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Ensign Toryn Raga, an Al-Leyan is currently serving his first duty post aboard the [[USS Atlantis]] as a Security Officer.
Lieutenant JG Toryn Raga, an Al-Leyan is currently serving his first duty post aboard the [[USS Atlantis]] as a Security Officer.
|NAME = Toryn Ket Raga
|NAME = Toryn Ket Raga
|SHIP = USS Atlantis
|SHIP = USS Atlantis
|RANK = Ensign
|RANK = Lieutenant JG
|PIPSTYLE = Slanted
|PIPSTYLE = Slanted
|POST = Security Officer
|POST = Security Officer

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Lieutenant JG Toryn Raga, an Al-Leyan is currently serving his first duty post aboard the USS Atlantis as a Security Officer.

USS Atlantis
Toryn Raga.png
Toryn Ket Raga
Position Security Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Al-Leyan
Gender Male
DOB 237003.11
Age 28
Birthplace Sez Toural Southern Polar region, Leya-l
Writer ID A239410TR0

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Toryn Ket Raga
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Birthdate: 237003.11
    • Age: 24
  • Place of Birth: Sez Toural Southern Polar Region, Leya-l
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic Status: T2/E0+


  • Height: 6'1" (186cm)
  • Weight: 225 lbs. (102kg)
  • Hair: Raven Black
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder Length
  • Eyes: Vibrant Sapphire
  • Skin tone: Light skinned
  • Build: Slender and slightly muscular
  • Taste in Clothing (When off duty): Despite spending the last five years among other species, he still tends to prefer traditional Al-Leyan attire.
  • Voice: Slight Baritone
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Birthmarks, Scars: 9 tiny, perfectly round 3mm scars evenly spaced down his spine, from the base of his skull to his lower back. (Result of modified Attitude Readjustment Therapy)


  • Temperament: Quite easy going for the most part, though situations where he makes mistakes can tend to cause him to introvert for brief periods of self reflection. Can be somewhat emotive when under duress caused from negative consequences to his own actions.
  • Faults/Weaknesses: Having endured two readjustment therapies may have unknown psychological consequences on his psyche. As a result, he feels he has been a failure twice already in his life and must strive to prove he is capable. Potentially to the point of excessive overcompensation and occasional second guessing of his decisions.
  • Corrected Faults/Weaknesses: No longer aspires to engage in pursuit of Science Prote; No longer has subversive mating interest in non Al-Leyans.



  • Marital Status: Single

Haemachuo Upbringing

  • Carers: Nesta Cehrin, Riken Tanteyra, Solussi Vant
  • Siblings: Ril Caryth, Seeyra Caryth, Totthirin Vantu
  • Mentors: Senjo Ricith, Pendar Elos, Lisou Marata

Biological Parents

  • Mother: Mey'a Raga
  • Father: Ket Talso
  • Blood Siblings: Jolyn Seena (Eldest sister), Jentra Estris (Second eldest sister), Kiitiarel Raga (Third eldest sister), Metrias Raga (Younger brother, in Haemachuo care.)

Human Engineer and fellow Ensign. The two of them both took their final exam together at the Academy. During the exam, Toryn's actions resulted in a scenario where the away team Dermont was on, was nearly 'killed'. As a result, he views he owes a debt to the much older Ensign. Though, they still aren't well acquainted Valin is the only familiar face going into his first duty assignment aboard the Athena.

Background Information

Toryn was born in the southern polar region of Leya-l. A small mountainous expanse, Sez Toural. Unlike most of the rest of Leya-l, the polar regions were vastly colder climes. As a result, those that call the southern pole home tend to have fairer skin than those of their more northerly kin. As with all Al-Leyan children, upon birth he was taken into the custody of the Haemachuo caregivers and didn't not see his family until well after his tenth birthday. Toryn was set to have a bright future, as far as his early caregiver was concerned. The young lad showed an interest in other cultures and Astronomy early on. Nearing his tenth year, the caregivers, through the delicate and precise educational regimens placed upon him to that point had determined that he would best serve society in the Operations Prote (Branch). Upon being given this assigned class for the rest of his life he felt the strange and conflicting doubt. The stars called to him, as did the curiosity of other cultures. So much so that he became rebellious, 'confused' and voiced his desire to join the Science Prote. After months of being unable to sway his obviously troubled mind Toryn was sent to the Sez Toural Rehabilitation Center for treatment. Three weeks later the once conflicted boy came out with a new and vibrant excitement for the Operations Prote. After much deliberation and lengthy conversations with his blood family, whom he was now allowed to see for the first time, he settled on the Security Prote-Se. There was something about serving to protect others that appealed to him even before his 'rehabilitation'. Coincidentally it was during this time that his telepathic and empathic abilities were measured and put in his record. Classified as a T2/E0+.

Toryn fell into his studies quickly, seeking to become as proficient as he could in his Prote-se. Unlike many Al-Leyan children, he began to connect a deeper bond with his blood family than most. Though, not as strong as the bonds he'd made with his Haemachuo siblings, he came to be quite close with them all. Though, at least two of his blood sisters had long since joined Starfleet before he'd even knew of them. His father, Ket Talso was a first officer in the Al-Leyan military serving aboard a Ziela 7Ds Mark X Bird of Prey, the Rokuro.

During his free periods he would venture with his barely older blood sister for recreational scaling of the various towering mountains that surrounded his home.

In 2386, through his studious pursuit of his Prote-se he was granted a special internship to serve aboard the Rokuro as a member of her security team. The dispensation lasted for a year, until Toryn's continued run ins and flirtations with a human female serving at the Federation embassy on Leya-l caused him to be forcibly sent back to the Rehabilitation Center for so grievously falling from the branch he spent over seven months there before being released, now cured of his affliction in 2388.

Having been one of the rare cases of an Al-Leyan needing to undergo a second rehabilitation his application to Starfleet Academy was nearly not permitted to be sent. During a rather poignant meeting with the ruling council of Sez Toural, he pleaded with them to permit him to join Starfleet. Citing his educational merits, experience aboard the Rokuro and a passionate assurance that, because he had been adjusted twice now in his life he was no longer at risk of falling from the branch anymore.

The next few weeks were agonizing and he spent most of it in isolation out in the mountains he loved so much. Each and every crevice, cliff face, contour of wind eroded peak served to provide him solace.

Upon his return home, he was greeted by a bubbly Kiitiarel who was more than eager to give him the news that his application had not only been submitted, but he'd been accepted.

Toryn was overjoyed and with an almost zealous determination he resolved himself to push himself to excel. Before the young Al-Leyan ever set foot on Earth, he had decided to attempt a double major. Embracing his Prote, by pushing himself to complete both the Tactical and Security Prote-se.

The next five years would prove to be the hardest of his life, he met every challenge. Made a few moderately close relationships with fellow classmates and despite being surrounded by so many varying cultures he had not shown any sign of relapse.

2388 Accepted into Starfleet Academy. San Francisco, Earth.

During his second year, 2390, he and a few of his classmates became embroiled in a heated argument with upperclassmen that resulted in a rather chaotic brawl in one of the common areas. Toryn and four of his friends against six third and fourth year cadets. Despite his attempts to diffuse the situation from escalating, several punches were thrown along with a few cadets by Toryn himself. Both friend and in this case, foe alike he did everything he could to keep them off of one another. A selfless act which resulted in the Al-Leyan having to spend a few days in the infirmary for allowing himself to take the brunt of the blows himself. From both sides. He received both a disciplinary reprimand for his involvement and commendation for attempting to safeguard all parties to the detriment of himself.

2391 Earns the right to observe and participant in three weeks of Starfleet Marine Officer training. The ordeal gave him a new respect for those serving in that particular Prote-sede. (secondary sub branch)

2392 Undergoes Cadet Cruise, upon completion volunteers for a second Cadet cruise.

2393 Begins Second Cadet Cruise


Al-Leyan Military

  • Rankuro Security

Starfleet Academy 2388-2394

  • Core Classes
  • Security: Major
  • Tactical: Major

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 2388-2389 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 3rd Class 2389-2390 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 2nd Class 2390-2391 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 1st Class 2391-239410.04 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Ensign 239410.04 USS Athena USS Atlantis Security

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239410.03
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

USS Atlantis

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