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Federation Strike Force (FSF)

The Federation Strike Force (FSF) provides highly trained, experienced personnel and specialized equipment to Star Fleet and other Diplomatic Groups to facilitate preparedness for and response to Humanitarian Missions , Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Material releases, and Weapon of unknown levels incidents.

The Federation Strike Force includes five units with over 2000 personnel. It is commanded by a Lt. Commander under the Command of the DOG Commanding Officer

  • The Federation Strike Force Coordination Center (FSFCC) provides support and standardization guidance to the three strike teams.
  • Each Strike Team is a highly trained cadre of Star Fleet professionals who maintain and rapidly deploy with specialized equipment and incident management skills wherever needed. The strike teams are recognized fleet wide as expert authorities in the preparation for and response to the effects resulting from hazardous substance releases, weapons of unknown destruction events, and other emergencies on behalf of the Federation public. There are three strike teams within the FSF. The Alpha Strike Team (AST) is based at Unity One, the Raptor Strike Team (RST) is based on the USS Walton, and the Tango Strike Team (TST)is solo operators based on many different ships or stations.