Nate Wilmer's Quarters

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Nate does his best to keep his quarters clean, while living with his teenage daughter. He has a substantial collection of old, authentic, hard bound books. He keeps a soccer ball, from his days on the Academy team, a statuette of Christ the Redeemer, a miniature model of his Peregrine class fighter. He has also begun to hang old style movie posters in frames along his walls.


Each person aboard a Horizon class starship is assigned approximately 85 square meters of personal living quarters space. These accommodations typically include a bedroom, living/work area, and a small bathroom. Other amenities available include food synthesizer terminals (replicators), sonic showers, standard showers, null-grav sleeping chambers, and personal holographic viewers.
In 2393, upon being assigned to the Darwin, he was assigned quarters on Deck 6, room 0552. They were officer's family quarters, with an additional living/working area separate for his teenage daughter. Though they share a bathroom.