Lase Ander

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USS Arrow
Lase Ander.jpg
Lase Ander
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237404.14
Age 27
Birthplace Riberac, Earth
Writer ID K237811TD0

Lieutenant JG Lase Ander is currently serving as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Arrow.


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 87kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Build: Average


Eloise was born on Earth in Riberac, France in 2345. She grew up working on a vineyard with her father tending the machines. Her technical ability was exceptional but she lacked the confidence to pursue anything outside her comfort zone until she met Lase's father Sharratt who gave her the confidence to believe in her own abilities. Shortly after the birth of their only child, they moved to a remote colony to take up a great opportunity as Senior Technician maintaining the colony.

Sharratt was born in Copernicus City on Luna. He worked in the shipyards until he went on a trip to France with friends and he met his future wife Eloise while on a vineyard tour. He carried on a long distance relationship with Eloise before moving to France to marry her. He encouraged Eloise to take the job at the colony and took up a job working with his wife.


Lase was born in Riberac, France in 2374 to Eloise and Sharratt Ander. Shortly after his birth his parents were posted to a remote colony at the edge of Federation space. His parents were both technicians maintaining all the systems that kept the colony running. As Lase grew up he developed a keen interest in tinkering with these and quickly became adept in assisting his parents. Seeing his proficiency grow his parents left everything they had and decided to move closer to Earth to give Lase the best chance of getting into Starfleet Academy and reaching his full potential. Shortly after the move, at the age of 16, Lase was accepted to the academy and moved to Earth to begin the next chapter in his life.

Lase excelled in the technical aspects but struggled with interactions with other cadets. Growing up in a remote colony left him unable to easily form friendships and his experiences were too disimilar to a lot of his classmates. By the end of his academy time his relationship skills had improved but they were still deficient.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239723.11 - SD 239826.03 USS Arrow
Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG SD 239826.03 - Present Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Q Award.png
Q Award 2398
USS Arrow
Awarded for continually surprising their crew with unexpected, devious plot twists throughout the year.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon SD 239801.06
USS Arrow
Awarded during Miracle of Venthis
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation SD 239801.06
USS Arrow
Awarded during Miracle of Venthis
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon SD 239826.03
USS Arrow
Awarded during The Ultimatum
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal SD 239805.01
USS Arrow
Awarded during A Scouring of Stars
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon SD 239805.01
USS Arrow
Awarded during A Scouring of Stars
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon SD 239723.11
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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