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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238909.28-238910.07. The scene below combines several individual sims, including those by the writers for Rick Rawden and Kael Thomas.

((Roshanara Rahman's Quarters, Deck 17, USS Mercury))

::The Mercury's new chief engineer was just putting away the last of her thing when her combadge chirped across the room.::

Cain: =/\= Commander Cain to Commander Rahman. =/\=

::She looked over at the ship's chronometer display on the desktop viewer and realized she had lost track of time. She went over to the desk and tapped the device.::

Rahman: =/\= Hello, commander. What can I do for you? =/\=

Cain: =/\= Theres no need to rush up here Commander, I was just wanting to know if you had a chance to stop by engineering since you came aboard? =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Actually, I haven't. I've just finished unpacking my belongings in my quarters after completing my medical check-in. =/\=

Cain: =/\= I completely understand. First day aboard a new ship always is hectic. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= I'll check up on things with the engineering staff tonight, sir. =/\=

Cain: =/\= Much appreciated Commander and welcome aboard. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Thank you, sir. =/\=

::After the commander closed the line, Roshanara asked the computer where she could find Ensign Thomas and Chief Warrant Officer Walker.::

Rahman: oO The mess hall? well, it is getting around that time... Oo

::Having already changed out of uniform into a comfortable salwar kameez, dinner would be as good an excuse as any to stay out of uniform. She clipped her combadge to her clothing and made her way to deck 5.

((Mess Hall, Deck 5))

::Upon her arrival, Roshanara took in the diverse sights--and smells--around her. It was a bit crowded by now with the evening meal service running in full. Scanning the room, she smiled when she saw a pool table over by the end of the lounge, with a lively game already in progress. It had been a while since she had played herself. The table wasn't a common feature of the previous ships she had serve on, but one of her fellow graduate students at the Daystrom Institute of Technology had introduced her to the game. Maybe she'd be able to find a partner or two to play with on the Mercury.::

Vistain: Commander! It's good to see you again!

::She turned to see Lieutenant JG Danielle Vistain smiling at her.::

Rahman: Lieutenant, I heard you successfully evaded Mr. Chaun after I left.

Vistain: Oh, yeah... um, he seems like a nice man and all, but...

::The commander put her hand up.::

Rahman: No, need to explain. I suspected you'd be able to handle him. You are a Starfleet engineer after all.

Vistain: ::beams:: Yes, ma'am!

Rahman: Speaking of engineers, do you happen to know where Misters Thomas and Walker are?

Vistain: I haven't met them yet, but I think they're over there.

::The lieutenant pointed over across the room to the engineers in question sitting at a table with two other men in gold. Perhaps she'd get a chance to introduce herself to her whole staff informally tonight, Roshanara thought. Just then, a cook came out with the meals the men had apparently ordered.::

Cook: Excuse me, ladies.

::Roshanara and Vistain turned around to see an exhausted looking crewman with a cart full of hot meals.::

Rahman: Oh, sorry.

Cook: Oh, you're all right, miss. I just have to get these meals out and fifty more like them!

::The man wiped some sweat from his brow with a cloth.::

Rahman: Here, why don't you let me deliver these to them. I need to speak with them anyway.

::Vistain gave her department chief a puzzled look as the crewman tilted his head.::

Cook: You sure?

::The chief engineer grinned as the idea for a mischievous little prank started to form in her mind.::

Rahman: It won't be a problem at all. ::She shooshed him away.:: Go.

::After the man left, Roshanara turned to Vistain.::

Rahman: I don't suppose you'd be up for a little fun with the boys tonight?

::The lieutenant returned her own smirk.::

Vistain: Always.

::Roshanara led the two over to the bar and asked for a bottle of Saurian brandy. Once the bartender gave her the trademark bottle, she whispered instructions for Vistain, who took a seat at the bar. Returning to the cart, Roshanara smiled and looked down at the steaming plates full of food and nodded to herself.::

Rahman: oO Interesting choices. Oo

::She grabbed hold of the cart and made her way to the table.::

Rahman: Good evening, gentlemen!

::Out of the corner of Rick’s eye, he noticed a female approach them, in civilian clothing. Rick assumed she was a waitress.::

::Rick smiled at her.::

Rawden: Good evening.

::Kael didn't know everyone aboard the ship, but he had not yet seen this women aboard yet. He could clearly notice the small dots on her face, indicating she was likely Kriosian.::

Thomas: Evening Commander.

::Roshanara raised an eyebrow at the ensign's use of her rank despite her civilian attire. Perhaps he had already checked out her personnel file as well in preparation of her arrival.::

Rahman: oO Hmmm, this one's a keen one. I'll have to keep my eye on him. Oo

::Not wanting to spoil her prank, she quickly continued, handing out dishes.::

Rahman: All right, who ordered the chicken broth?

Rawden: Not guilty. ::smiling towards Thomas::

Thomas: Me thanks.

Rahman: And the steak and ale pie?

Rawden: Guilty!

::She handed out the dishes and stood to watch them eat.::

::Kael was a bit perplexed at to why she was standing there still.::

Rahman: So how is it?

Rawden: Most delicious, thanks!

Rahman: Excellent. Lastly, here's a bottle of Saurian brandy for you all to share, compliments of your new department chief. ::She gestured over to Vistain sitting at the bar.::

::Rick looked across. The young woman looked vaguely familiar. Was she the new chief?::

::Kael looked over to a Lieutenant sitting at the bar. Surely she wasn't the new chief.::

::Roshanara and the engineers looked over as Vistain returned her best "come-hither" look. The lieutenant blew a kiss and batted her eyelashes. The chief engineer bit her lip to keep from laughing.::

Rahman: ::nods:: Well... she seems friendly.

::Rick was intrigued, and slightly confused.::

Rawden: Very friendly. If she’s our Chief, I can cope with that!

::Rick was not in any way tempted to be anything more than professional with this mysterious affectionate Lieutenant. He only wanted his Gypsy, but a friendly and relaxed Engineering chief would make life a little less stressful, and more pleasant on the eye, than a gruff middle-aged male Klingon with a drinking habit would be.::

::Ensign Thomas seemed a bit more cautious about the flirtations of their new "chief." Roshanara figured she'd probably need to plan an extra special prank just for him someday.::

Thomas: oO Slightly too Friendly. Is this a joke? Oo

::Kael was going to see how this all played out. He wasn't entirely sure that he wasn't being tricked, but stranger people have been department heads in the past. He would make it work regardless of what was.::

Thomas: No time like the present, to get the new Chief Appointed. We're about to head into some trouble.

::Ensign Thomas seemed a bit more cautious about the flirtations of their new "chief." Roshanara figured she'd probably need to plan an extra special prank just for him someday.::

Rawden: Yeah, things are looking good.

Rahman: Well, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen, I'll let you enjoy your meals.

::She was about to leave it at that and enjoy meeting the men again formally in engineering the next morning and seeing their reactions, but just as she was turning to leave, her combadge chirped.::

Kells: =/\= Bridge to Rahman. =/\=

::She bit her lip again, this time with a sharp breath in.::

Rahman: oO Ah, fooey. Oo =/\= Yes, how may I help you? =/\=

Kells: =/\= Welcome aboard, Commander, and we have our first potential problem for you. Some of the bridge consoles may or may not be acting up. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= I see... could you care to elaborate? =/\=

Kells: =/\= I'm sorry that I can't, but perhaps you can get someone up here to look at them? =/\=

Rahman: =/\= ...of course. ::She glanced at the men and then continued.:: I'll be right up. I'm not in uniform though, so if you'd prefer a certain formality on the bridge... =/\=

Kells: =/\= Just so. Kells, out. =/\=

::Kells? As in Commander Kells? Well, if anyone had to be the one to spoil her fun, at least it was the captain. She turned around back to the men and gave a sheepish smile.::

Rahman: Well, I suppose I've been exposed... ::Her smile broadened.:: I was hoping to see the look on your faces tomorrow morning.

::Before the men could reply, the replicators along the walls suddenly began spilling out beverages simultaneously, making a mess. Roshanara turned, her mouth open in surprise at the sight when a tall young man in command red approached her and the table. He nodded to the men.::

Matthews: Gentlemen, how are things ? ::Looking back to the replicators.:: That was a very strange thing. ::Looking to Rahman.:: Commander Rahman, pleasure to meet you. ::Extending his hand to her.:: Alexander Matthews, operations chief.

Rawden: Commander?!?

::The chief engineer chuckled at the lieutenant's exclamation. That had made the effort worth it.::

::Turning her attention back to Matthews, she went to return the operations chief's handshake instinctively with her right but then noted that the man was apparently left-handed. With her scarred left hand, she quickly grasped his hand to be done with the gesture.::

Rahman: Thank you.

Matthews: Sorry to interrupt you all from having dinner. ::Taking out his PADD.:: Chief I have already briefed the team on the deployment to the planet, here is a new schedule of power distribution to the labs and holodecks also.

Rahman: ::glancing at the PADD:: Looks good. I'm sure the department will be able to implement it smoothly.

Rawden: oO She’s my new boss? Oo Sir.

::She glanced at the lieutenant, raising an eyebrow. She'd have to brief her department on her preferred forms of address. "Sir" was definitely not one of them.::

Matthews: ::Looking back.:: From the looks of things it is going to be really odd around here. ::Looking to Rahman.:: I'm sorry that I did not meet with you earlier. You have your quarters already ? ::Looking at the PADD.::

Rahman: Yes, thank you. I've settled in on Deck 17. ::She shrugged her shoulders at Matthews.:: I guess it was wishful thinking to think I'd get the night off.

Rawden: Can I assist Sir, Ma'am?

::Roshanara smiled. Like the ensign, the lieutenant also seemed keen... and judging by the quick change of address, pretty perceptive as well.::

Rahman: That would be appreciated, Mr. Rawden. ::She turned to the others.:: But please finish your meals first. I think I can handle a few naughty replicators and consoles for the moment.

Rawden: Yes, ma’am.

Rahman: And you better enjoy some of that brandy because I *did* put that on my tab, and I don't even drink alcohol. It'd be a shame for it to go to waste.

Rawden: Aye it would.

Rahman: ::nods:: If you'll excuse me, gentlemen, the bridge awaits. Nice meeting you all. ::She then remembered something and tilted her head back towards the bar.:: Oh, and be sure to introduce yourselves to Lieutenant Vistain when you have the chance. She's also a new transfer to the department.

::Rick waved to the lady officer.::

Rawden: Ma’am!

::As she turned to leave for real this time, the replicators began humming again as another round of drinks were synthesized and spilt onto the deck.::

Rahman: oO Perfect. Oo


Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman

Chief Engineer, USS Mercury