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You may be looking for Ayden Blake (Flashpoint).

Ayeden Diego Blake is the 10 year old son of Sky Blake and deceased Armory officer Sabor. He was born in 2391, and is of Vulcan, Brekkian and Betazoid heritage, and is the younger brother of Faith Blake.


With slightly pointed ears and brown eyes, Ayeden is considered the spitting image of his father, Sabor. However, he sports blonde hair, and is forming a ridge on his nose, courtesy of his Brekkian heritage.


A hybrid of three different species, Ayeden suffers from weak immunity and the underdevelopment of several key areas of his cardiovascular system. This tends to leave him vulnerable to so much as the common cold. Despite being an active child, he tires quickly and lacks the energy to perform in any particularly strenuous sports. His mother notes he was never a handful, due to his physical inability to be a handful, and characterises him as being rather "timid". Ayeden requires ongoing treatment to improve his quality of life.


Shortly after Ayeden is born, his mother undergoes surgery leaving her with severe retrograde amnesia - she has next to no recollection of her two children, nor her husband. In denial, Sky Blake finds bonding with Ayeden was difficult. When she suffers a panic attack due to separation from him, the denial lifts somewhat, and she becomes closer to her newborn son.

Sabor dies in May of 2391, when Ayeden is only 4 months old. A grieving Blake leaves Ayeden and his sister Faith in the care of their grandmother, Lila Cole.

In 2393, Blake relocates Ayeden and his sister to Ornara after a minor dispute with their grandmother, who had been looking after the two. They are then placed in the guardianship of Sabor's surviving siblings, Syb and Veusa.

He is moved to the USS Veritas in late 2394 to live with his mother, escorted to the ship by Zhou Tai-Sheng.

Following an encounter with a Borg vessel, the power in Blake's quarters fail, and Ayeden's mother asks for Tasnim Shandres to look after him until it's restored later in the day. When she returns, Shandres delivers Blake a message sent by Zhou, offering her the XO's position aboard the USS Montreal. When Blake suggests the transfer to Ayeden, he is sceptical about moving (again), and seems demoralized at the prospect.

When the crew is forced to evacuate the Veritas following a sudden loss of deuterium reserves, Ayeden is escorted from the ship by Ash Makepeace and Tristam Core while Blake completes the evacuation. He passes out in an escape pod from the sudden g-force of re-entry to a small planetoid, causing his mother to panic when she finds him again.

In 2397, Ayeden moves to Betazed with his aunt, Rivi Vataix, and begins to assimilate into life within the Eleventh House of Betazed. Blake speaks of this change as giving him "an opportunity to live, and not simply exist aboard a starship with a parent too busy with her own situation to really be able to focus on him." He eventually becomes Rivi's permanent ward, and makes one last move to Amity Outpost when she takes a command and ambassadorial position there in 2398. Though Blake herself was supportive of the move, Rivi mentions to Geoffrey Teller that she fears both Ayeden and her own son, Istrol, may become homesick. In a later letter to Blake, Rivi is relieved to report that familiar faces from Blake's post on Veritas appear to have made Ayeden's transition to Amity easier.

Treated essentially as a second son to the Vataix family, Ayeden shares a room and babysitter with Istrol while Rivi and her husband Tidrid are out. Rivi notes the boys' bedroom tends to be a mess sometimes.

Blake visits Amity Outpost specifically to see Ayeden in 2399. Ayeden and Istrol are playing ball in Amity's Peace Park and are vaguely privy to Robin Hopper's accidental flirtation with Tidrid.

When the Temporal Integrity Commission alter reality to remove key Veritas personnel from active participation in the timeline, Rivi is devastated to find Ayeden has disappeared from Amity. The altered reality involved Ayeden residing on Betazed with Blake permanently, neither having ever set foot in the Delta quadrant. While trying to deduce how the reality was caused, Roshanara Rahman admits that Jhalib Ekal—a 'traveller' who'd assisted Veritas in a previous incident several years earlier—had in fact been a much older version of Ayeden. Aron Kells and Wil Ukinix are shocked by the information, with Ukinix unsure if he could look at young Ayeden the same again. By 2400, the timeline has been corrected, and Ayeden isn't aware of having ever left Amity.