Broken Bow (Khitomer)

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Episode 1 - Broken Bow


Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Nolen Hobart Executive Officer
Ash MacKenna Intelligence Chief
Chloe Waters Mission Specialist
Connor Dewitt Chief Engineer
Senak Engineering Officer
Nathan Campbell Com/Ops Introduced in Act 1
Zenno Security Chief
Ezra Zerva Security Officer
Talia Ohnari Chief Medical Officer
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Elsa Holtz Science Officer Introduced in Act 1
Maz Rodan Science Officer Returned from LOA in Act 2
Devra Kay Science Officer Introduced in Act 2
Vincent McClellan Science Officer Introduced in Act 3
Name Position Author
Kit Hayley Captain, USS Khitomer Ash MacKenna
Shondra Carpenter Captain (former), USS Arrow Randal Shayne
Avedin Navigator (former), USS Arrow Zenno
Name Position Author
Stella Sparks Engineer, USS Khitomer Talia Ohnari


The crew of the USS Arrow gathers in Deep Space 33's Arboretum for their end-of-mission awards and promotions ceremony. As a result of an apparent infestation by hull-eating microbes, the entire crew has disembarked from the Arrow during its decontamination. As celebrations ensue, and Lieutenant Zenno begins his investigation of the theft of a tray of trademark Arrow lemon squares, the crew is confronted with a much more significant crime. They watch, through the Arboretum's transparent dome, as the Arrow maneuvers away from Deep Space 33, and promptly goes to warp, without them.[1][2]

Act 1

While Captain Shayne negotiates passage on the recently-arrived USS Khitomer, Lt. Commander Hobart organizes senior staff for an emergency meeting in a vacant conference room on Deep Space 33, and begins to hand out investigatory assignments.[3][4] Lt. Commander Waters leads the effort to identify the thieves, supported by Lt. Zenno and Ensign Zerva, while Commander MacKenna, Lieutenants Ohnari, and Jacin attempt to determine why the Arrow was stolen, and for what purpose it will be used.[5][6] Lt. Commander Dewitt and Ensign Senak are tasked with determining how the Arrow was stolen, and how it can be taken back.[7]

With the briefing concluded, the Arrow crew boards the Khitomer. As Hobart receives Ensigns Campbell and Holtz, Captain Shayne accepts formal transfer of authority over the Khitomer when Captain Hayley reveals she was there to deliver the Khitomer to him, anyway.[8][9] As MacKenna's and Waters's teams make headway on their respective tasks, Hobart devises a plan to trick suspected associates of the thieves into revealing their destination.[10][11][12]

Act 2

Act 3

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