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A listing of the USS Eagle's shore leave adventures.

Shore Leave - Starbase 118

Beginning Stardate 238504.15 - The Eagle’s crew spent leave on Starbase 118. After the maiden voyage, some character development and personal relationships are explored.

Doctor Gabriel, after meeting with the new Security Computer Tech (Taryn Summers), has a deep conversation with Elandra Dar about their relationship’s status and their son Kalib at the Twilight’s Edge.

Elsewhere, after lunch with her new ACMO (Arista Devar, which sets into motion a possible future friendship), Emirry MacGowan bumped into an old Betazoid ‘friend’. There is certain uneasiness in the man’s company, and it just happened that Daydan Taboo was nearby to ‘save’ her. Later, Em and Daydan explored feelings for each other, moving their relationship from friendship to one of more of a romantic nature.

Daydan had just come from a meeting with a mysterious cloaked Intel officer simply known as “The Administrator”, who gave the hybrid Captain orders to return to Cart'hen III.

Arista Devar encountered her brother, Galwyn Devar, on the starbase and has a heart-to-heart with him. He explained that he had left Betazed on a Cargo ship, but planned to return after sorting through his torrid nightmares and prior crimes as criminal V’Teyr. Arista, exchanging mild banter with him, held her feelings of her past quiet (after visiting a hologram version of her former lover, Adam Rothfeld, and mentioning a mysterious Evangeline) in order to help her brother through his emotional conflicts.

Ash Rex, after her voyage to Trill, returned and announced to her partner, Benjamin Hunnicutt, that they are expectant parents of a Trill/Human hybrid child. Later, they visit sickbay where Arista Devar (who was acquainting herself with her new department) evaluated the joined Trill female’s high-risk pregnancy. Plans of a marriage were discussed between Ash and Ben’s dinner afterwards.

Keely Lah'rel is concerned over Victoria Yladro’s pregnancy and the time she's been devoting to preparing for her upranking to full Commander.

Meanwhile, Tal Tel-ar came to terms with his injuries and spent some time with Koriander.

Shore Leave - Risa

Beginning Stardate 238506.12 - The Eagle enjoyed shore leave on Risa at a spa resort. While most crew went to the planet to enjoy what luxuries Risa had to offer, some crew stayed behind on the ship and performed routine maintenance.

Lahrel Keely and Victoria Yladro’s were notably absent, as both parted ways with the Eagle, for Victoria's maternity leave. Koriander was also absent this leave; freshly pinned a Cadet at the Starfleet Academy on Earth.

Specifically, on Risa, Tal Tel-ar continued his rehabilitation with a physical therapist at the well known Kineri Recovery Hospital. He pushed himself as hard as he could while there. On the night before being discharged he was suprised by a long distance prank from his old room mate at the academy, Lt. Jason Stone.

Xoet Twelve and Alexander Shade attended a scientific conference. Daydan Taboo andEmirry MacGowan shared a romantic moment on the beach. Arista Devar dealt with some demons from the past and explored her friendship with Emirry MacGowan. Nick Johnson went on a climbing adventure planet side.

Shore Leave - Bajor

Beginning Stardate 238510.13 - The crew took shore leave on Bajor, during a major religious festival called the Gratitude Festival.

Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar borrowed a shuttle craft and went to Cardassia Prime to visit with his old room mate from the Academy, Lt. Jason Stone. What no one else knew is that Lt. jg. Elina Rose Kincade went with him. Their time away from everybody was an opportunity for them to explore the possability of there developing a relationship. By the time they had returned to the USS Eagle nothing had been decided.

Upon Counselor Scott's request, the counseling suites were refitted with some upgrades.

Nick Johnson continued repairs on the Eagle.

Meanwhile Lt. Edward Chalmers asked Lt. jg Elva Inera to marry him while at a secluded, private tropical beach cabin. To the say the least she said yes and they had a very memorable time.

Captain Daydan Taboo and Lt. Commander Emirry MacGowan were able to spend some quality time together exploring their developing relationship.

Arista Devar spent some quality time with her healing husband, Adam, and their daughter Jasmine. Jasmine caused a little havoc on the ship but her tantrums were controlled before too much damage was caused to the ship.

Shore Leave - Earth

Beginning Stardate 238601.04 - Captain Daydan Taboo had arranged for the crew to enjoy their shore leave at St Nicklaus Ski Resort in Switzerland while they were on Earth. This two week vacation would also allow him to catch up with Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh. It also allowed Counselor Scott to organize an enchanting Winter Fantasy themed masked ball for the entire crew.

The crew were dressed to impress;

Daydan Taboo: Jack Frost

Arista Devar: Winter Goddess

Adam Rothfeld: Winter God

Emmalyne Scott: Snow Fairy Queen

Julie Ekspees: Snow Tink

Shandra Ku'Vall: Midnight Snowfall

Michael Valentino: Ice Prince

Taryn Summers: Ice Angel

Jaired Birks: Santa Clause

Emirry MacGowan: Snow Ballerina

Alexander Shade: Snow Wolf

Alexander West: Starfleet uniform (Short notice)

Kane Mitchells: Starfleet uniform (Short notice)

xoet twelve Scrooge (Bah-Humbug ;)

Jaired Birks made a hilarious entrance as he was chased in by the footman. This was after Michael Valentino had made the grandest entrance and was introduced as "Lord of all the icy worlds".

The masked ball was an instant hit as most of the crew did not know who came dressed as what. This allowed for some rather interesting meetings underneath the floating mistletoe.

During the ball, promotions were given out at the midnight hour when everyone's masks came off. Counselor Scott was promoted to Lieutenant and Shandra Ku'vall was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After the promotions, Michael Valentino and Counselor Scott started off a live singing performance that was very well received by the audience. They sang an old Earth melody "The way you do the things you do". This was followed by another great performance by Emirry MacGowan and she sang "Secret Heart".

Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar had arranged for a private cabin for himself and Lt. jg. Elina Rose Kincade. This allowed them to spend some quality time together while exploring the intriging new possibilities of their relationship without the distractions of work and fellow crew aboard ship. However Tal soon discovered a love for skiing and spent many hours on the slopes.

After a week the two left the resort and traveled to Inverness, Scotland where Tal had the chance to meet Elina's family. This was an interesting few days that established the fact that the two of them were definately in for the long haul, however Tal returned to the USS Eagle early. This allowed Elina to spend two days of quality time with her family. It was her idea as she could sense how uncomfortable Tal was.

The leave also welcomed a returning officer, Michael Valentino, as well as new faces in Kane Mitchells and Alexander West.

Shore Leave - Betazed

Beginning Stardate 238605.14