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Sb118fedsec-banner.jpg Federation Security, also known as FedSec, is the criminal investigation and policing arm of the United Federation of Planets.


The motto of the Federation Security Agency is Vallo Lex, Latin for "Defending the Law."


The FedSec mandate is based on the authority and responsibility assigned under section 18 of the United Federation of Planets Security and Policing Act. The mandate of FedSec is to enforce laws, prevent crime, and maintain peace, order and security.

Four program activities highlight the FedSec Program Activity Architecture (PAA). These include:

Federation Operations: Provides policing, law enforcement, investigative, and protective services to the federal government, its departments and agencies and to Federation citizens.

Technical Policing Operations: Provides policy, advice and management to predict, research, develop and ensure the availability of technical tools and expertise to enable front line members of FedSec and partners (such as Starfleet Security, Starfleet Intelligence and local/regional police agencies) to prevent and investigate crime and enforce the law, protect against terrorism, and operate in a safe and secure environment.

Protective Policing Services: Directs the planning, implementation, administration and monitoring of the FedSec Protective Security Program including the protection of dignitaries, the security of major events and Special Initiatives including summits between the Federation and non-Federation powers.

Criminal Intelligence Operations: A program for the management of criminal information and intelligence in the detection and prevention of crime of an organized, serious or national security nature within the Federation or from outside as it affects the Federation.


The jurisdiction of Federation Security extends to all Federation member worlds, facilities, colonies, installations and vessels. However, it is important to note that the authority of Federation Security does not supercede that of local/regional law enforcement or Starfleet Security except in the case of a crime or its perpetrator crossing from the territory of one Federation member world to another -- or in the case of a suspect leaving Federation space entirely.

Federation Security has arrest and detention power over any Federation citizen (with just cause, of course). That includes Starfleet officers, though prosecution of Starfleet officers in generally handled via military tribunal or court martial rather than civilian court, unless under exceptional circumstances.

Rank Structure & Comparisons

As a civilian organization, Federation Security does not have "ranks" per se, but there are positions within the organizations that are comparable to those found in Starfleet.

  • Constable: the FedSec position of Constable is roughly equivalent in seniority and responsibility to the Starfleet rank of Ensign.
  • Junior Agent: a Junior Agent position is comparable to the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant JG.
  • Agent: seniority and responsibilities of a FedSec Agent are equivalent to those of a Starfleet Lieutenant.
  • Inspector: an Inspector for FedSec is comparable to a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet.
  • Assistant Director: the Starfleet comparable for a FedSec Assistant Director would be the rank of Commander.
  • Regional Director: the FedSec position of Regional Director is similar in scope and authority as the Starfleet Rank of Captain.
  • Director: as the highest-ranking individual in FedSec service, the position of Director can be compared to the Starfleet rank of Fleet Admiral.

Overlap with Starfleet Security

As is to be expected given their mandates, there tends to be significant overlap of Federation Security and Starfleet Security, particularly on large installations with sizeable civilian populations. In general -- certain personality conflicts notwithstanding -- the two organisations have a respectable working relationship and will frequently combine their efforts to ensure both uphold their respective mandate.

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