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Author's Note: This joint post with Deliera shows Tristam and Roshanara's first meeting aboard the USS Pioneer in 2387. I love that the third thing he says after "Hi" and his name is "I hate propulsion." Haha, ah... and his whole mimicking of Haresh's hand waving gesture over the face. Plus, while Tristam seems enamored by Rahman based on just her appearance, he reveals also that he is taken aback by what he "hears" in her mind. Perhaps another title for this sim could have been "Love at First Thought."

This SIM was written and presented on August 4, 2014, (corresponding to the IC stardate 239108.04), but the events in this SIM take place in 2387.

((Crew Lounge, USS Pioneer, 2387))

::Lieutenants junior grade Tristam Core and Haresh were in the midst of one of their usual lunch debates yet again. The Bolian insisted on engaging with the Rodulan, even though he was at a clear disadvantage when Tristam had access to his thoughts. Still, Haresh made a valiant effort.::

Haresh: You cannot really believe that, Tristam! Even a curmudgeon such as yourself has to admit that fundamentally without continuing advances in warp theory and other propulsion systems, the Federation will eventually stagnate and the other powers--be they the Breen, the Gorn, even the bloody Ferengi!--will more than willingly step in to become the next superpower.

Core: You’re suggesting that the balance between oppositions will shift dramatically if we don’t advance in propulsion systems?

::The Bolian took a bite of his sandwich before grabbing a chip off of Tristam’s plate and dipping it in the tartar sauce. He held up the piece for effect, looking Tristam in the eye.::

Haresh: I’m suggesting that in an age of interstellar travel, propulsion is security. The folks in tactical might think otherwise, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter what weapons you put on a starship if someone else can get to your homeworld faster and strike first.

::The Bolian smiled, happy to have made his point, and put the chip in his mouth.::

Core: Not if we employ the use of spatial corridors.

::Haresh looked as if he were about to gag on the chip now.::

Haresh: Spatial corridors! Why even have starships then? You might as well be talking about using transwarp beaming to get everywhere!

Core: Well, when you think about it, transwarp beaming is the smarter idea. In your wars, for example - the Federation would have been quicker to get to those planets caught in the Dominion War had they have been able to mass-transport crews to the scene. Tactical may have been able to play with new weapons. Think about it! If we could design a transporter so powerful, it could beam a whole starship and it’s crew to a specific section of space? All propulsionists would have to worry about is how fast the vessel is travelling whilst firing weapons.

::The Bolian shook his head in disgust.::

Haresh: I cannot believe I’m hearing this from a Starfleet engineer.

Core: What part can’t you believe?

::The other engineer was about to answer when the doors to the lounge whisked open. Haresh was clearly distracted as Ensign Ivanova walked past.::

Core: Haresh?

Haresh: Sorry, what were you saying?

::Tristam rolled his eyes, taking another tartar-dipped chip and popping it into his mouth.::

Core: I wouldn’t bother, Haresh. That one is untouchable from what I’ve heard.

::The Bolian let his eyes linger for another moment as the tall, statuesque security officer retrieved her order from the replicator and sat with some other colleagues--all of whom appeared to be in security as well--near one of the windows.::

Haresh: Oh? ::He smiled as he looked back at Tristam.:: And just what have *you* heard?

Core: She’ll break your fingers before you could even introduce yourself.

::Haresh laughed at the thought.::

Haresh: Ha! Sounds like maybe she might be more your type, then.

::The Rodulan’s eyes narrowed as he thought for a few seconds.::

Core: Nah. Women that could deliberately break any of my bones at any second tend to be too violent for my liking. Plus, I need my fingers. Actually, I need both my hands intact.

::He did, after all, like to consider himself the expert at smaller things that required both hands to fix them.::

::The Bolian chuckled.::

Haresh: I’m sure you do…

::As he laughed some more, the doors to the lounge opened again, although the newest arrival only warranted a cursory glance from Haresh.::

Haresh: There you go, Tristam. Maybe our new lieutenant is more to your liking then.

::As his colleague turned to look, Haresh continued.::

Haresh: Hey, if you cozy on up to her, maybe we could get an easier shift.

Core: There’s no such thing as an easy shift.

::The new lieutenant had caught Tristam’s attention immediately. Even from this distance, Tristam had found himself admiring her green eyes. A spot pattern trailed around her head to her temples, and the Rodulan found himself trying to guess her species.::

Haresh: I’ll say… sheesh. Do you know she had me stay an extra two hours the other day while working on one of her projects? She might have a lifetime or two to spare, but I’ve got just the one, and I happen to like enjoying what little free time I can get!

Core: A few extra hours in Engineering isn’t going to kill you. Take it as a compliment and move on.

Haresh: Oh, really?

::A mischievous grin formed on the Bolian’s face.::

Haresh: Have you had the pleasure of working with her yet?

Core: Nope. Why, already have horror stories?

Haresh: No, I’m just thinking I should spread the wealth.

::He cleared his throat when he saw their superior officer walking past from the replicator, and Tristam glared at the Bolian.::

Haresh: Excuse me, ma’am?

::The lieutenant looked over, seemingly surprised that someone had called out to her. When she caught sight of Haresh, she walked over.::

Rahman: Lieutenant Haresh.

Haresh: How are you today, ma’am?

Rahman: I’m well. And you?

::The Bolian returned a broad smile.::

Haresh: Can’t complain here.

::The woman gave an uneasy smile back at the slightly awkward exchange before glancing at Tristam.::

Rahman: Hello.

::The Rodulan finally tore his eyes away from Haresh, looking up at Rahman. Now, with her fully in view, he could see the way her spots were shaped around her forehead. It would be a long time before he forgot that pattern.::

Core: Hi.

Haresh: Oh, forgive me! Lieutenant, this is my friend Tristam Core. He actually works in components engineering, but he’s always had a keen interest in alternative propulsion theory.

::Her eyes widened as she smiled now at the Rodulan.::

Rahman: Really? ::She bowed her head slightly.:: Roshanara Rahman.

Core: Tristam Core. I hate propulsion.

::Haresh returned a death glare at his friend for ruining his fun, but the woman didn’t notice, instead seeming to have taken the comment as a joke.::

Rahman: Oh? And why’s that, Mr. Core?

Haresh: ::under his breath:: Oh, dear...

Core: Well, Lieutenant, I think we could be focussing on more important things. I mean, sure, in the way of propulsion? If we really wanted to, theoretically, we could abolish the need for long-distance warp travel if we were ever able to devise a way to use transwarp beaming to transport an entire vessel to a section of space.

::It was an entirely theoretical idea with no real evidence to support it, but ultimately, it was a more or less sound idea. The problem, however, was that the computer would require input as to where it was actually beaming to - obviously you wouldn’t be able to beam into uncharted space. This is why Tristam hadn’t suggested abolishing warp drive completely.::

::She nodded, echoing his comment.::

Rahman: Transwarp beaming… well, I can’t say I’m working on that exactly, but if you are interested in research, maybe I could get you to help out in the lab sometime. Maybe I’d even be able to change your mind about propulsion.

Core:::he laughed.:: I highly doubt that. But sure - I’d love to help where I can.

::That caused Haresh to do a double take. Tristam Core volunteering for something? Had he’d been transported to some sort of parallel universe? The Bolian did a pretty poor job of hiding his disbelief.::

Rahman: Excellent. Engineering lab 3. Drop by anytime you’re free.

Core:::he nodded once.:: It’s a date.

::The woman returned a nervous chuckle of her own.::

Rahman: Well, gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me…

::Haresh finally snapped out of his bewilderment.::

Haresh: Oh, of course, lieutenant! Good to see you again.

::She nodded before looking over at Tristam.::

Rahman: And it was nice to meet you, Mr. Core.

Core: You too, Lieutenant Rahman.

::After she’d left the lounge, Haresh continued to stare dumbstruck at his friend.::

Haresh: Okay, who are you, and what have you done to Tristam Core?

::The Rodulan though seemed be in his own little world as well, his eyes still following Rahman as she walked away.::

Core: I could count her spots over and over for hours on end.

Haresh: Wait… what? Rahman? Seriously?

::He tore his stare away from the woman back to Haresh, eyebrows shot up in disbelief.::

Core: *Yes*, seriously! Did you not *see* her?!

Haresh: Yes, I saw her, and, uh… no offense, I read her story, and it’s tragic, but… ::He looked at Tristam and furrowed his brow.:: ...seriously?

Core: How could you look at a woman like that and not want to spend time with her?

Haresh: Well, besides the whole…

::He waved his hand over the left side of his face.::

Haresh: ...she also seems a little clueless. You know--she’s got the whole naive bookworm thing going on.

Core: Okay, first of all, I don’t know what *this*-- ::he made a similar hand motion around his own face.::-- means, and second of all, speak for yourself. You propulsionists are always naive, and I hate to break it to you, but just about every Engineer in the universe has been a bookworm at some point in time.

::Having been properly chided, Haresh sat back in his chair as Tristam continued.::

Core: Not to mention, you have no idea what is going on in that brain of hers. I’ve never heard someone like that in my life.

::The Bolian took a deep breath. He’d participated in enough lunch time debates with the Rodulan to know when he wasn’t going to convince Tristam otherwise.::

Haresh: Well, just be prepared to be working your ass off. She might look all cute to you with her spots and whatnot, but the woman is a slave driver.

::The Rodulan shook his head.::

Core: In the end, it’ll all be worth it, slave driver or not.

::Haresh smiled as well before taking another chip and dipping it in tartar.::

Haresh: Well, if she convinces you to see the light about propulsion, then maybe.


Lieutenant JG Tristam Core

Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer


Lieutenant JG Haresh

Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer