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Outpost Layout

Designed as a relatively flat installation, Outpost Unity stretches out along a horizontal plane on the surface of the Dyson sphere upon which it’s built. Due to the difficulty thus encountered in physically anchoring to the exotic material comprising the shell of the Dyson sphere, the outpost is anchored using series of electromagnetic attachment points. The outpost resembles a spoked wheel in its design, with a large central hub, and 12 smaller outlying hubs connected. The outlying sections are of varying sizes and shapes due to use-specific internal components and layouts.

Central section: The Dome

12 o’clock section: Admin Hub

  • CIC - The base’s command center
  • Offices - offices for the base’s command staff
  • Conference/briefing rooms for the command staff. Can also be used for diplomatic functions
  • FNS office
  • FDC offices
  • Starfleet Intelligence Liaison bureau
  • Starfleet JAG offices
  • Small officers’ lounge with head - for “break time” while command staff are on duty

1 o’clock section: The Starport

  • Main landing bay - for personnel shuttle craft. Including the landing/launch bay, traffic control center, staging area, several “parking” spots. Larger vessels need to orbit and either ferry people down in shuttles, or beam them down
  • Main Transporter Hub - multiple transporter rooms utilizing 4 six-person transporters each
  • Customs - complete with main customs room, and adjoining offices for staff, customs interviews
  • Maintenance Facilities - repair and maintenance facilities for shuttles, parts storage, power recharge
  • Fighter bay - a wing of small attack craft can launch from here. Includes staging, maintenance, pilots briefing room, pilots ready room/lounge, pilots locker room, etc.

2 o’clock section: Brown

  • One of five habitation hubs, identical in layout

3 o’clock section: Cargo/Storage

  • Multiple bays/compartments of varying sizes to store things necessary for running the base.

4 o’clock section: Orange

  • One of five habitation hubs, identical in layout

5 o’clock section: Engineering

  • Contains the outpost’s power generation system, distribution assemblies, multiple offices and briefing rooms, labs/workshops, parts storage, tools storage, etc.

6 o’clock section: Green

  • One of five habitation hubs, identical in layout

7 o’clock section: Recreation

  • Fitness center, gymnasiums, a multi-use sports arena, some holosuites, small amphitheatre, etc.

8 o’clock section: Gray

  • One of five habitation hubs, identical in layout

9 o’clock section: Medical/Sciences

10 o’clock section: White

  • One of five habitation hubs, identical in layout

11 o’clock section: Security

  • Training holosuite, arms lockers, brig(s), offices, security officers’ lounge(s), briefing area, contraband storage, assayer’s office, and secure lockers/safety deposit boxes