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The Operations Management Center (also known as "The Node", or "OMC") is the multi-level headquarters of the Operations department on StarBase 118.


The Node is located in the Administrative Section of the StarBase.


Like the other major StarBase 118 departments (FLY-CON, SB-MED, etc.), Operations maintains a large headquarters where the bulk of its personnel work on a daily basis. While other "satellite" Operations areas exist, the Operations Management Center is the main point of information and command for this department.

The staff there take care of all the day-to-day details of Starbase operation; such as turbolift priorities, allocating sensor priorities and managing other utility use within and without the station, liaising closely with other departments to ensure that the distribution of station resources is balanced and fair.


While the responsibility for scheduling dockings and managing the traffic in and out of the station lies with Flight Control (FLY-CON), they share a close working relationship with the Operations Management Center, as well as Fleet Operations (FLT-OPS) and External Communication (EXT-COM).