SIM:JP: Roshanara Rahman & Aron Kells: A Favor Returned

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 239301.17.

"Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life."
— Bertolt Brecht

//Acting Captain's Log--correction, First Officer's Log, stardate 239301.17.

I can only hope my record of this crew's performance does justice to the skill and level of professionalism with which they have handled such recent distressing events. Both teams to the medical research station have since returned, unharmed, and the rest of Commodore Chase's staff is under arrest, along with the commodore himself. I suspect Lt. Commander Vyrenna will be quite busy over the next few days.

Meanwhile, a clean up team has been sent to secure the station and find out the full extent of Chase's illegal experiments. There still remain questions, but for now, I've ordered the department heads to take it easy on their staves. These men and women have been through a lot of turmoil, some physically like Counselor Moonsong and Ensign Ryan, and nearly all emotionally.

There is still one other matter...//

((Sickbay, USS Invicta))

::Roshanara entered sickbay to find it mostly empty, the lights dimmed for the night.::

::Like nearly everything else on the Invicta, the ship's medical facilities rivaled those of some smaller outposts. There were dedicated surgical suites, private rooms, and even a pediatric area set up for the families of the diplomats and civilian researchers.::

::She made her way to the door of one private room in particular. The occupant was resting on the biobed, the lights turned off.::

::Even in the darkness, one could see her small smile. She'd let him rest.::

::But as she turned to go, she heard him call out.::

Kells: Roshanara.

::She looked back.::

Rahman: Captain, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.

Kells: You didn't. Please, come over.

::In truth, it was a pleasure for him to be awake at all. He'd spent far too much time in beds recently, to the great displeasure of his body -- but Dr. Blueheart and his staff were adamant about bringing down the levels of dangerous sedatives in his body slowly, so he was spending much time in Sickbay. Less and less of it, thankfully, was time spent unconscious.::

Rahman: How are you feeling?

Kells: Alert, and not like I'm about to fall asleep at any moment. It was like a fairy tale there for a while -- if I'm being optimistic. Really, it felt like I should've died, caught between always asleep and never fully awake. ::beat:: I would really like to know why.

Rahman: ::nods:: We're still gathering the full details of what Chase was up to. I have a team over there collecting evidence right now and--

::She stopped herself, shrugging apologetically. He didn't need all the details now.::

Rahman: Well, it'll all be in my report, sir.

Kells: I know it will be.

::He looked forward to it. He looked forward to anything, really. He'd been catching up on the reports and logs of what had happened since he'd been asleep -- since he'd been gone, really -- both on Invicta and around the Corridor. It was pleasant to catch himself up, but he couldn't help but feel frustrated with all he'd missed, even though he knew he couldn't have done anything about it.::

::Her eyes lingered on him for another moment before she remembered something.::

Rahman: Oh, I brought you something...

::She took out a PADD from her pocket and placed it on the tray next to him.::

Kells: What is it?

::But that was easily answered, and he picked it up and glanced at the stilled playback just as she spoke.::

Rahman: It's a recording of the memorial service.

Kells: Oh.

::It wasn't, perhaps, the response she was looking for, but he swallowed and attempted to smile. He certainly would've viewed it -- alone, probably, and in secret -- had he discovered there was such a recording, so she was really just preempting him. There was a reason, after all, that she was the finest XO he'd ever had.::

Rahman: ::shrugs again:: Well, not everyone gets to see their own funeral.

Kells: Or has a second chance at life after that funeral.

::Another moment passed, and then, for whatever reason, Roshanara took a hold of the captain's hand. She'd never been one for handshakes, preferring instead a polite--and respectful--nod when speaking with someone.::

::But this man wasn't just someone. And he wasn't just her captain, either. Not anymore. When she'd thought he had died, she realized how much their relationship had changed since that senior staff portrait taken on the Mercury.::

Rahman: It's good to have you back, sir.

::He propped himself up in the bed, trying to get eye to eye with her. It seemed important, suddenly, to say something more.::

Kells: You saved my life, Roshanara. Your actions, and by extension the actions of this crew -- our crew, your crew. I won't forget that. I would've died if you hadn't come after me. ::beat:: I won't forget.

::Hmmph, the same could have been said to him. If that iteration of himself from the future hadn't warned her, she'd have found herself housed away in some institution, scrubbed out of the service. Who knows what else...::

Rahman: Well, let's just say then I was returning a favor.

:: She smiled as she continued to hold his hand. ::

::And, all of a sudden, he leaned past and wrapped her in a hug. He knew that she didn't care for such physical affection, and so he normally wouldn't have done it -- but he was still recovering, his mind still moving slowly, and he didn't know how else to express himself just then. He let go quickly, though, and then fell back into the bed.::

Rahman: Rest, captain.

Kells: I will. ::beat:: I heard my grandfather's still aboard, and not yet arrested. If he's going to remain that way, at least for now, will you send him to see me?

Rahman: Of course.

::As she stepped out of the room, she could hear the beginning of the recording begin to play.::

::He thumbed down the volume and started the playback as soon as she was far enough away not to feel part of the hot flush of absence he felt, suddenly, seeing their crew gathered, somber and dressed-up. He would leave instructions, he decided, for his next funeral -- his last funeral, perhaps, his proper funeral -- to be a more joyful affair. But then he caught sight of Del and ricocheted from his devastation to Alora's, to Raissa's, to Roshanara's -- and for a moment, for the moments that the recording lasted, the universe fell away and he was simply the window of light, playing him a ghost's recollection of self.::


Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman

First Officer, USS Invicta


Fleet Captain Aron Kells

Commanding Officer, USS Invicta