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Deployable Operations Group Star Base
Triton Class Engineering Station

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Federation Security Response Team (FSRT)

The FSRT is a unit which utilizes counter-terrorism tactics and tradecraft. The FSRT is trained to be the first responder to potential terrorist situations, deny terrorist actions, execute security actions against non-compliant threats, tactical facility entry, participate in Fleet wide counter-terrorism exercises, and educate other forces on Star Fleet counter-terrorism procedures.

FSRT special capabilities include:

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Tactical Maritime Law Enforcement
  • Medium to High risk boardings

Elements of the FSRT, known as the Direct Action Section (DAS), are made up of "Operators" that have made it through all phases of the assessment and selection process.These "Silent Professionals" train in advanced CQC (Close Quarters Combat). They are trained to quickly and surreptitiously Boarding suspicious vessels, Star Base or Planetary Based targets by 0g Space Jumps or using other undisclosed methods and neutralizing enemy personnel. The Tactical Delivery Team (TDT), Pilots, are trained in advanced vessel tactics and stealthy delivery of the DAS.