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USS Vigilant • USS Avandar
USS Mercury • USS Pioneer
Armory officer
235709.13 239105.01
Aged 33
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
In Memoriam

Lieutenant Sabor, a Vulcan, was an armory officer stationed aboard the USS Vigilant-A. He was the second eldest of four, and had previously served as a Starfleet armory officer aboard the USS Vigilant, USS Avandar, USS Mercury and the USS Pioneer.

Sabor took a leave of absence from the Vigilant to marry Sky Blake on Brekka, with the intention to travel further to Vulcan to meet with his family. However, before the birth of their second child, Blake falls ill and is soon no longer able to determine the difference between hallucination and reality. Despite his best efforts, Blake refuses his suggestion to return to Federation space to seek medical care through Starfleet, and unwilling to force her to leave, Sabor resigns his commission when they take up a more permanent residence on Brekka. His son, Ayden, is born shortly after.

In 239101, Blake would undergo a procedure to effectively 'shut down' her telepathic lobe, and awoke suffering from a severe retrograde amnesia. Only trusting him due to their shared bond, Sabor would spend the next four months bringing her up to speed on important events of her past, and assisting with her recovery. During this time, he was essentially the sole carer for their two children, as Blake struggled to come to terms with their parentage.[1]

On top of Blake's ongoing illness, Ayden's health began to deteriorate, as his hybrid nature caused concern regarding his development. Sabor, however, was optimistic when Blake voiced her concerns, stating that Ayden was 'adaptable'. Although the boy experiences a certain lack of energy and requires occasional medical assistance, Sabor would prove to be correct in that his physiology was not ultimately fatal.[2]

Blake's continued insistence to remain on Brekka would be Sabor's demise, as the two became caught in the cross-fire of Brekkian military forces and an extremist group trying to destroy an Ornaran embassy in mid 2391. Attempting to assist civilians to safety, Sabor is fatally wounded by military personnel. He is pronounced dead on stardate 239105.01. His ashes were returned to his family.


Sabor was dedicated to his young family. He is spoken of as having shown great emotion through small means, though was prone to the occasional displays of frustration when he found his partner's behaviour particularly difficult when bringing her back up to speed.[3] Blake describes their son Ayden as being just like his father, considered quiet and 'settled'.[4]

Though Sabor 'adhered to logic', he held a personal belief that all Vulcans held their own understandings of logic, though made it a point to avoid expressing this idea among other Vulcan company. He did not believe, however, that logic was a choice one could simply make. A discussion with Blake about this philosophy would result in her suspicion regarding the Vulcan involvement of Evan Delano's infiltrating the Reya-Laialara many years later.[5]

His position aboard starships primarily revolved around maintaining ship's armory, overseeing both hand and ship weaponry. He prided himself on knowing any and all potential weapons and was particularly strict about safety. Despite it being some time since his service days, Blake attributes her knowledge of today's current weaponry to his expertise, recalling some of Sabor's experience when required to take apart and modify a torpedo with Alex Blair and a young Mei'konda.

Not overly familiar with them but with the full intention to try, Sabor made it a personal mission to adhere to his partner's marital customs - Blake still wears one of the three marriage bands today.[6]

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