SIM:JP: LtCmdrs Core & Rahman: A Little Experiment (Part 1)

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A Pirate Story feat. Silas Finley

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 239110.07.

((Roshanara Rahman's Quarters, Deck 35, USS Garuda))

::She looked around her spartan cabin. Most of her personal things had been stored into the transporter buffer and all she had now was a bag on her bunk that she was packing with a few final delicate items. The Kepler's operations officer had contacted her a couple of hours earlier to confirm with her that quarters had been arranged--next to Naughton of course--but at least it wasn't the brig. Whether Egan Manno or someone else had pulled some strings to make it happen, she didn't know and likely never would.::

::Her door chime chirped, and for a moment was worried it was already time to head over to the Kepler. A quick glance though at the clock meant it was someone else.::

Rahman: Come in.

::A happy Rodulan appeared through the doors, striding into her quarters with a smile.::

Core: M'lady.

Rahman: Come to wish me farewell?

Core: Come to smuggle you off the ship, actually. I borrowed a suspicious looking trunk from Bakari - you should fit! Ready for your journey off the station and to Rodul? No extradition . . . ::He gave a suggestive smile.::

::She crossed her arms, shaking her head, but she returned a smile nonetheless.::

Rahman: You really are a persistent little gremlin, you know that?

Core: You've told me that. Several times now. It's starting to become a thing of yours.

::She furrowed her brow, confused, but didn't push it further.::

Rahman: Oh, by the way, congratulations, *chief*. I heard the announcement on the overhead earlier this morning.

::The Rodulan cringed.::

Core: Yeah . . . Apparently making a non-propulsionist Chief Engineer is a thing these days.

Rahman: Oh, don't be like that. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. Well, okay, that's a lie, but you're definitely in the top fi- uh. . . ten.

Core: How about we say top fifty? Sounds more truthful. ::He laughed.::

Rahman: You're probably right.

Core: I'm always right.

::She rolled her eyes.::

Rahman: Uh-huh. I'm just glad you're not all drugged up anymore.

Core: So am I, actually. Just on normal, arm-numbing sort of thing. No more waking dreams.

Rahman: Waking dreams, eh? So you don't remember much?

Core: I barely remember what happened in Engineering on the Mercury. Last thing I remember was Sick Bay lights and a floral smell. ::He paused.:: Something tells me I might have spoken to Alora as well.

Rahman: Nurse Knight says you threw a few temper tantrums as well.

::The Rodulan rolled his eyes.::

Core: Nurse Knightingale can go shove herself into an airlock. I swear, Bakari is clearly not doing his job correctly with that one . . .

Rahman: Well, anyway. I'd try to stay out of sickbay if I were you. I think she has a hypospray filled with Mugato tranquilizer with your name on it.

Core: Yeah, that'd be easier said than done if I hadn't busted my shoulder . . .

::She grinned but then both of their combadges chirped.::

Naughton: =/\= Naughton to Core and Rahman. =/\=

Core: =/\= Good thing we're in the same room, Lieutenant. =/\=

::There was a chuckle on the other end of the line.::

Naughton: =/\= Why am I not surprised? Well, that works out nicely, actually, commander. I require both you and the good doctor's presence on deck 42. =/\=

Core: =/\= Both of us? Here I thought you'd prefer us separate so we don't destroy that deck in a mighty plan to take over the ship and high-tail it to a region where no one could find us? =/\=

Naughton: =/\= Oh, I'm sure if you had wanted to, you'd have found a way, commander. But anyway, your promptness is appreciated given the Kepler's expected departure in the next few hours. Naughton out. =/\=

::Tristam narrowed his eyes as Roshanara frowned, returning a puzzled look at him.::

Rahman: Deck 42? What could he possibly want us down there for?

Core: Because he's just a charming fellow. And the charming fellows always have interesting stories when decide to kidnap two high-ranking officers in day-hours. ::He paused.:: Then again, maybe he just wants to be nice.

::She rolled her eyes as they headed out to reach the lowest deck of the Garuda.::

Rahman: Hmmph, kind of late to start. . .

((Deck 42))

::When they arrived, they found Lieutenant Naughton with his back turned as he appeared to be looking over the details of the various engineering components thoughtfully with his arms folded behind his back.::

Rahman: Ahem. You wanted to see us?

::The JAG officer turned around and grinned.::

Naughton: Ah, thank you for coming, commanders. I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about, but I'd like your help with a little experiment I'd like to conduct.

Core: Experiment?

Naughton: Indeed! Actually, I have you to thank for prompting me to consider some more. . . unusual possibilities during this investigation. ::He turned to Roshanara.:: Doctor Rahman, can you tell me where we are right now?

::She narrowed her eyes as she looked back at him. He obviously already knew, but if he wanted to play these little mind games, so be it.::

Rahman: We're in the antimatter storage compartment next to the antimatter reactant injector.

Naughton: I'm glad you haven't forgotten already since your time off.

::She didn't bother replying.::

Naughton: Commander Core, could you stay over there for a moment while I ask Doctor Rahman to join me here by the antimatter reactant injector?

::He narrowed his eyes, taking a few steps back.::

Naughton: Oh, don't worry. This shouldn't take too much of your time. Doctor Rahman, if you'd step here please.

::Still unsure what he was planning, she did as he asked while Tristam watched from afar.::

Naughton: Now, I'm not an engineer, so you'll need to help walk me through this.

Rahman: ::looking at him cautiously:: What am I walking you through?

Naughton: Can you explain what exactly this component does?

Rahman: That's the antimatter reactant injector. It feeds the antimatter from the storage pods into the lower division of the M/ARA.

Naughton: The M/ARA?

Rahman: The matter/antimatter reaction assembly. ::beat:: The warp core.

Naughton: Ah, of course.

::If Tristam was able to cross his arms, he would have. His frown deepened::

Naughton: All of this is quite exciting, although frankly a bit dangerous, isn't it?

Rahman: You needn't worry, Lieutenant. There are numerous safety systems in place to ensure the antimatter flows from the pods through the injector and into the core without touching any part of the structure.

Naughton: Ah, yes, through the use of magnetic suspension, correct?

Rahman: Yes.

Naughton: So, even if the basic containment systems failed, there's an inherent safety back up in place.

Rahman: Of course. What is this all about?

::He ignored her though and looked over at Tristam.::

Naughton: Commander Core. If you could. Please disable the containment fields around the injector. It will only be for a moment.

::Tristams eyebrows shot up his forehead, an obvious expression of disbelief showing.::

Core: Are you an *idiot*? For a moment or *not*, I don't mess with stuff that doesn't need to be messed with, especially without the use of a tricorder.

Naughton: I admire your dedication to safety, commander. However, by the authority of Admiral Teylock, you are required to assist me in my investigation. If you refuse, I will have you arrested on obstruction charges. Now. Please. The containment fields.

::Naughton wasn't going to budge, Tristam could see. Redshirts were not smart when it came to safety and it wasn't about to improve. Still, he wasn't about to go do something he shouldn't be doing in the first place without some aid.::

Core: Do you have a tricorder on you?

::The JAG officer pulled one out of his pocket and tossed it over to the Rodulan. By some miracle, he'd managed to catch it with his one hand, despite being caught off guard.::

Core: One sign of trouble, one spike, a drop, *anything at all*, and I bring the entire thing back up, Admiral or no Admiral. Teylock can go sort it out with Egan Manno.

Naughton: Of course.

::With cautious steps towards Roshanara and Naughton, he took a glance at the Kriosian before pressing a few buttons to deactivate the containment fields. He picked up the tricorder, and begun to monitor the levels.::

::Roshanara's eyes went wide as the forcefield around the injector flickered before shutting off.::

Rahman: Tristam, what the hell are you doing?! ::She turned to Naughton.:: Lieutenant, this is completely reckless!

Naughton: Doctor, please. We are safely docked at DSX after all.

Rahman: *Even* if we are docked at a starbase, a sudden disturbance to the ship--an attack, some sort of natural phenomenon--anything that could disturb the magnetic seals could lead to a catastrophic failure!

Naughton: Then I suggest we move along. You were saying before that the reason we're not all dead right now is because the magnetic seals are still in place?

::She just stared back at him for a moment and then at Tristam, who seemed to have buried his face into his tricorder, averting her gaze. Had everyone gone crazy?::

Rahman: . . .yes.

Naughton: And the magnetic seals. . . how could those fail?

::She was getting annoyed now. Did he not realize the danger?::

Rahman: If *anything* causes a misalignment, it could fail. ::She paused for a moment and then spoke her next words slowly and clearly, hoping to make her point.:: Which is why we should turn the containment systems back online.

Naughton: ::ignoring her:: How would you fix a misalignment?

Rahman: ::sighs:: You would readjust manually at the injector.

::Naughton looked over at the injector, now exposed, and pointed to the large magnetic seals that wrapped around it.::

Naughton: Over here?

Rahman: Yes! Are we done now?

Naughton: Almost. Doctor, I'd like you to readjust this first seal by 5 centimeters.

::She looked back at him as if he were insane.::

Rahman: Excuse me?

::Tristam briefly closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. And then finally he reopened them, retraining them onto the tricorder.::

Naughton: Oh, come now. Surely 5 centimeters isn't too much.

Rahman: We usually measure alignment in terms of microns.

Naughton: Doctor, look at me. I want you to listen closely.

Rahman: You're the one not listening!

::He waited a moment before they were locked staring at each other.::

Naughton: Doctor. I want you to readjust that first seal by 5 centimeters.

::She didn't reply and started to turn towards Tristam, but then she felt Naughton's hand grab her by the chin. Tristam winced, his jaw clenched as he held his eyes away from Roshanara.::

Naughton: Roshanara, look at me--*look* at me. I *want* you to readjust that seal. You can do that for me, can't you? You want to do that for me, don't you?

Rahman: Why are you. . .

::Her voice trailed off though as she felt a wave pass through her as her resistance slipped away. Suddenly, it was as if her mind had cleared. She blinked for a moment, getting her bearings again when she realized her right hand was now somehow in Naughton's grip, just within reach of the seal.::

::Naughton had stopped her.::

::His hand doing its best to crush the tricorder, it was everything Tristam could do to remain in his place. His breathing had gotten heavy as Roshanara inched closer and closer to the seal. By the time Naughton had stepped in, the Rodulan had choked on any words that he might have said.::

::The JAG officer didn't say anything at first, his expression almost one of pity for the engineer. Finally, he let her arm go.::

Naughton: Congratulations, doctor. You've been acquitted.

To be continued...

Lt. Commander Tristam Core

Chief Engineer, USS Garuda


Lieutenant Sean Naughton

JAG Officer, StarBase 118 Division


Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman

Under Investigation