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Crew of the USS Chin'toka

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Lieutenant Commander Timothy Alentonis

Lieutenant commander Timothy Alentonis is stationed aboard the USS Chin'toka as a science officer.


  • Name: Timothy Alentonis
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 48
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 ft 3.5 in
  • Weight: 89 kg
  • Profession: Archaeologist & metallurgist
    • Expertise: Romulan history & archaeology
  • Language Fluency:
    • Romulan
    • Federation Standard
  • Common Misspellings:
    • Alentolis
    • Alentoins
    • Aleontis
    • Alentois
    • Alentoria
  • Aliases:
    • Nexus One (Nexus Project codename)


In his youth, he was an avid treasure hunter, lured in by the sense of adventure and always trying to find the next score. At age 23 his convoy in the Federation Archeological Fleet and the USS Arthur Evans was attacked by pirates and his expedition crew was killed during the battle. He managed to climb aboard an escape pod and was rescued a few days later by a passing Federation shuttle. His experiences with the pirates led to a fear of space travel and to him turning away from his life of adventure toward academic pursuits where he obtained a philosophy doctorate in Romulan archaeology at age 27 and dabbled a bit in metallurgy. He obtained a position as an archaeology professor and speaker at a university on Esperance where he remained until he was offered a consultant position aboard the USS Veritas.

Shortly after his transfer to the USS Montreal and the completion of his pet shuttle experiment with the Reskariaehhrr alloy, he was selected to participate in the Starfleet Officer Candidate program. Upon its completion, he remained at Esperance for a while longer as a science officer until his transfer back to the USS Veritas as a lieutenant commander in a science capacity. In May of 2397, he transitioned from teal to gold as an operations officer. After a period of five months, he received transfer orders to the USS Hawking as a science officer, where he spent many hours working on his experiments with the metal alloy. After nearly two months, he was transferred to the USS Chin'toka with Greyson, Dr. Skyfire, and Cadfael Peters.


  • Keeps to himself
  • Avoids getting personal
  • Shys away from conflict
  • Prefers research to field work (based on past experiences)
  • Avoids starship/shuttle travel (uses transporters or walks whenever possible)
  • Hobbies:
    • Hiking

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  • He has previously served aboard the USS Arthur Evans, which was part of the Federation Archeological Fleet.
  • One of 2 known survivors of the attack on the Evans
  • One of 6 participants on the Nexus Science Project (put together by the Federation Science Council)

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Reskariaehhrr: Rare Romulan element

Additional OOC Info

  • Bio blurb information: In his youth, Tim was an avid treasure hunter. His specialties included Romulan archaeology and metallurgy, and he spent several years as a professor of archaeology aboard Star Station Esperance. After serving as a civilian consultant aboard both the Veritas and Montreal, he entered Starfleet's Officer Candidate School. Since his graduation, he has served aboard the Veritas, the Hawking, and now the Chin'toka.