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Deployable Operations Group Star Base
Triton Class Engineering Station

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Deployable Operation Group (DOG) Teams

The Deployable Operations Group (DOG) is a Star Fleet command that provides properly equipped, trained and organized Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) to the Federation, Star Fleet, the Marines, and inter-stellar operational and tactical commanders. Headquartered deep in the Ithassa Region of Space in the Aurona Sector, and is commanded by a Captain.

The DOG and DSF have deployed throughout Federation and Romulan space in support of Federation interests and requirements as tailored and integrated force packages. This includes response to the Hobas Star, in support of the Rumulan evacuation , and more recently deploying specialized counter piracy boarding teams to the effected zone to combat piracy operations.

The DOG's purpose is to develop systems and processes for standardized training, equipment, organization, planning, and scheduling of rapidly deployable specialized forces to execute mission objectives in support of tactical and operational commanders.

The DOG is the Federations element of specialized forces, but is not a part of Special Forces. DOG units' missions include high-risk, high-profile tasks such as counter-terrorism, 0g operations, intelligence-cued boardings, shipboard take-downs and threat assessments involving new and unknown weapons.

Members of the DOG's can be stationed on the Station and on HOT and READY standby or stationed on another station or ship as a solo theater operator under the Command of a non DOG Captain.

Unity One is the only training sight for the teams.