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Lieutenant Commander Johnathan Kirov is Chief HCO Officer aboard the USS Triumphant under the Command of Captain Rhys.


  • Full Name: Johnathan Ivanov Kirov
  • Date of Birth: 235703.23
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Place of Birth: Minsk, Belarus, Earth
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 6'3


Personal History

Jonathan lead a normal life. He went to a standard school until at the age of 18 when he entered Starfleet Academy. At the age of 20 John married his high school sweet heart Natasha who he had known since he was four and stuck glu in her hair at kindergarten. During his youth John collected designs specs on all the different classes of ships both federation and otherwise. He always had a healthy appetite for any ship that looked like it could go fast.

Attended standard earth schooling up to the age of 18 when he joined Starfleet Academy where he gained a specialty in piloting

John graduated second in his class from Starfleet academy. His instructors considered him to be the classic over achieving problem solver. His dogged determination towards solving any problem has earned him the title of workaholic form Professor O'Brien for his work in his ship dynamics class.

During an accident on Trill kirov was possessed by an Iconian guardian entity. He died later in the mission but was subsequently ressurected by the race known as the Serpentai. His subsequent resurection combined his soul with that of the Iconian Guardian program.

Johnathan is now the father of two children. The naming ceremony was held on Midway Repair Facility.

Kirov's psyche has now completely merged with that of the Iconian Guardian making him more relaxed than previous.

Shortly after this incident Johns two children were born on the Independence. John and Natasha decided to name them after their two closest friends Danny Wilde and Carmen Rogers.

A naming ceremony was held aboard ship which involved alot of the crew participating in ceremonial roles.

Professional History

After leaving starfleet academy John was assigned as Chief Helm Officer of the USS Walton. This was a brief post as the Walton was de-commisioned shortly after. John was then posted to the USS Constitution where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

John was then posted is to the USS Pheonix C where he was the chief helm officer. John was then posted to the Independence where he obtained the rank of full lieutenant

John held the title of chief of Security before being transferred to the USS Wallace where he served as the Chief Tactical officer. While at this post John was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

John now spends his professional days as the Helm Officer for the USS Triumphant.


John likes to live life fast and loose. There is nothing he likes more that to take a small ship through some breakneck maneuvers. He is basically a futuristic petrol head. He has a strong loyalty to the crew of what he usually considers to be his ship. Off duty John likes to relax by participating in extreme sports with his wife Natasha.