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Grishols Mol
Starfleet Medical
Medical Starbase 253
About the Writer
Sampi: "Wait just a moment. You mean to tell me that after all of these weeks of belittling me in front of my staff, you're actually going to now offer me a position?"
Mol: "Please, Charles, don't hesitate to tell me what you really think."
Sampi: "I think you're a pompous son of a-"
Mol: "Ahem. That was just an expression."
–Mol offers Charles Sampi a fellowship position at Medical Starbase 253, SD 238906.06

Grishols Mol is a Zakdorn in his late 70s and a seasoned Starfleet physician. In 2389, he was sent by Starfleet Medical as an observer to evaluate Charles Sampi, chief medical officer of the USS Tiger-A. He previously served as the chief of surgery on Medical Starbase 253, where he was the attending physician for Roshanara Rahman's recovery after an accident aboard the USS Tempest in 2383. Over the course of his long Starfleet career, he has served as chief medical officer on five vessels and two stations.

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