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Family Relationships
William Herrick
William Herrick, age 52 and born on 234902.14, is a Commander in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, stationed at the Utopia Planetia shipyards in the Sol system. He leads one of the refit crews that overhauls Starfleet vessels. He hails from Earth and is married to Laura Herrick. His strong work ethic and dedication to Starfleet were ultimately the contributing factors for Josh to apply to the academy. He regularly sends engineering focused texts to Josh to help him broaden his knowledge. With a regular 5 on / 2 off rotation, he returns to Earth each week to spend time with Laura.
Laura Herrick
Laura Herrick, age 48 and born on 235207.23, is a skilled chef and restaurant owner on Earth. She was originally born on Luna (Earth's moon) and relocated to San Francisco upon marrying her husband William. Her restaurant, the Lunarium, is unique given is open from sunset to sunrise and specializes in Lunar cuisine. Both her parents, Royce and Rita, are now deceased. Laura instilled a love for home cooked meals and instilled the virtue that that the value of anything in life is the journey and experiences along the way — not just the end result.
Emily Herrick
Emily Herrick, age 30 and born on 237006.06 is a Lieutenant in Starfleet's science division, working as a botanist. While Josh usually keeps a variety of plants as more of a botany hobbyist, she aggressively pursued it as her career. Now, she specializes in cataloguing and identifying the traits of new and unusual flora on yet-to-be-colonized planets.

Starfleet Relationships
Kammus Corelli-Ensign.png
Josh's Former CEO
Kammus Corelli
Lieutenant Corelli was Josh's first 'boss' after graduating the Academy. Josh's worst fear came true of having a terrible first day, getting caught in an explosion in a jefferies tube with the man, with both men needing to get treated in Sickbay. However, through this event and while they were posted together, Kammus showed how compassion, perseverance and humor, can bring an officer from good to great. Even though he has since transferred to the USS Ronin, he's made a positive and lasting impression of leadership.
Elijah Kovacs Ensign.png
Engineering Ofc.
Elijah Kovacs
The two officers first met in the sensor pod section of the USS Oumuamua, where Eli found Josh struggling to cope with his claustrophobia (unbeknownst to Eli at the time). After Eli forced Josh to report to Sickbay, which created a great deal of animosity from Josh, they discovered that Josh was also radioactive — a potentially life saving visit. Now, as Herrick enters his next career step as the Acting Chief Engineer, he has to put aside his hard feelings and maintain professional courtesy.
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png
Lhandon Nilsen
The pair first met on a shore leave excursion gone wrong, a trip to Paradiso — a name that did not reflect that strange creatures the away team encountered. After narrowly escaping with their lives, the pair met again at a going away party for Kel, Corelli, Rox, Vomek and Perez. Something sparked in Josh's mind, somehow he knew the man, and now is trying to figure out how. A recent encounter in mess hall where Josh tried to push for more information from the man led to an explosive reaction, creating distance between them.
Nesre Salo.png
Nesre Salo
After being mandated to undergo counseling after a severe panic attack during a routine maintenance shift, he wasn't sure how much he should reveal to the counselor he just met. But, through her thoughtful questions and patience, he started to open up about the traumatic experience he had as a child. Now, they're working together on his rehabilitation to make sure that he doesn't jeopardize himself, his fellow crew or the ship.