Independence-A Air Group Ready Room

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Located on Deck 14, the Air Group Ready Room is where the pilots of the Independence-A can remain "on alert" incase the assault craft need to be launched. The ready room provides easy access to the Assault Craft Hanger Bay which is right next door.


The main function of the Ready Room is for the air group pilots to relax between missions and to wait during times of any kind of alert except red alert (generally speaking, for red alert, the crews would be waiting in their cockpits).

It also serves as a briefing room for the Air Group before whole-group missions.


The interior of the ready room is functional but stylish, modeled after countless seedy Earth 22nd century bars. The furniture is generally wood; a large round table exists for playing card games, along with a pool table and other old-fashioned games.

Duty Roster

The current duty roster for the Independence-A is below. Any post that is unassigned (such as Blue 3) means that it hasn't been assigned a PC or NPC crew yet.

Indepedence-A Chalkboard.jpg