Lyna Namid

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Lyna Namid.png
Lyna Namid
Position Civilian
Rank Civilian
Species Ash'lie
Gender Female
DOB 236302.12
Age 38
Birthplace Bradun, Atark, Saisa, Ash'lie IV

Lyna Namid was born and raised in the towards the bottom of Bradun towers on the outskirts of Atark - the capital city of Saisa, a central country on Ash'lie IV. Lyna and her family are Arkanese and part of the largest ethnic group in Saisa. Arkanese do not usually have family names or surnames, and commoners typically have only a single name whereas nobility have two or three names. Lyna and her family are of a middle social caste, high enough in stature to use a patronymic to produce a second name.


  • Height: 1.6m (5'3)
  • Hair: Short, Black hair with a pixies crop.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Petite
  • Distinguishing features: Pointed ears. Lyna is unusual for an Ash'lie as she is a good deal shorter than most of her people who average 5'9" to 6'2" and because of having naturally dark hair rather than the blonde hair that is common for the species.

Personality and interests

Lyna is full of energy and generally happy and easy to get on with. In social situations she is friendly and enjoys company but is shy around strangers. She is curious by nature, likes harmony, is creative, independent and a good communicator. At times Lyna can be uncompromising and can appear aloof and temperamental. She also bores easily but because of that she has a wide variety of interests including:

  • Art and crafting, particularly Arkanese woodcarving.
  • Science
  • Invention
  • Cooking
  • Music and Singing
  • Dance

Coming from a species that abhors violence Lyna has never been exposed to it and would find it shocking and frightening in the extreme. Like everyone else on the planet, she has three personal discs on her at all times - one personal shield and two blasters, which are highly intelligent and respond to her commands, should she ever need to defend herself.


  • Grehas Cayono - Grandfather
  • Namid Grehas - Father
  • Sukarno Namid - Older brother
  • Arjani Namid - Older sister
  • Bajrayekti Namid - Younger Brother


Lyna comes from a large family but never knew her grandmother who had passed away before she was born. Her mother died in childbirth when in labour with Bajrayekti leaving her father to raise 5 children with old the help of his own father. They were poor but very close and always looked out for each other, everyone worked hard on the family owned farm at the edge of the city. While her brothers enjoyed the outdoors and the physical aspect of tending to the crops and farming, Lyna excelled more with the cooking and would make the fruits harvested into sweet preserves that were sold in the shop farm and cafe as well as local shops further up the towers.