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Lt. J.G. Tobias Brel
USS Tiger
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Professional History
Living and Working Spaces
Personal History
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Lieutenant J.G. Tobias Brel, a joined Trill, is currently the Chief Counselor aboard the USS Tiger.
Born Tobias Prex, he is the fifth host of the Brel symbiont.


  • Full Name: Tobias Brel (born Tobias Prex)
  • Race: Trill
  • Date of Birth: 235703.02
  • Place of Birth: City of Plare, Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: Nil


  • Height: 5 foot 10 inches
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Scars: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Birthmarks: None
  • Build: Slim, lightly muscled.
  • Tone/Voice: Speaks quietly, enunciating clearly.
  • Presence: Tries to reduce attention to himself, prefers to stand to the back of a crowd.
  • Facial Features: Has a pronounced chin and a larger nose.
  • Handedness: Right Handed.
  • Off Duty Clothing: Brel prefers to wear earth colors, particularly green, with dark pants.
  • Shoes: Brel wears regulation boots when on duty, moccasins when off duty and likes to walk around barefoot in his own room.

General Personality

Mannerisms, Habits and Beliefs

  • Mannerisms: Tries to be gentle, hoping to coax rather than drill information out of people. He smiles a lot and tries to make jokes to ease tension. These are often in poor taste or take the form of horrible puns.
  • Habits: Can be hard on himself when he feels he has let others down. He can become overwhelmed when in extreme peril.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Tobias has exhibited little spiritual curiosity.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Cooking
    • A passion developed after his joining, Tobias does not share Lalla Brel's talent at the craft but nevertheless enjoys replicating her old recipes.
    • During his time spent at the Academy in San Fransisco, Tobias took classes in Southwestern style cuisine.
    • When he was at the Academy, Tobias revisited many of the restaurants that Lalla had visited eighty years before. One such trip was to Antoine's, an iconic Creole restaurant, located on Rue St. Louis in New Orleans.
    • Tobias initially found human cuisine to be intimidating, struggling with the extensive use of butter and cream. In time however he found his palette adjusted and he now considers several human cuisines to be amongst his very favorites.
  • Holonovels
    • Brel collects holonovels in a wide range of genres, particularly enjoying adaptations of classic works of literature and classic action adventure stories.
    • Tobias owns a holonovel version of Kerin Brel's most famous novel - 'Anything But Happiness' - even though he does not enjoy the work himself. He keeps it as a tangible reminder of who he has been.
  • Horseback Riding
    • Tobias Brel learned to ride horses with Davina during their time at the Academy. He regards himself as an accomplished rider and jumper - it is an opinion few of his instructors share.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments


Graduating Starfleet Academy - to Tobias, graduating from the Academy was one of his greatest personal successes. When he initially arrived at the Academy he believed he was joining an academic institution where knowledge was challenged and ideas debated. Unfortunately for Brel many of his lecturers disagreed and found his approach to be combative, labeling him (inaccurately) as a troublemaker. Struggling to deal with the integration of previous Brel hosts' personalities and memories into his own, Tobias' behavior was at times erratic. Falling out with several of his friends, Tobias had little of a support network to help him cope with these problems and by the start of his third year he was contemplating leaving the Academy. In spite of his difficulties however he stuck out his time, performed strongly in many of his key classes, and graduated with a strong record.


Becoming a Host - few Trill regret becoming a host but Tobias believes that the changes that symbiosis have brought about in him have generally not been for the best. He has struggled to integrate previous hosts' personalities and memories into his own, particularly those of Auna Brel. Tobias has never explained why the process was so difficult for him but in the years that have passed has begun to come to terms with his new identity.


Since he underwent the joining Tobias' relationships with his family - particularly his father - has changed for the worse. The two are no longer on speaking terms and communicate through intermediaries. Neither his mother, Esme, nor his brother, Darin, understand what happened to cause this split.


  • Marital Status: Single



  • Brother: Darin Prex, who works as an archaeologist.

Previous Hosts

Full Article: Brel Symbiont History
  • 1 - Ortho Brel (m) - Ortho was an architect who designed many of the buildings that now house the Symbiosis Commission on the Trill homeworld.
  • 2 - Lalla Brel (f) - Lalla was an acclaimed chef and restaurateur.
  • 3 - Kerin Brel (m) - Kerin was a writer had already published several novels and poems when he was selected to become a host of the Brel symbiont.
  • 4 - Auna Brel (f) - Auna was a government clerk when she was selected to become a host of the Brel symbiont. Subsequently she became an accomplished mediator in territorial disputes.

Important Relationships

  • Romantic Attachments
    • Davina Cairns: Tobias Brel and Davina Cairns, now an astrophysics officer aboard the USS Mogami, enjoyed a three month romance during Tobias' second year at the Academy. The relationship quickly fizzled but the two remained good friends.
  • Friends and Acquaintances
    • Karol Krawiec: Tobias' roommate for the first two years of the Academy, sharing Dorm Room 3049b in Thomas Vanderbilt Hall. Karol shared an astrophysics class with Davina Cairns and was responsible for introducing Brel to her on a trip they shared to Luna. Krawiec was something of a practical joker, often making Tobias the subject of those jokes. At the end of the second year Karol dropped out of the Academy having flunked several of his classes, taking a job as the navigator for a commercial shipping company.

Personal History

Full Article: Tobias Brel Personal History

Tobias Prex was the first of two sons born to Corbin and Esme. As the son of a Federation diplomat, Prex spent many of his earliest years away from his native world. Corbin believed that this would give his son important perspective on the customs and cultures of other races. These experiences in his formative years gave Tobias an appreciation for the diplomatic process and led to him considering a career following in his father's footsteps.

When the Dominion War began, Corbin felt it was no longer safe for his two children to be with him on his assignments. He sent his children back to the Trill homeworld with his wife Esme to ensure their well-being. Still minded to pursue a career as a diplomat, Corbin undertook a degree in counselling. After graduating in 2378, a friend of Tobias' father, Ambassador Vadosia, asked if Tobias would like to spend some time working alongside him as an aide to gain experience. He agreed and spent a year working for Vadosia.

It was during his time working for Vadosia that his ambitions changed. His father had always been vocal that 'real diplomacy' was done by the Federation's ambassadors yet when working in the field, Tobias observed that it is the explorers in Starfleet who were the ones making first contact and having to establish a dialogue. He began to think of becoming a Starfleet officer.

Tobias was also beginning to consider his identity as a Trill, realizing that he knew less about his own culture than he did about many of the other races with whom he came into contact. The more he studied the history of his kind, the more he came to believe that he would not be fulfilling his potential unless he became one of the small proportion of Trills that were joined. He sent in his application to the Symbiosis Committee and was assigned a docent to establish his suitability as a host.

Recommended by his docent, Tobias was joined to the Brel symbiont on 238001.11. After the joining however Tobias struggled with the four other lifetimes of experiences and memories that were now part of him. His relationships with his parents worsened and he no longer felt capable of being near them. Instead he was once again thinking of a career in Starfleet, believing that if he was to start pursuing his own ambitions again he might find peace with his new self.

Tobias was accepted into the Academy in 2381 where he took courses in counseling, conflict resolution, sociology, anthropology and economics. Whilst he performed strongly academically, his behavior was at times erratic and this did not escape the notice of some of his lecturers. Despite these reservations, Tobias did well enough to graduate from the Academy and receive his posting to a cadet cruise.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238605.12 - 238608.22 USS Tiger Counselor
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant J.G. 238608.22 - 238612.14
02-LtJG-Blue.png 238612.14 - Present Starbase 118 Ops Chief Counselor

Awards & Commendations

  • None to date

StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: Tobias Brel StarFleet Records

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Tobias Brel was appointed as Counselor aboard the USS Tiger. Brel traveled to Deep Space 17 where he met with Captain Riley, reporting for duty on Stardate 238605.12.


  1. 238605.12: Tobias Brel reports for duty aboard the USS Tiger where he will serve as Counselor.
  2. 238608.07: Tobias Brel is treated for several severe injuries sustained whilst serving on an Away Team on the planet XB3.
  3. 238608.22: Tobias Brel is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade).


Tobias Brel currently has no subordinates.

SIM Archive

Counseling Sessions

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