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The origin and age of the Dyson sphere located in the Pouiyeog region of the Delta Quadrant is as yet unknown. Under the direction of Starfleet Sciences & Technologies, Outpost Unity is dedicated to continuous study and exploration of the construct in order to determine as much as is possible about the Dyson sphere.


The following facts have been determined:

  • Radius: (approx) 4 million kilometers
  • Shell Area: (approx) 2x10^14 km^2
  • Shell Material: Unknown, resistant to scans
  • Surface Gravity: 0.97G
  • Internal Shell Temperature: Unknown, conjectured to be similar to M-class planet
    • Considerations: The radius of the sphere is well under the Astronomical Unit considered standard for such a construction. The Astronomical Unit radius is expected so the sphere falls into the habitable area of it's central star, but prevents any noticeable gravity
    • Conjecture: Since the radius is smaller, but considering it is still habitable, and the gravity is similar to that of an M-class planet, alternative types of stars have been considered. The possibility of the sphere being built around a White Dwarf seems the most plausible
    • Theory: If that were to be true, theories shown in [this scientific dissertation] would be proved
  • Structure: Unknown:
    • Considerations: Since it is built with such a radius as to have M-class gravity, it is reasonable the habitable zone is oriented with the 'down' direction towards the star (as opposed to artificial gravity seen in other Dyson Spheres). That gives some restrictions to what the structure could be
    • Conjecture: The most plausible solution would be a secondary shell inside, acting as ground, while the primary shell we can see acts as 'sky' or 'ceiling'. However, that theory is based on the assumption the builder species would want a planetary-like structure. Alternatives are studied, and we await for access to their systems to confirm