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Veritas Officer's Manual


Veritas Officer's Manual

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Veritas 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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Starfleet officers aboard Veritas wear uniforms displaying the color of their division:

  • Red: Command Division - CO, XO, Intelligence, Diplomacy, Helm
  • Gold: Operations Division - Ops, Engineering, Security/Tactical
  • Blue: Sciences Division - Science, Medical, Counseling

The combadge incorporates Starfleet's current insignia introduced in 2390. In 2395, a new version of the standard duty uniform was introduced. Both versions are authorized for use aboard Veritas, and indeed many officers alternate between versions or even combine accessories such as the previous uniform's jacket with the newer duty uniform's tunic.

2390combadge.png Rahman-red.jpg SkyBlakeUniform.jpg
2390s combadge Circa 2390s uniform New 2395 duty uniform

Standard Duty Uniforms

Uniform-Red-2395.png Uniform-Red.png Uniform-Gold-2395.png Uniform-Gold.png
Command Division Operations Division
Uniform-Blue-2395.png Uniform-Teal.png
Sciences Division

Dress Uniforms

Captain.gif Officer.gif Enlisted.gif
Captain Officer Enlisted

The Crew

Learn more about your new shipmates. Click on an officer's name on the left to display their brief bio on the right. You can click on their names/pictures on the right to access their full biographies.

Command Division:
Sciences Division:
Operations Division:
  • Blake, chief of security & second officer
  • Kelrod, SAR team leader
  • King, security/tactical officer
  • G'var, security/tactical officer
  • Zhou, operations officer
  • Teller, engineer
Roshanara Rahman

Roshanara Rahman

  • Rank: Captain
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 40-year-old Kriosian female empathic metamorph
  • Birthplace: Moselina IV

Born away from the Kriosian homeworld, Roshanara's birth parents gave her up for adoption, and a human couple took her in, named her, and raised her back in Lahore, Earth. Often mistaken for a Trill due to her Kriosian spots, she joined Starfleet because of her interest in starship design, an interest that has not come without a cost as she was gravely injured early in her career from a major accident that required lengthy rehabilitation. She exhibits a dry and perhaps even cruel sense of humor. Previously a chief engineer, she employs a rather direct and assertive style of command and is working on her anger management.

Evan Delano

Evan Delano

  • Rank: Commander
  • Duty Post: First Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 31-year-old Human/Vulcan male
  • Birthplace: Albany, New York, Earth

Born to a single mother on Earth, Evan had a troubled childhood made worse by unpredictable and sometimes violent mood swings. Under the guidance of a Vulcan mentor, Evan eventually found a functional, but imperfect balance between his aversion to Vulcan ideology, and the necessity of controlling his emotions. That, and a desire to prove himself, was enough to get Evan through the Academy. His first two years in Starfleet earned him a sterling record, and Evan quickly advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and was well respected among his peers until Evan attacked an unarmed prisoner. After pleading guilty at his court martial, Evan eventually requested and was granted an indefinite leave of absence from Starfleet before heading off to the Shoals in pursuit of the Reya-Laialara. He returned to Starfleet in 2394 to join the Veritas crew.

Harry Zhou

Harry Zhou

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Operations Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 24-year-old Andorian male
  • Birthplace: Andoria

Harry Th’Yshrym Zhou was born to an Andorian family on Andoria. After his family members died when he was very young, he was adopted by Humans and moved to Earth with them. Harry joined Starfleet Academy after he graduated from high school in the year 2391, because he is an explorer, and is eager to visit as many planets as possible.

Alora deveau.png
Lt. Commander
Alora DeVeau

Alora DeVeau

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer & Researcher
  • Age/Species/Sex: 30-year-old Human female
  • Birthplace: Earth

Born on Earth, Alora grew up the youngest of five and also the only girl in an affluent family. Although talented in the performing arts, science particularly called to Alora, which spurred her to apply for Starfleet Academy and study botany and zoology with a minor in languages. She is a happy, optimistic person who enjoys other people, and while events may trouble, she generally bounces back, particularly with support from others. Although friendly with almost anyone, there are only a few people she feels she can confide in completely.

Lt. Commander
Raissa Moonsong

Raissa Moonsong

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 32-year-old Human/Betazoid female
  • Birthplace: Leech Lake, North America, Earth

Raissa grew up on Earth and due to her Betazoid grandmother was a touch empath. She originally desired to be a medical doctor, but the pain experienced by her patients became too much for her. She switched her focus to psychology and psychiatry. Unaware of certain quirk of her genetics, Raissa played host to several hundred minds of the Community. Her telepathic/empathic abilities spiked to T6. However, once they had left her body, her ability did not return to its normal range, and she remains a T/E 6. She now limits her interaction with others to block out other thoughts as well as to avoid reading people inadvertently. Despite this change, she remains a skilled counselor and always easy to talk to.

Geoffrey Teller

Geoffrey Teller

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Engineering officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 26-year-old Human male
  • Birthplace: Archer IV

Lt. Commander
Sky Blake

Sky Blake

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security/Ranger
  • Age/Species/Sex: 34-year-old Brekkian/Betazoid female
  • Birthplace: Brekka

A widow and mother of two children, Sky Blake was found residing on the Ornaran homeworld, working with law enforcement to rid her area of residence of further crime incited by black market drug trade. She was located in a bar winding down from a days work by Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, and was assigned to the Veritas, initially as it's strategic operations officer. In 2394, Blake took a job with the Starfleet Rangers, and works as a regional support officer with an intimate knowledge of CCMS operations and piracy around Shadow's Edge. Now, as the ship moves away from the area, Blake is heading into unfamiliar waters.

Marcus Dickens.jpg


Son of a Betazoid Starfleet counselor and an Angosian war veteran, Marcus Dickens lived on Betazed after the death of his father and developed his empathic skills before joining Starfleet to honor his father and explore galaxy. Having served on many ships and with many captains, he’s a versatile person who loves science and is an easy going person, but when there’s work to be done, he’s the first to get onto it, which may be the reason why his wife asked for divorce. Now he’s starting a new life, carrying an ancient consciousness known as Kelrod within him.

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