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New Orleans Class Development Project
  • Name: USS Khitomer
  • Class: New Orleans II class (Lafayette subclass)
  • Registration: NCC-62400
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Randal Shayne
  • Commissioned: 2385
  • Refits:
    • Minor (2390, 2395)
    • Major (2400)
  • Decks: 18 (17 numbered)
  • Motto: "History is replete with turning points." - Ambassador Spock

USS Khitomer, pre-refit
USS Khitomer, post-refit

  • Type: Heavy Frigate
  • Production Base:
    • ASDB Integration Section, Spacedock 1, Earth
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 345 meters
    • Beam: 256 meters
    • Height: 83 meters
  • Size Comparison:
New Orleans II-black.png

Crew Complement

  • Officers: 125
  • Enlisted: 375
  • Total: 400
  • Maximum evacuation capacity: 4200
  • Civilians: Allowed, with permission
    • Complement: Variable, low
  • Families: Allowed, with permission

Engineering Specs

  • Mass:
  • Power Plant: OR-300 Series Mark VII consisting of one 2,000+ Cochrane warp core
  • Warp Nacelles: LF-38 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units
  • Performance:
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 8 (normal), Warp 10 (maximum)
    • Emergency Speed: Warp 14
    • Quantum Slipstream: Capable
  • Computer Systems: Class XIX Bioneural/Isolinear Computer Core/LCARS


  • Beam Weapons:
    • 6x Type IX phaser arrays, total output 45,000 TeraWatts
  • Torpedo Launchers:
    • 3x Mk. 80 quantum torpedo tubes (2 Fore, 1 Aft)

Defensive Systems

  • Shields:
    • Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system, total capacity 958,000 terajoules
    • FSS-3 Primary Force Field and Deflector Control System
    • Standard-level Structural Integrity Field (SIF)
  • Armor:
    • -Ablative Hull Armor Upgrades
    • -Duranium microfoam and tritanium plating

USS Khitomer Master System Display

NPC Listing   ·   USS Khitomer Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Shayne, Randal.png
Commanding Officer
R. Shayne
Nolen Hobart Arrow.png
First Officer
N. Hobart
Chloe Waters.jpg
Mission Specialist
C. Waters
Ens Connor Dewitt.png
Chief Engineer
C. Dewitt
Engineering Officer
Zenno Ensign.png
Chief of Security
Ezra Zerva Portrait.jpg
Security Officer
E. Zerva
Talia Ohnari LT.png
Chief Medical Officer
T. Ohnari
Science Officer
M. Rodan
Devra Kay Ensign.png
Science Officer
D. Kay
Science Officer
V. McClellan
Chief of Intelligence
A. MacKenna
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