Sean Naughton

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StarBase 118 JAG
Sean Naughton.jpg
Sean Naughton
Position JAG Officer/Investigator
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 234906.26
Age 51
Birthplace New Belfast, Alpha III

Sean Naughton is a JAG officer and investigator assigned to the StarBase 118 Division.


Born on Alpha III, Sean is a direct descendant of the first settlers of the storied Earth colony, whose troubled early history ultimately produced the Statutes of Alpha III, an important legal document guaranteeing certain rights to the accused in a criminal trial. This document, among others, later served for the basis of modern Federation law.

Sean originally intended to stay on Alpha III, where he attended law school, and after graduation, he practiced at a firm for nearly ten years, where he earned the nickname "The Pit Bull" from his colleagues for his relentless commitment to a case once he'd been assigned. In 2384, he joined Starfleet, earning a commission through the Officer Candidate School, and was assigned to the Judge Advocate General's Corps. By 2391, he was assigned to the StarBase 118 Division, working under the direction of Rear Admiral Teylock.

Following the seeming betrayal of USS Garuda first officer Harrison Ross, Sean accompanied Rear Admiral Teylock to Deep Space 10 in the Menthar Corridor and was tasked with investigating the Garuda's chief engineer Roshanara Rahman to determine the extent of her involvement in Ross's actions.

In 2396, he investigated the loss of the USS Montreal as part of her commanding officer Commander Mei'konda's court martial.

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