Stork, Petra

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USS Gemini
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Petra Danielle Stork
Position Laboratory Technician
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236812.24
Age 32
Birthplace USS Goddard

Ensign Petra Stork is currently serving as a Laboratory Technician aboard the USS Gemini.


  • Height: 157.5 cm (5'2")
  • Weight: 62.14 kg (137 lbs.)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green


  • Parents:
    • Commander Barbara Stork, first officer, USS Constantine
    • Howard Pitney, station maintenance, Spacedock Earth
      • Barbara Stork and Howard Pitney never married and in fact Barabara's pregnancy with Petra lasted significantly longer than her relationship with Pitney. At Barbara's insistence, she and Pitney have not spoken in years.
  • Siblings: None


  • Despite her exceptional intelligence and skill in the science lab, Stork is incredibly awkward socially and has earned the unfortunate nickname "Ensign Dork." Stork does not socialize well -- in most social situations, she will be the one standing alone in a corner, hoping no one talks to her -- and may in fact have some kind of undiagnosed mental health issue -- though if she does, she is "highly functioning" and manages to carry on reasonably well. She is far more comfortable muttering to herself or her lab equipment than interacting with any living being. The exception to that rule is her puppy, Nostradamus.
  • Stork has a significant aversion to physical contact and will physically recoil from even the lsightest, most accidental touch from another person.
  • She also suffers from insomnia and frequently requires medication to sleep.

Service History

Service History
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Ensign 239005.01 - 239102.02 Starbase 118
Laboratory Technician
239102.02 - Present USS Gemini