Independence-A Promotion Ceremony 238411.19

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((One Hour Later: Midway Repair Facility))

:: The doors parted to the conference room and one by one White, Riley, and Cody entered without a word. Jessa waved them in, indicating a pair of seats across the table from her. Her azure gaze turned to the Station's CO. ::

Anassasi: Alright Mr. White, let's start at the beginning.

::Dean gave a half cough before activating the holo-emitter at the center of the table. ::

White: Six weeks ago, we received orders from DS17 for a mobile medical unit, medical replicators, and three shipments of Invermicide to be shipped out to the Triades Epsilon system. An out break of sarcoptic mites has devastated a mining colony there, infecting most of the inhabitants of the colony and brining mining operations to a near standstill. The colony is located on TE IV.

::Jessa winced. She knew the system and the planet. TE IV was a nitro-methane environment that required environmental domes simply to sustain life. Any kind of illness would spread like wildfire, not stopping until most or all of the population had been infected. Additionally, up until recently, it had been a predominately Gorn occupied system. Less than a month after the Gorn Conflict, the system had risen up, declaring independence from the Hegemony and filing for admission to the Federation. ::

Anassasi: I am familiar with TE IV. Please continue, Lieutenant Commander.

::Dean's blue eyes swept across the other two officers before returning to rest upon the Admiral's visage. ::

White: Four weeks ago a freighter, the Southern Cross, headed out with the supplies. We lost contact with her yesterday. Captain Gabbeck was due to report in at 0800. The report is now more than twenty four hours past due. I had communications attempt to contact them but. . . :: Dean paused thinking of all the men and women aboard the Cross. Staring at the grain of wood running through the table, he wondered if any of them had made it out alive. :: At 1100 hours, DS17 detected a distress call shortly before detecting the Cross' emergency beacon. They were able to capture this image. . .

:: Displayed at the center of the table, a fuzzy image of what appeared to be the freighter suddenly exploded in a ball of fire, debris, and brief flame. A shadowed image appeared briefly before vanishing into the inky blackness of space. ::

White: Its not much, but its all we have to go on at this point in time.

::Jessa turned to face her two officers. ::

Anassasi: And that is where we come in. With the Independence-A still under going repairs, we will be commandeering the USS Phoenix-C, a wolverine upgrade to the Steamrunner class. It's just completed a minor refit cycle here at the station and is ready for active duty.

Anassasi: We will be assuming command of the Phoenix-C to both deliver supplies to the colony as well as to track down the ship responsible for the attack. We will be splitting the crew into two teams. Lcmd Riley, you will oversee team one. They will be responsible for delivery of the supplies and establishing a clinic at the colony for treating this epidemic. As of 0830 yesterday, Lcmd Ventu has resigned her position as CMO. She has accepted an appointment as Head Counselor instead. Because of the nature of this mission, I have requisitioned Lt. Adair from the Ronin to take her place. She has previous experience with epidemics as well as experience working in a hostile environment.

::Switching her gaze to Cody, she rose from her chair with a small olive wood box in hand. ::

Anassasi: Lt. Cody, front and center. :: She waited for David to rise before stepping forward to add a pip to his collar. :: I would have preferred to do this in more formal setting before the entire crew, but I'm afraid we are a little short on time. You have come a long ways since your days as an Ensign, Mr. Cody and without your assistance this last mission, I am positive our casualties would have been higher. You acted calmly and without hesitation, providing assistance wherever and *however* it was needed. It is my pleasure to hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

::She held her hand towards him, Terran-fashion, as she had done for others so many times before. Then with a smile, she waved him back to his chair. ::

Cody: Thank you, Admiral. ::offering a somewhat boyish grin:: I'll try not to dishonor this.

::Then with a smile, the Admiral waved him back to his chair. Sidney offered David a congratulatory smile, but didn't say anything as the Admiral continued.:::

Anassasi: Now, *Commander* Cody, you will be in charge of team two. They will oversee the investigation into the attack. You will be assisted by Lts. Makno and Dickens. You will each require a science officer, security, and an engineer. Do either of you have any thoughts about who would best serve your needs for these assignments?