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USS Chin'toka
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Deltan
Gender Male
DOB 237408.19
Age 26
Birthplace Dheila, Delta IV
Writer ID A239709P10
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon


“Is it possible to love a human being? Of course, especially if you don’t know them too well.”

- Charles Bukowski

Ensign Paros is a Deltan Science Officer currently serving aboard the USS Chin'toka, his first posting after having graduated with honours from the Academy’s satellite campuses at Betazed.


Standing at a modest 5 feet 10 inches, the Ensign’s about the size of your average Human male. Although, as a rule the Deltans seem to be slightly shorter than Humans, depending on gender. Like most members of his species, Paros is almost completely hairless, making the baldness less of an aesthetic choice than some people might assume. Paros boasts recognisably Caucasoid features, with a slightly tanned/olive skin tone. Deltans are usually described as being lithe, graceful individuals, with little in the way of musculature. Which, albeit not completely accurate, does fit the bill for Paros. For his size, the Ensign looks a bit on the heavyset side but that’s possibly due to the slightly wide shoulders, considering how Paros is only about 78kgs in weight.


Unlike certain less emotionally developed species in the Federation, the Deltans do not attach a sense of permanency to love. The concept of marriage, like all attempts at labelling the act of union is considered unnatural. Polyamorous unions are common, making the average kinship group quite broad. Paros was born into one such familial grouping.

His biological father, an Ambassador, had been stationed on Sol III as a permanent representative to the Federation, not long after Paros’ birth. Making the task of child-rearing the sole responsibility of his mothers Inaia and Oona, both of whom had at one point served aboard Starfleet vessels in different capacities. Of course, the concept of “child-rearing” was quite different on Delta IV, the adults finding it difficult to interact with creatures who were not yet emotionally and sexually mature. Thus, children were rarely if ever fretted over. Left to explore themselves and the world around them in relative freedom.

The examples of their parents drove Paros and his siblings to careers that would be unlikely to fulfil their emotional and physical needs. Jeliel had taken a diplomatic posting on one of the Deltan moons, ushering in functionaries and visitors from other Federation planets who were not allowed entry into Delta IV for reasons of their own safety. Sefira on the other hand, had been admitted into the Academy’s Division of Arts & Sciences, a few years earlier than Paros himself. Although, she found the ordeal to be extremely draining and dropped out after a couple semesters. For even in the Academy the Deltan Oath of Celibacy had to be strictly enforced. Sefira would in time find her calling creating stellar holographic programs, some of which were widely used on Starfleet vessels by Deltans yearning for home.

Paros’ stay at the Academy seemed to be much smoother than his sister’s, who’d travelled all the way to Sol III in order to attend classes in their main campuses at San Francisco. Paros elected instead to go to Betazed where the Academy had a large satellite campus, connected to the famed University of Betazed which allowed offworlders to sit in on a variety of lectures. The transition from the lush archipelagos of his home planet to this continental world had been jarring at first, but he soon came to appreciate its natural beauty. The empathic abilities of the Betazoids had also been helpful in buttressing the inevitable agrophobia that resulted from a Deltan being disconnected from their own kind for extended periods of time.


File:0.jpg Puram
Puram is a Deltan Ambassador.
File:0.jpg Inaia
Inaia is a Horticulturalist.
File:0.jpg Oona
Oona is a Xenobiologist.
File:0.jpg Sefira
Sefira is a Holographics Programmer.
File:0.jpg Jeliel
Jeliel is a Civil Servant.

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