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Veritas Officer's Manual


Veritas Officer's Manual

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Veritas 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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The Ship

The USS Veritas is an extended-range medium cruiser and the lead vessel of her class.

USS Veritas-logo.png Veritas-scale.png
USS VeritasVeritas class • NCC-95035

First launched in 2381, the Veritas builds off of technology first pioneered in the Defiant class escort to provide Starfleet with a new generation of medium cruiser, more resilient than her predecessors. Her four nacelles makes her well-suited for deep space assignments, reducing wear and need for starbase repair and resupply.

Veritas boasts impressive defensive capabilities such as pulse phaser cannons, type 10 phasers arrays, photon and quantum torpedoes, powerful shields, and 16-cm thick ablative armor, allowing her to withstand considerable punishment from threat forces while operating alone. As a cruiser, however, her scientific and logistical capabilities surpass that of her escort cousin.

Forgoing the luxurious accommodations and amenities of Starfleet's largest explorers such as the Galaxy and Sovereign classes, Veritas is designed foremost for reliability and versatility in the field and as a no-nonsense workhorse for the post-Dominion War Starfleet, stretched thin across the quadrants and frankly tasked to do more with less.

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