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Deployable Operations Group Star Base
Triton Class Engineering Station

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Unity One is a large Space Station complex located in the Ithassa Region.

General Specifications

  • Name: Unity One
  • Class: Triton Class Engineering Station
  • Motto:"Silence is a source of great strength." ~ Lao Tzu


  • Overall Total: 13000
    • Civilians: 1000
  • StarFleet Total: 12000
    • Officers: 700
    • Enlisted: 11300
  • Maximum Capacity: 16000

Crew distribution

The following percentages indicate how many of the bases enlisted officers are positioned in each area of work. Areas of work include a large range of jobs, and do not restrict officers posted in that area to their respective hubs. (For example, not all engineering officers work in main engineering on the base.)

  • Command: 2%
  • Engineering/Technical: 25%
    • Large due to maintenence required on the base's infrastructure, as well as the well-being of incoming ships.
  • Science/Research: 20%
  • Security/Tactical: 28%
    • Largest so as to cover the necessary security of the huge flowing population of the base.
  • Support (including Medical): 25%


  • Diameter: 4,242 m (widest point, docking ring)
  • Height (overall): 7,153 m
  • Number of Decks: 397

Energy Production Systems

  • Primary: 4 fusion generators
  • Secondary: Solar collectors

Defensive Systems

  • Unity One is equipped with a shield generators located throughout the Space Station, capable of generating a total combined output of 1,215,000 TeraJoules.


Unity One is equipped with 50 Type XII phaser arrays strategically placed to cover all angles and areas of the base. In addition, it boasts 22 torpedo launchers capable of firing quantum or photon torpedoes, or launching probes. Hosting 9000 Photon torpedoes and 1000 quantum torpedoes Below is a comparison of the base's firepower versus a Galaxy class ship: (GALAXY CLASS=1,000)

    • Beam Firepower: 97,100
    • Torpedo Firepower: 24,000
    • Weapon Range and Accuracy: 1,100
    • Shield Strength: 30,000
    • Hull Armour: 550
    • Speed: 0
    • Combat Maneuverability: 0
    • Overall Strength Index = 36,100

Impulse Engines

Consistant with Triton Class StarBases, Unity One is equipped with 33 individually operated IPS Stabilising Engines placed at key locations across the Stations main hull. Whilst these are incapable of creating any significant movement, these help to maintain the Stations stellar position against natural phenomena and gravemetric shifts in the local vicinity.

Computer Systems

Unity One is equipped with five seperate LCARS computer cores. Each one spans over ten decks and contains more than 30,000,000 teraquads of information.