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The events in this SIM occurred on stardates 239206.20-21. It combines both the original sim "Invicta" as well as the subsequent responses from the sim, Capt. Kells: "Ditch the Plant."

((Bridge, USS Invicta))

::How did she end up here?::

::And where was here? Starship designers were always pushing the edge, but she'd never seen anything quite like the bridge before her. While not as large as the Odyssey's bridge, the room resembled more of a control center for an outpost or starbase.::

::As she stepped onto the bridge, she worked her way down the ramp towards where the captain stood by himself. She took note of the large conference table that occupied the area where the triumvirate of command chairs had been on the Garuda. The chairs here around this table were able to pivot around to face the viewscreen, with the central chair closest to the front having a few extra displays built into the armrests--no doubt, the captain's new place on the bridge.::

::And speaking of the captain, she found him gazing out of the massive viewscreen that looked more like a giant transparent shell that completely enveloped the front half of the bridge. She took a glance herself and soon began feeling as if she were floating out in the dark abyss of space, awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time.::

::Still, she wondered how stunning the view would be to watch the Invicta jump to warp for the first time.::

Kells: Roshanara. I've been waiting.

::She returned a remorseful expression.::

Rahman: My apologies, captain.

Kells: No, no hurry. I imagine you've heard, then.

Rahman: Part of the delay was there seemed to be a bit of a mix up. I was told initially I'd be remaining on the Garuda to accompany her back towards the Federation.

Kells: I know. Believe me, your lack of invitation was not my intent, and had I realized it earlier, I would've said something. However--

::He paused for a moment, now giving *her* an apologetic look. He wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her this, but -- despite the smashing success the president seemed to believe their prior mission had been -- it felt wrong to add to their growing CO/XO relationship with a lie. ::

Kells: It was done intentionally. I understand that ::beat:: you were not the first choice to accompany the Invicta as its executive officer.

Rahman: I see…

::She supposed she should have realized given the awkward meeting she'd had earlier with the President's deputy communications director.::

Kells: Starfleet Command thought it might be prudent to assign another officer. I disagreed, and Egan Manno backed me up. You're still here, you're my XO, and I told them that was the last I wanted to hear about it.

::Hmmph, she was a bit amused to see the captain so protective of her feelings. Honestly, she hadn't been that surprised at Starfleet's original intention. Having spent the better part of the last year preparing for a new life after Starfleet, she'd just as easily prefer to stay out of the spotlight that the new Invicta Expedition was bound to cast upon her crew. If the President's words were to be believed, the Invicta's mission was meant to capture the public's imagination the way the five-year missions of Wesley, Khatami, and Kirk had done so over a century ago.::

::Roshanara was perfectly happy staying out of history's gaze.::

Kells: Now, then, we have to begin transitioning everything over. I'll trust you to coordinate shakedown and shore leave schedules, alright?

Rahman: Understood, sir.

Kells: Very good. ::beat, badge tap:: =/\= This is Captain Kells to all Garuda crew. Effective immediately, the senior staff has been reassigned to the USS Invicta, along with many junior officers and enlisted personnel. Please see your department heads for details, and if you have been reassigned, report over no later than 1800 this evening to prepare for a short shakedown cruise. That is all. =/\=

Rahman: If there's anything else, captain?

Kells: I'm sure there is, but...

::He shrugged. There would be more than enough to occupy them in the coming days, he knew, and there was no use trying to make work for its own sake now.::

Rahman: I'll begin drafting up the shakedown cruise itinerary immediately. I also suspect there's going to be a lot of personnel requests coming my way.

Kells: Yes, I expect so. We have space for about 100 officers aboard, whereas Garuda had nearly 400.

::Though whether officers would be asking to stay with the Garuda, come along on the Invicta, or something else entirely, he wasn't sure. The crew had been through a lot of changes recently -- not just the loss of their former command team, but now a ship transfer -- and he could understand if many of them elected not to follow. He didn't have their loyalty yet, not really.::

::She nodded and took a final look around the new bridge. With all of the seating provided, perhaps this would be one of the few times she'd get to see it so empty.::

Rahman: ::softly:: New frontiers indeed…

::She turned back to Kells.::

::Aron realized his thoughts had wandered when he heard her speak, and looked back in time to see her glance back at him. Well, at least he and his XO were in the same place.::

Rahman: And thank you for the words of support, captain. You know, though, it's still not too late to change your mind.

Kells: It's never too late. But I haven't yet, have I?

Rahman: Then in that case… ::She gestured to a potted plant in the corner.:: I'm getting rid of that.

Kells: Oh?

Rahman: Call it a security matter. I don't like the look it's giving me.

::To that, he could only snort. Speaking of the crew, never mind the official upheavals they'd been through -- what about things like having their potted plants sprout into doomsday vegetative monstrosities? Yeah, the crew had been through a lot.::

::She smiled before heading back to the turbolift.::

Rahman: See you at 1800 hours, sir.

::He glanced at her before the turbolift doors closed. She was taking this remarkably well -- but, then, maybe she thought the same of him. He managed a slight smile just as the doors started to close.::

Kells: You, too.

::And with a slight whir, the turbolift departed, leaving Aron standing, uncertain, too small in a bridge larger than he'd ever dared to imagine.::


Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman

First Officer
USS Invicta