Victory. It seemed to the doctor that she was looking to have Robin’s authority removed. To Dr. Harden’s relief, Cmdr. Diamond insisted that he join this clandestine conversation as the consulting physician.

The discussion in the CMO’s office went in a lateral direction, not at all what was expected but the end result was a wait-and-see attitude, a most acceptable conclusion to the Victory commanders. But, the admiral warned, there could be a hearing.

The final straw that crushed the Klingon’s back was an FNS news article placing a disparaging commentary upon the personal and professional life of Captain Robin Phoenix. An investigation into the reporter of this story was soon underway.

Meanwhile, in the back of a smoke filled bar, at a secluded table, a Terran, a Klingon and a Cardassian discussed matters that would eventually pertain to the woman being held captive by them. A woman known as Queen Assanti-Stone from Argelius II.

Stardate: 238307

With warp speed climbing to 8.9, Lt.’s Chris Wadham and Ben Hunnicutt (Terrans) worked at a fever pitch to get the ship’s systems back to normal and in control.

In the holodeck on deck five, Lt. Xavier Proud and Lt.Cmdr. Julia Harden (Terrans) fired phasers and watched as several sections of the holodeck began to collapse. Quickly, they made their way to the bridge where their tiny Commanding Officer, Captain Robin Phoenix (Terran, shrunken by a transporter accident) was standing on the seat of her chair, short and proud, leading her crew.

On deck 12, Lt.Cmdr. Cura Stone (Betazoid/Argelian hybrid), in desperation, slammed her fist on the console and the holodeck disabled the remainder of the program. Sniper had been put in his place and Lt.Cmdr. Paul Diamond (Terran, XO) was back in control for good.

Not believing him, Lt. Fanel fired on Mr. Diamond, the shots absorbed by the light saber Paul still held. The three made their way to sickbay, accompanied by a heavy discussion over Paul’s ability to stay in control and Cura’s perceived undermining of Fanel’s authority as Security Chief.

Lt. Hunnicutt had cut the power to the engines but he had fried the Warp engines to do it. Harden & Proud, after testing the gel packs and finding that they were not infected nor the cause of the Victory's problems, set about fixing a few minor inconveniences like lights and a limited number of communication badges.

Dr. Harden turned the problem of the captain’s size over to the Lab Rats, Tina and Rena (NPCs). They came up with a cure, but it would leave Captain Phoenix with increased strength. Their only other hope was to reverse the transporters and in turn, reverse the impairment to Robin’s body.

Upon investigating Gosport Galley, Lt.Cmdr. Stone found that the vortex that was absorbing the energy from the gel packs had collapsed. Just as everything looked like it was nearing normalcy, Captain Phoenix and Cmdr. Diamond were relieved of duty by Dr. Harden. Lt.Cmdr. Cura Stone, as the next highest ranking bridge officer, was placed in command of the USS Victory.

Stardate: 238306

The USS Victory NCC-362447 went into a tailspin of malfunctions. Guesses included electo-magnetic interference from a nearby source. Lt.(jg) Xavier Proud (terran) took a guess that it may be a cascade effect progressing downwards from the upper decks. No one could pinpoint the exact problem.

The crew split into teams. Lt. Ben Hunnicutt and Lt. Chris Wadham (terrans) went to Engineering to see if there was a way to safe-guard the engines. They were able to bring several systems back online for a short time before the controls shorted out leaving them in the dark.

Lt. Cmdr. Paul Diamond (Terran, XO) Lt. Commander Cura Stone (Betazoid/Argelian hybrid) and Lt. Jacen Fanel (terran) made their way to Gosport Galley. There, Cmdr. Diamond fell hitting his head. That was all it took for his Warrior Spirit, the Sniper Persona, to take over. Chasing after the lieutenant commander, Stone and Fanel found themselves trapped in a holodeck where Diamond was holed up in a cave, Stone was rescued by a gallant young hologram named Jonathan and Fanel was leading a military team trying to get everyone back together again.

Lt. Cmdr. Julia Harden, Lt.(jg) Xavier Proud and Ensign Josh Overmont (terrans) followed a gel pack hypothesis in which there might be a virus. Meaning to stop at sickbay, they discovered they were on deck six instead of deck five. The holodeck kept changing scenarios while the team tried desperately to find the controls.

Lt. Aresee Ventu and Lt(jg) Tyler Brooks stayed with Captain Robin Phoenix (all terrans) on the bridge. As the systems overloaded, Capt. Phoenix ordered the computer to beam everyone to the nearest Jefferies Tube. The captain was the last to be beamed away. Regrettably, the bridge blew up just as Captain Phoenix was being beamed to safety leaving her stranded in the cargo bay in the body of a very small person. With the help of Cmdr. Diamond’s pet Dragool, she was able to make her way back to the bridge.

In the main shuttlebay, hull integrity failed. As the bay decompressed, the Victory was pushed forward. They were now headed toward an asteroid field. Steer-less and powerless.

Stardate: 238305

The USS Victory NCC - 362447, after hard work on the great mystery, solved the issue of the missing mother of our counselor Lt.JG. Aresee Ventu (terran). Though the exact details have been deemed classified by Starfleet Intelligence and it’s future sister organisation, it is safe to say time will never be the same.

After a change in heading and some time to take care of routine post mission protocols, Captain at Large Mal Avatar (Andorian) of the USS Columbia NCC – 85279 visited the Victory. After docking the Columbia’s Captain’s Yaught the Kumari in a paralel heading, Avatar beamed aboard to take a role in the upcoming promotion ceremony aboard the Intrepid class vessel.

Lt.Commander Julia Harden (terran) and Lt.Jg. Ben Hunnicutt (terran) had been in charge of redecorating the Gosport Galley, Victory’s mess-hall, and done an outstanding job. Everything was in order for the ceremony and the after-party, Victory style. Captain Avatar took the spotlight on the podium first, and officially promoted Commander Robin Phoenix (terran) to the rank of Captain, and transferred the official codings and responsibilities to her.

After this, the newly promoted Captain issued some promotions of her own as many of the crew received one. Amongst them were some of the newest Victory crewmembers as well as older seasoned officers. The party followed, as some crewmembers decided to make a party for their own. Avatar, Phoenix, Commander Paul Diamond (terran) and Harden decided to leave the party and do some much overdue talking and adventure sharing.

During this private party in the Captain’s quarters, it soon became clear the quiet time between events was about over. A mysterious replicator malfunction was one of the first signs something was quite wrong aboard the USS Victory. Soon, doors, lights and turbolifts started to malfunction at random.

Captain Avatar was called back to the USS Columbia, and beamed back aboard the Kumari. Meanwhile, yellow alert was initiated and the entire senior staff called to the bridge for emergency conference. Upto now, no cause of the increasingly serious system malfunctions have been found. It is hoped a solution will be found before more critical systems start breaking down.

Stardate: 238304

Cmdr. Phoenix (Terran) (Acting Captain) and Lt.Cmdr. Diamond (Terran) (First Officer) settled into the captain’s ready room to discuss their next actions.

Mysteriously, an object manifested itself in the mess hall (Gosport Galley). The thing was made up of dozens of sides, about two meters tall, with an interesting gleaming mix of gold and silver. Previously, Matilda Taylor-Ventu (counselor Ventu's mother)had an object removed from the back of her neck. Now, she rushed into the room darting quickly into the strange object with that same component. While her daughter, Counselor Aresee Ventu (Terran) watched, the object and her mother disappeared.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Janatra (Romulan) was entertaining the Tal'Shiar on board the IRW Falcon. After two hours, Janatra had managed to convince his interrogators that he did NOT just complete a mission between his ship and the Federation ship, USS Victory. Soon after that, he rendezvoused with that same ship to collect his son and crew.

The investigation into the mysterious object ended with speculation of Chroniton Particles and Time Travel.

The marines were transported to a ship that would return them to Federation space and their base. Three ensigns had been assigned to the Victory and had arrived during the mission on Celipentha Station.

An added enigma leant more mystery to the USS Victory: Lt. Jacen Fanel (Terran) (Chief Security/Tactical Officer) was discovered to be a double agent, his other occupation being with Starfleet Intelligence.

Stardate: 238303

Team Alpha, led by Lt. Cmdr. Julia Harden, (Terran) (CMO, Acting First Officer), located the auxilliary engineering and computer controls. Also locating the prison cells where the Starfleet marines undoubedly were being held, they then signaled Bravo Team that it was safe to exit their hiding place. Alpha team carefully and stealthily moved back into the corridor where a Green Alert (the Romulan equivalent of Red Alert) was sounded.

Unknown to either team, Matilda Tayler-Ventu (Terran), Counselor Ventu’s mother, had taken a shuttle from the Victory and is now on Celipentha Station (running amok) which had triggered the alert and sent Romulans and Starfleet trying to capture her.

Bravo Team, led by Cmdr. Robin Phoenix, (CO) (Terran), was discovered in their hiding place by a Romulan inspection team. Acting swiftly, the Starfleet officers overpowered the Romulans and escaped into the station. Startled to find a bomb attached to an energy core, Cmdr. Phoenix decided to put her life at risk to disarm it.

Alpha Team was able to blend in with the other Centurions. Unexpectedly they came face to face with Lt.Cmdr. Paul Diamond (Terran), who was there to recover a stolen data chip. Teaming up, Cmdr. Diamond acted as a prisoner in order to bluff their way into the tightly guarded cell block.

With the bomb ticking and time running out, Alpha Team found the marines and beamed them to safety aboard a cloaked Romulan Shuttle waiting there for that purpose. Lt. Hunnicutt (Terran), defied orders to help Cmdr. Phoenix disable the bomb but found they were unable to do so. They did find out that it would be detonated remotely. Cmdr. Phoenix managed to hold the bomb together with her mental abilities until she passed out. Lt. Hunnicutt had her beamed off the station onto Shuttle #2.

The contingent of Marines, several Romulan prisoners and a few other species also being held were liberated and beamed to Shuttle #1 then taken to the Victory. The bomb exploded taking part of the station with it.

After getting the diverse species settled into guest quarters and the wounded sent to sickbay, Cmdrs. Harden and Diamond met with Cmdr. Phoenix in her ready room where she asked Cmdr. Diamond to accept the position of First Officer of the Victory. He accepted.

Stardate: 238302

Having been appointed the Commanding Officer of the USS Victory, Commander Phoenix (terran) finds herself planning and executing a highly delicate mission on behalf of Starfleet Intelligence.

A platoon of Starfleet marines was supposed to rendezvous with the USS Nubulus near the Acmar System. Whilst this was a routine operation, a navigational error caused their troop transport ship to end up somewhere between Romulan and Klingon space, where it vanished. Starfleet Intelligence has informed Cmdr Phoenix that the Romulan Tal Shiar has taken command of a derelict station left from Dominion War, outside Romulan Space, which they identify as Celipentha Station. They believe that the Romulans use it as a prison for enemies of the Empire and have incarcerated the marines there. It is also believed that the station is a platform for Romulan intelligence missions against the Klingon Empire.

Unfortunately, because the marines are not held prisoner officially by the Romulans, the Federation is unable to use diplomatic means to secure their release. To solve this problem, the USS Victory is ordered to go on a black mission (top secret and unofficial) to free the Starfleet Marines. Cmdr Phoenix is ordered to retain full invisibility and stealth during the operation. Although the station is not officially Romulan or even officially exists, failure could mean international incident resulting in another war.

Cmdr Phoenix elicits that assistance of Commander Janatra, a Romulan who has played a role in some former and current Victory member's career and lives. Having earned each other's trust, Phoenix is forced to call in quite a big one favour. The Victory and Janatra’s vessel, the Romulan Starship Falcon, rendezvous in a nebula close to the Romulan border, where their plans are developed. Janatra agrees to transport two small Starfleet teams, heavily disguised as Romulans to the station.

The three person Alpha team, led by Lt Cmdr Harden (Terran) (MD, and acting First Officer), successfully (albeit temporarily) fool the Tal Shiar security as they enter the station in their disguise. Their plan is to access auxiliary engineering and computer controls within the space station. Team Bravo, led by Cmdr Phoenix, is beamed across by the Falcon in a cargo container. The plan is for team Alpha to safely lead team Bravo to the marines’ cells, from which a daring extraction plan will be executed.

However, the unexpected arrival by shuttle of Matilda Tayler-Ventu, Counselor Aresee Ventu’s mother, has caused this well laid plan to go awry.

Stardate: 238301

A few days into the investigation regarding Captain Jordan Hurne’s (Terran) disappearance, Starfleet Command contacted the Victory’s acting CO. Admiral Decilla (Terran/NPC) ordered the crew to cease the investigation and contact Captain at Large Mal Avatar (Andorian) of the USS Columbia NCC-85279. The Captain instructed the USS Victory NCC-362447 to rendezvous with the Columbia’s Captain’s yacht at Galordon Core, near the Romulan neutral zone.

Onboard the Victory, the crew was having difficulty letting go of the investigation to their missing Captain. How could Starfleet expect to drop an important thing like this? Luckily, Captain Avatar managed to ease the tension upon his arrival, as he informed the crew of what really had happened to their former CO. It appeared the Captain had been recalled to join a certain department within Section 31, for which the Captain had worked as well during his Starfleet career.

After this information, Captain Avatar and Commander Robin Phoenix (Terran) discussed the Victory’s future. The former FO was granted the title of commanding officer, but to make the title official she had to pass the exam. A dangerous mission, devised by Starfleet Intelligence. However, before the crew started working in this new task, they were treated to a long overdue promotions ceremony and the distributing of this year’s awards. Avatar and Phoenix presented the promotions and awards together. After the ceremonies, Captain Avatar left the ship and returned to his own.

Commander Robin Phoenix and Lieutenant Commander Nugra (Gorn) had been appointed as the new command team. However, before their first mission together could commence, Commander Nugra was recalled to the Gorn confederation. Lieutenant Bennit (Orion) also left the ship for a transfer.

Currently the Victory is planning and preparing their classified mission, despite of the lack of senior officers.

Stardate: 238212

The USS Victory NCC 362447and her crew had a tough time during their mission in the Tanuga System.

As a rescue team led by Commander Nugra (Gorn) struggled to free the First Officer, Commander Robin Phoenix (terran), from the medical experiments performed by the terrorist Tanugans, all personnel was called back aboard the Victory for safety reasons. After the rescue, which almost ended in disaster because the enemy outnumbered the team, the Tanugan government send in special forces to secure the terrorist compound.

Upon their return aboard the Victory, the rescue team and FO were patched up by Doctor Julia Harden (terran) and her team only to be send back down again for a cloak and dagger mission. Information had been found during the last mission explaining the organizational structure of the entire Tanugan terrorist cells. One of the leaders appeared to be a highly respected man, the commander of Tanugan security himself.

A small team of four people was formed and headed back to the planet in ashuttle that had been made virtually invisible by CEO Ensign Ben Hunnicutt(terran). Meanwhile, the Victory faked her leaving the system and hide behind the second moon of Tanuga IV. Leaving the altered and pre-programmed shuttle in orbit, the team managed to beam down without being detected and took their positions in one of the key terrorist warehouses stocked with illegal Klingon, Breen, Romulan, Ferengi and Federation weapons.

Upon the arrival of commander of security Plaiax (Tanugan) and his posse, the team sprang the trap. The battle went swift and organized, using the element of surprise in overpowering the opponents. As ordered, Plaiax and one other lead figure were captured and returned with the team to the shuttle still in orbit. As the shuttle headed back for the Victory, still behind the moon, they were detected and attacked by five Tanugan shuttlecrafts. Fortunately the Victory came to the rescue.

As the team returned to the ship, it had became clear Captain Jordan Hurne (terran) was missing. Although and investigation is currently continuing, no sign or explanation of his disappearance have been found so far. Although an unidentified code, possibly from Starfleet Intelligence, has been found in the Captain's last log and the primary transporter room. Also two mugs have been found in the Captain's quarters, suggesting Captain Hurne had at least one guest.