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Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards


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In the eyes of many, the foundation of the fleet is not Explorers or Cruisers, but the unglamorous, often ungainly, service vessels: Cargo Carriers, Tenders, Transports, and Tugs. Without these support ships, the larger vessels could not function for extended periods of time, dock for repairs, or the like.

Typically posted to starbases or space stations, or assigned to specific trade routes, these vessels (whose designations indicate their function) come in myriad configurations. The accompanying table lists several of the more common classes belonging to these types.


  • Andes Class (Tender)
  • Deneva Class (Transport/freighter)
  • Fiji Class (Cargo Carrier)
  • Hogan Class (Tug)
  • Lauro Class (Tanker)
  • Midway Class (Cargo Carrier)
  • Piper Class (Tug)
  • Ptolemy Class (Tug)
  • Rakota Class (Cargo Carrier)
  • Sierra Class (Impulse Tender)
  • Sydney Class (Transport/freighter)
  • Ural Class (Tender)
  • Wei-fa Class (Tanker)
  • Yorkshire Class (Transport)

Armoured Transports

This type of vessel, represented by the Iowa and Utah classes, came into it own during the recent Klingon-Federation and Dominion War conflicts after years of being regarded as something of an "ugly stepchild" by many Starfleet pilots. While not a sleek, beautiful ship, it makes up in functionality what it lacks in grace. Protected by ablative armour and heavy shields, Armoured Transports carry key personnel and troops through extremely dangerous areas, such as war zones. Capable of atmospheric flight, they can set down, release a squad or two of troops, and then take off before enemy weapons can track and attack them.

Class Type

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