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Introspection & Obfuscation

Relevant wiki entries: Fiona Shelley, T'tala, David Whale, USS Independence-A.

(( USS Independence - Sickbay ))

:: As quickly as he could manage without LOOKING like he was going as quickly as he could manage, Whale exited sickbay. Shelley, frowning, watched the doors slide closed behind him. ::

Shelley: That was weird.

:: T'tala had ambled over. Her mobility was improving daily, Shelley was pleased to note. When she spoke, her tone was... just a little coy? ::

T'tala: Remarkably.

Shelley: I feel like I’m out of the loop, here...

T'tala: Perhaps a little introspection will yield the answer, doctor. The subconscious notices things the conscious mind doesn't... or chooses to ignore.

Shelley: I see.

:: In truth, she didn’t see at all. She had no idea what T’tala was talking about. The Vulcan turned to the exit where Whale had left. She leaned against a biobed to take some of the weight off. ::

T'tala: He is handsome, isn't he? You... could do a lot worse.

Shelley: I could-

:: She glanced up sharply. God, was she that transparent? She thought she’d done such a good job of hiding... no, she wasn’t going to think about this right now. ::

Shelley: Wait, what? T’tala, we’re not...

:: Her answer was simple, her tone quiet. ::

T'tala: I am aware of that, doctor.

Shelley: I’m married.

T'tala: I am also aware of that. :: There was a slight pause. :: If Pitik had died, I would have been emotionally compromised for a time, then eventually accepted what had occurred and found another mate. That is the logical course of action.

Shelley: That’s understandable, but Rick is very much alive. He’s why I joined Starfleet - so we could serve together. Well... that was the plan, at least. It hasn’t worked out that way so far. :: pause :: Although it’s been a while since I followed up on the transfer request...

:: Why was that? She didn’t really know - it wasn’t as if she’d forgotten about it. T’tala smiled, the facade coming down again. The woman gently put both her hand over her belly, rubbing it absently. ::

T'tala: ... things rarely turn out how you plan them. I didn't plan for... this... to happen, but I am very glad it did. Sometimes, something unexpected and unforeseen can be wondrous. Introspection... introspection.

:: The frown seemed almost permanently affixed to Shelley’s face. She was a very intelligent woman, but was having a hard time figuring out what her friend was saying -- or trying to say without ACTUALLY saying it. T’tala apparently had some insight into Whale’s behaviour that Shelley seemed to be missing, but the crewman obviously wasn’t going to share the information -- she wanted Shelley to figure it out for herself. The Vulcan woman put her hand to her forehead, feeling flushed, her whole face a light green. ::

T'tala: I need to lay down.

:: The doctor resisted to urge to say “me too.” ::

Shelley: Of course, let me help you.

:: She gave the woman a hand up onto the bed, but didn’t offer too much help. Not because she was annoyed with T’tala - she was more perplexed than annoyed - but because the more the Vulcan could do for herself, the better she’d feel about her recovery and pregnancy. ::