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The Dome

The Dome is the central hub of Outpost Unity, comprising the majority of the outpost’s commercial, trade, and recreation facilities. This large area is topped with a blue-tinted transparent polyalloy dome, allowing full view of the starfield beyond the Dyson sphere while still maintaining acceptable strength and durability attributes. Designed primarily with aesthetics in mind, The Dome consists of blocks of architecture interspersed among areas of natural greenery and park space. Flora reflecting both the Federation and Talaxian standards populate gardens throughout. There is desirable housing blocks within this space, though the majority of outpost housing exists within dedicated hubs.

  • The very center of the The Dome is a circular-shaped green space/park, complete with a massive Talaxian Bo’russ “Guiding Tree”, myriad types of plant life, walking paths, benches, a waterfall, large pond, and meandering stream
  • Surrounding the park is the Promenade (walkway)
  • Surrounding the Promenade are shops, vendors, cafes, restaurants, services, etc.
  • Surrounding/behind the shops/etc is the outer walkway/access corridors, which would also feature (spaced out evenly) emergency first aid stations, custodial services, some storage, spartan/generic seating areas (like a lounge), emergency transporter stations, engineering systems monitoring stations, etc
  • Short access corridors would connect the Promenade with the rear access corridors at regular intervals
  • On the floors above some of the larger shop blocks there is some very exclusive apartments reserved for the Outposts highest ranking and most important individuals, priority is given to visiting VIPs, important diplomats and ambassadors etc. These apartments come in various sizes but are all compact and minimalist. Most of the rooms cater for one of two occupants but there are a limited number of family sized apartments. Those with large families, or who need more space will need to be housed in one of the habitation domes.

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There are several known shops, vendors, and restaurants located in The Dome:

The Orb of Taste

  • a popular Federation chain restaurant, serving Bajoran/Terran fusion fare

Johnny Laser’s: Home of the Galaxy Burger

  • diner serving Terran cuisine

BlueSea Bolian Deli

  • proprietor Garll serves up Bolian seafood specialties including breakfast sushi, seaweed and kelp salad, and shimmershell sandwiches


  • cafe styled in a Terran French provincial style

Bajoran Temple

  • Vedek Orri Shaar has been assigned to this temple by the current Kai

Notable Sims

Lyna Namid invites Dr Graeme Cook back to her exclusive apartment overlooking the promenade of the Dome Section.