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USS Invicta NPC Roster
Command Division Operations Division Sciences Division Medical Division Civilian Contingent
Deck & Administrative Officers
Insignia Rank Portrait & Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Lt. Commander Vyrenna Vulcan/Romulan female Red Aron Kells
Lieutenant Ikka Kinu Bajoran female Red General NPC
Petty Officer Third Class Jhresh Andorian male Red General NPC
Helm & Shuttle Ops
Lieutenant Maravosh Risian female Red Rahman
Lieutenant JG Horsk Zakdorn male Red General NPC
Strategic Operations
Lieutenant Ki Betazoid male Red Raissa Moonsong
Lieutenant Dime Human female Red Aron Kells
Ensign Espen Human male Red Aron Kells
NPCs (both PNPCs and general NPCs) aboard the Invicta are listed by division and department. Note that this database should be thought of as only a partial roster of the entire crew. New NPCs are frequently created within sims at the whim of a writer.

When adding new NPC characters on the Invicta, please be sure to put [[Category:Invicta NPCs]] at the bottom of their character page.