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Ensign Slakesssh Krassha, a Gorn, is currently a HCO Officer aboard the USS Tiger.


  • Full name - Slakesssh Krassha
  • Age - 10
  • Species - Gorn
  • Place of Birth - S'sgarnon
  • Current Rank - Ensign
  • Gender - Female


  • Scale color - Light green with red tint on ends of some scales
  • Eye color - Silver
  • Height - 8 ft 3 in


  • Parents - The Gorn Hegemony: as Gorn are born in a communal hatchery, they do not technically have "parents"
  • Siblings - All Gorn: as Gorn are born in a communal hatchery, all Gorn are "siblings"

Personal History

Born on S'sgarnon, the class M planet of the Gorn Hegemony, (A/N: There are a few different places where Gorn where stated as being "created" but I will go with this planet) Slakesssh was raised into the Political caste of her people and became one of the Defenders of the Egg, an elite group of Gorn who worship the goddess S'Yahazah. Her place was to see that each egg was properly blessed with runes that would help them develop into the strong Gorn they will become.

But as she grew, and grew she did since female Gorn are not known to be more than five feet in height, it became evident she could not fulfill her duties as her height and girth kept her from eventually entering the sacred Hatchery. Dejected and angry, Slakesssh left the Hatchery she knew so well and ran into the jungles of S'sgarnon. Animals and the elements attacked her, but she fought them all off, needing to find a quiet place to speak to S'Yahazah.

She found such place on a tall outcropping. Breaking her claws many times as she climbed the rocks, her robes bloody and torn, she sat in quiet meditation until she heard the louid voice of S'Yahazah in her mind. From that time forward, she never told any of her kind what was said on that rock, but Slakesssh cleaned herself up and took a small craft to Federation space.

At the time, the relations of Gorn and Federation were "cordial", allowing her to enter the Academy, though many questioned her motives and abilities. She was a large Gorn, reaching now eight feet tall, and not very dexterous, but she surpassed many in her classes in fighting and even intricate shuttle controls. Though not accepted on her first try - mainly because of the bias of some teachers - Slakesssh fought for months to be accepted as a full Cadet and won.

Fresh from the Academy, and grumbling about the "mammalz sssmall spacez", Slakesssh waits to see what place she will have in the intricate universe.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign 238607.25 - 238608.22 USS Tiger Chief HCO Officer
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign 238608.22 - Current Chief Helm/Comm Officer

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