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Join date: 20 December 2008

Active Characters

Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post
M05-LtCol-Green.jpg Lt. Colonel David Whale USS Gemini SAR Ops
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant Victor Frankenstein Medical Research
Active Personal NPCs
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post
01-Ensign-Blue.png Ensign Fiona Shelley USS Gemini Doctor
ME6-SSgt-Green.jpg Staff Sergeant "Tank" Mintaro Combat Instructor

Deceased Characters

List of the Fallen
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Date of Death
MW3-CWO2-Green.jpg CWO, 2nd Grade Wildflower Peace-Lily USS Drake 238910.08

Inactive Characters

Inactive Personal NPCs
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post
ME4-Cpl-Green.jpg Corporal Kestrel Cagliari Unassigned Marine/Pilot
002-Cadet3rd-Red.jpg Cadet 3rd Class Anna Cortez Whale's Yeoman
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant Dagmar Temple Intelligence Officer
01-Ensign-Blue.jpg Ensign Petra Stork Science Officer
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Yautja Uatu Starbase 118 Unknown
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Juhani Trader
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Roxy Tea Room Employee
G2-blank2.png Alpha Male Tiberius Unassigned Marine K-9 Unit
ME2-Pvt1st-Green.jpg Private, 1st Class Quon Li-chen Starbase 94 Marine
Major-gold.png Major Quon Jiao-zhi Commander, SAR Ops

Misc Characters

These characters are NPCs and are available for other writers to use:

Mock Cadet