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Reskariiaehhrr, or Reskari for short, is a thick Romulan metal discovered by the USS Veritas on the planet in the form of a box that is approximately seven inches thick on each side. Studies of this box, discovered aboard a vessel within a lost Romulan Treasure Fleet, showed evidence of protecting the box's contents from tetryon radiation. Its name translates to "knife metal" and its ability to deflect tetryons makes it a strong contender for use in lining starship hulls to protect ship's systems from tetryon radiation in the Shoals.

Research is currently being conducted by Dr. Timothy Alentonis and Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek on possible avenues. Other contributors have included Lieutenant Commander German Galven, Commander Geoffrey Teller, Lieutenant Lorian Lovar, and Lieutenant Lephi.

Known Deposits

This element is classified as rare and is credited as being Romulan in origin. Until recent years, the only known deposits were in the northern hemisphere on Romulus. However, small deposits were discovered by a Romulan treasure fleet and later by the USS Veritas on a planet within the Shoals designated as Pellica. In the years since, deposits have also been discovered on worlds within the Par'tha Expanse in connection with Chon technology. This had led to hypotheses that either the Chon originally discovered it or the Chon located other sources of the element and were attempting to refine it for their own uses.

Known Properties

  • Resistant to tetryon radiation, presumably due to its natural thickness.
  • Can be used as a phosphorescent.
  • It has a melting point of 644 Kelvin (699.53° Fahrenheit) [1] and a freezing point of 144.26 Kelvins (-200° Fahrenheit) [2].
  • Ability to distort ion trails, akin to the Nebula class starship design. [3]

Additional properties are still being researched.


The small supply originally uncovered on Pellica was used in dozens of trials, resulting in the production of a Reskari alloy, which can be melted and used as a fast-drying "paint". It takes approximately eight liters of this paint to properly coat the interior of a Type 8 shuttle.

Protection From Radiation and External Detection

Though there is a myriad of uses for this unique metal, it has primarily been tested as a lining for Starfleet shuttlecraft. Experiments with the Alliance and subsequent crafts have provided definitive data that the occupants of a craft properly lined with the Reskari alloy are protected from radiation, though the limits of that protection have yet to be fully tested.

Notable crafts include:

  • Shuttle Alliance (Type 8, presently aboard the USS Astraeus)
  • Shuttle Keedera (Type 9, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Shuttle Barbara Jordan (Type 11, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Shuttle Banshee (Argo-class shuttle, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Saban (Danube-class runabout, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Chew Bahir (Volga-class runabout, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Widowmaker (Peregrine-class attack fighter, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Valkyrie (Mk-1 attack fighter, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Spirit (workbee, presently aboard the USS Chin'toka)
  • Shuttle Mackinac (Type 8, previously aboard the USS Montreal, Lost on Stardate 239603.01. [4]

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