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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg
Crew of the SS Andraste


Arista "Ari" Devar

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Betazoid

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Arista N'iala Devar comes from a parallel dimension, mirror to the deceased Arista of this time. Where many details of her past have been shrouded in mystery, events are slowly unraveling that define the individual that she is. She once chose a life in Starfleet, to find justice and peace in her adopted timeline and has no intention in replacing her alternate that passed away years before. The fact that her mirror counterpart has died was a little startling at first, and still is to a degree, so she tries to not think about it too much. Unlike most mirror characters, Arista (although a little short-tempered) has good intentions and is not completely different than the Arista that would have lived in this time (other than mirror's quietness versus the deceased's extroverted qualities). This could be a result of the situations and environments each endured, but both seem to have possessed the same spirit and passion for life.

Currently, she serves as an active member of the 13th House of Betazed with her adoptive mirror family and was the First Officer of the USS Eagle. She is now the Commanding Officer of the SS Andraste, a ship registered to Betazed.


  • Full Name: Arista N'iala Devar, PA-C
  • Nicknames: "Ari" or "Rista"
  • Gender: Female
  • Position/Post: Commanding Officer, SS Andraste
  • Specialties: Medicine, Field Medicine, Biology (Physiology and Anatomy), Hand to Hand Combat and Psy Warrior
  • Race: Betazoid
  • House: 13th House of Betazed
  • Birthdate: 235311.14 (November 14, 2353)
  • Birthplace: Mestara, Betazed (Mirror)
  • Telepathic Prowess: T4/E6. Being Betazoid, Arista has the gift of empathy and telepathy. Though her gift of telepathy may be a little muddled and dim, her gift of empathy is potent. She is empathically aware of those around her and is able to determine the emotions of others and singling them out from her own. With these innate gifts, Arista has always been highly guarded and respectful. It is unclear why is she resistant in freely accepting these talents.


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Eyes: Hazel-Brown with flashes of Emerald Green. Almond shaped. Thick lashes.
  • Hair: Golden Blonde-Brown. Cascades in an assortment of waves and curls just below her shoulder blades. Is often untamed and rebellious.
  • Skin Tone: Fair. Tends to tan, not burn.
  • Build: Arista is athletic and is very lean, fit and toned. Is slim with few curves.
  • Handedness: Right
  • Voice: A little raspy and sultry with a hint of a Betazoid accent. Soulful.
  • Tattoos: There is a series of black symbols printed on the underbelly of her right wrist; it is her prisoner's tattoo given to her from her time at the mining facility. At the nape at her neck, there is an ancient Betazoid symbol that means "First Born." It was given to her as a baby, noting that she is the 'first born' child of the Devar household. Religious tattoos circling her lower back. Others unknown.
  • Scars/Birthmarks: A long gash on the left shoulder blade. Others unknown. In natural lighting, tiny freckles can be seen scattered across the bridge of her nose.
  • Presence: Born with the rare blonde tresses that have been said to be a direct lineage of the Goddess Karawati herself, Arista holds a certain sense of mystique and rare beauty. She has a certain naturalness about her too. She is an old spirit.
  • Dress: Tends to dress comfortably. When painting, she has an old set of over worn scrubs. Arista is lucky in the sense she doesn't have to try too hard to look attractive; she is a natural beauty and wears little to no cosmetics.


  • Psychological Limitations: Arista suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She experiences flashbacks, but has stated she hasn't had any since 2383. This affliction is controlled by quarterly injections of antidepressants.
  • Temperment: Subtle most of the time, if Arista is passionate about a situation she will speak her mind. Flusters occassionally. Has a witty sense of humor. Honest. Strong, physically and mentally (other than the occassional spell with her PTSD but she usually triumphs over them), and is independent. Has strong sense of right from wrong. Though she can be quiet, she is a natural born leader and has been known to step up to the plate when the situation calls for it. She is real, open and has a heart of gold. Industrious and fair.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Karawati


Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Painting: Arista is an exquisite painter.
  • Physical Fitness: Her body remains toned after years of imprisonment. She is also accustomed to the ancient art of Betazoid self defense, passed down from a secretive order (possible Psy Warrior?).
  • Poker: Is an avid poker player and is a pretty good bluffer. She plays Five Card Stud and Texas Hold'em. Being Betazoid, however, most are relunctant to play against her given her abilities.
  • Continued Education: Arista believes in expanding knowledge and continues her studies in various branches of Medicine.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: Expressing her feelings through her painting.
  • Dislikes: Gagh.

Work Ethic

Arista is pretty much a go-getter. She performs her duties with diligence, compassion, certain masterfulness, is hardworking, doesn’t allow her personal life to affect her work/decisions and is extremely dedicated. She does what is best for the patient’s sake and holds high regard for her patient’s confidentiality and sensitivity. Given her gifts as a Betazoid, and past life experiences, Arista cares deeper than most would ever know though sometimes her front is hardened or seemingly too honest.


Arista comes from a long line of Betazoid royal bloods though her position in this timeline is unclear. In her timeline, she was the Divine Lady of Peace and Protection of the 13th House of Betazed (after her parents went MIA), and was deemed the Noble Queen of the Houses, under the mentorship of Shinara of New Haven. This title is vague and does not exist in this universe, but Arista has explained its meaning simply as the leader wishing to separate the Betazoid people from the calamity of their universe and rebuilding their noble lineage.

Significant Other/Spouse

Once thought to be "deceased", Adam was rescued from Betazed in the Mirror Universe on 238509.29. He was alive although in very bad shape, proving the information provided by Starfleet Intel to be false. She loved him, even when she thought he was dead, and found it heartbreaking/haunting to be in love with a 'ghost'. She still keeps a holodeck program of him titled "Devar-Roth 2378" (named after the two and the year they were originally separated). He was instrumental in her liberation from the Alliance Occupation. He passed away during an away mission on the USS Eagle in 2386.



  • Mother: Arianna Sarrin-Devar (Mirror)
  • Father: Lord Devyn Devar (Mirror)


The only sibling that has taken part in SIM from the time she is truly from would be the mirror alternate to Alana Devar, the clinically insane Alana Lor Gulok. However, in a brief sentimental ceremony, she was accepted in the 13th House of our time by her brother and sister's mirrors: Alana Devar and Gal Teyr (Devar). She now considers this her true family, though she has no intention in having herself confused with the memory of the deceased Arista of this time. She also has a half sister by the name of Carmen Rogers.

Professional History


Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238304-238308 USS Griffin Medical Officer
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant (JG) 238308 - 238401 Medical Specialist
03-Lt-Teal.png Lieutenant 238401.01 - 238501.01 Chief Science Officer
03-Lt-Teal.png 238502 - 238504 USS Eagle Medical Science Specialist
03-Lt-Teal.png 238504 - 238506.08 Assistant CMO
04-LtCmdr-Teal.png Lt Commander 238506.09 - 238510.04
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lt Commander 238510.04 - 2386 First Officer
Captain 2388.04 - Present SS Andraste Commanding Officer

Academy Life

  • Academy Dates: 2379 - 2383

Arista was a hard worker and intelligent, putting all her time and effort into her studies. While she socialized with fellow Cadets, she kept herself guarded with a no non-sense attitude. Majored in Medical Sciences (Biology - Physiology and Anatomy) and acquired her Physician Assistant's license.

USS Griffin

  • Date Assigned: 2383
  • Dates Served: 2383 - 2385
  • Quarters: Deck 3, Suite 346
  • Notable Relationships:
    • Doctor Illia: A work relationship based on trust, understanding and immense respect. Arista was her former CMO's right hand woman.
    • Taryn Summers: Though it was mentioned they served on the Griffin together, the nature of their relationship is yet to be defined.

USS Eagle

SS Andraste

  • Date Assigned: 2388
  • Dates Served: 2388 - Present
  • Quarters: Captain's Quarters
  • Notable Relationships: To be revealed.


  • 237908 - Enrolled into Starfleet Academy after extensive questioning and evaluation. She holds no secrets of her mirror life and is accepted on several conditions (which remain confidential).
  • Majored in Biology in the Academy. Obtained a Physician Assistant's license (PA-C) in addition to her degree.
  • Served on the USS Griffin after her Academy days. Posted as Medical Officer under CMO/Counselor, Doctor Illia.
  • 238401.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 238502 - Transfered to the USS Eagle
  • 238504 - Completed undercover mission on Cart'hen III. Promoted to ACMO under CMO Lt. Commander Emirry MacGowan.
  • 238505 - Undercover mission back to Cart'hen III, under the command of Keely Lah'rel and accompanied by Koriander, Jerrott Cook, and Seph 647. While on the planet, Arista is attacked by targs after becoming disorientated by a sand storm. She was saved by a strange Cart'hen III local, Avalia.
  • 238506.09 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • 238510.04 - Promoted to First Officer of the USS Eagle.
  • 238601 - Mission on Miri IV.
  • 238604 - A mysterious substance that played on the crew's fears is unleashed on the Eagle. It is later revealed that this extra special cargo originated from Betazed. Arista is concerned because it seemingly broke the regulation of a potential threatening substance on a ship. While the substance did not harm the crew, it was an inconvenience just the same.
  • 2386 - Late Year - Arista takes a Leave of Absence from Starfleet after the death of her husband during an away mission on the USS Eagle.
  • 2388 - Commands her own vessel, registered to Betazed, but has a diverse crew.

Awards & Commendations

Decoration Award Description
Strange Medallion Duty Post Award, First Officer: Awarded to executive officers who perform above the call of duty. Awarded in 2386.

Personal History

The Arista Devar of this particular time line died tragically on her father’s ship during his negotiations in close proximity to the Neutral Zone. This Arista comes from a world much darker than the one that flows during this time stream. She hails from a time and galaxy that is dominated by the Mirror Alliance, and her family being subjected to torture and domination, though much of these details and the nature of her life in that timeline are yet to be revealed in sim.

She was discovered unconscious, bruised and near death in a broken shuttle floating about in an undisclosed location in early 2379 by the USS Griffin. A weak distress signal was the Griffin's only means in discovering her. There were two other Human males aboard the shuttle but were declared deceased upon arrival. She owes her life to Starfleet for finding her and nursing her back to health; however, there are things that seemed to be unresolved from her life before, and hopefully her dedication to the Fleet and her sense of exploring the unknown will help with answers. She hasn't voiced any interest in returning to her correct timeline. The trans-dimensional rift that took her from her timeline to ours has never been discovered.

Before her acceptance into Starfleet, however, Arista had to endeavor through extensive questioning and psychoanalysis before even being considered given her position as a mirror alternate. She also had to comply in medications for her PTSD. Her enrollment and graduation is nothing short of a miracle, but a well deserved accomplishment.

Arista wanted to make a life for herself in this world and find answers on her terms. Much confidentiality and confidence was placed in her and the officials to ensure her presence and life here would not compromised, but also not interfere with the lives of the Devar family of this timeline as well.

During leave in 2384, Arista took the time (and gathered the courage) to travel to Betazed and met her mirror sister, Alana, during her inauguration as Head of the 13th House. Alana, while surprised and speechless of her sister’s other-worldly twin, accepted her into the house and into welcoming arms. Arista is still hard to accept this Alana any differently than the wickedly sinister sister she knew from her time; but, by Alana's gentle nature, Arista has accepted the unique sibling bondship.

Arista is also highly praised for her work ethics and study. She may come across as bluntly honest at times; her words are very matter-of-fact, but she does not come across as superior or not genuine. From her life experiences, she's probably the most honest person you'll ever meet.


  • 2370 - Assumed the House of Devar's responsibilities and deemed the Lady of the 13th House of Betazed after her mother and father disappear (yet to be revealed).
  • 2372 - Betrayed by her younger sister, Alana Devar (later Alana Lor Gulok). Alana turned her back on her family's House and used her older sister as a bargaining tool to confirm her place in the Mirror Alliance with the Cardassians and Klingons.
  • 2372-2378 - Imprisoned by the Mirror Alliance, details still unclear. This is where she meets her husband, Adam, and falls in love and marries him while he is in disguise as an Alliance Member. He is really a Human and a member of the Terran Resistance. He serves as her cushion from the brutality of imprisonment.
  • 237812.27 - Delivered her daughter in the Mining Facility. Is separated from her within hours of her birth.
  • 237812.29 - Is rescued from the Mining Facility by her husband and is forced into a shuttle without him. He stays behind to find their daughter.
  • 237812.29 - 237901 - Somewhere in this time, her shuttle escapes the Mining Facility and comes across and time fissure, sending them to an alternate reality. Starfleet's reality.
  • 237901 - Discovered near death in a broken shuttle by the USS Griffin in an undisclosed location.
  • 2379 - Is nursed back to health and does soul searching. Discovers mirror family in this timeline, but decides to not pursue that route and puts her heart to those that saved her from death: Starfleet. See Professional History about enrollment.
  • 2384 - She gathered the courage to meet the Devar family of this universe for the first time and was surprised to be welcomed with open arms. While the sister she knows of her time is cold, distant and psychotic, the Alana she encountered here is different. Arista found it hard to sort through the wave of feelings that the event would bring.
  • 238506 - While on Cart'hen III, Arista developed a friendship with Koriander. At first, Arista was very cautious and skeptical of the other woman but that slowly changed into a spark of trust.
  • 238506 - Arista, dealing with the trauma from the mission to Cart'then III, entrusts some sensitive personal information and confides in Emirry MacGowan. Koriander leaves, entering Starfleet as its newest Cadet. The friendship between Arista and Em blossoms. Arista slowly recognizes Em as her "best friend".
  • 238508 - 238509 - The Eagle stumbled into an alternate reality after a test of their warp systems backfired. After some research using quantum signatures, it is discovered that the ship has made its way into Arista's home timeline. The Eagle is boarded by her brother in law, Trevor Rothfeld, Captain of the Evangeline, and she convinces him to pull back. That particular reunion is not a pleasant one, as Trevor believes Arista's absence from his timeline has been from selfish reasons but, out of an old vow he made to his brother, Adam, Trevor aborts the take over of the Eagle. It is through Trevor, however, that Arista learns that her husband and daughter are still alive and reveals a location and name. Later, she would take a small away party to Betazed to confront her sister, Alana Lor Gulok, and remove her family. Adam was found near death and Jasmine was found as her sister's young protege. The reunion, while happy for Arista, is bittersweet for all. A lot of questions and work is ahead for the "happy" family.
  • 238510.05 - Arista and her Captain, Daydan Taboo, earn each other's respect and friendship. Arista realizes the selflessness of her Captain's actions in allowing her to save her family, making use of their time while in the Mirror Universe. He is concerned about her family's welfare and suggests that their recovery be withheld from the official record sent to Starfleet oversight. He further entrusts her as his newly appointed XO. It is a position she accepts, on the condition that her family remain on the Eagle.
  • Late 2385 - early 2386 - Arista slowly starts to open up to her crew and trusting in them as they do as their first officer. Burgeoning friendships develop between herself and various members of the crew. She even opens up to the Counselor, Emmalyne Scott about her concerns as far as how her family are adjusting to this timeline. Never having had the chance to be a mother, she is confused on what would be considered good maternal instincts when it comes to her daughter, Jasmine.
  • 2386 - Arista takes an extended Leave of Absence after the passing of her husband.
  • 2388 - Commands USS Andraste, a vessel registered to Betazed.

Classified Information

Section for Need to Know Personnel ONLY.

  • Was once a mining slave for the Klingons in the Mirror Universe. Location and particular methods of enslavement unclear at this time. Arista is not very trusting of Klingons and Cardassians, but will not voice her personal opinions as an officer.
  • Was sold in the Alliance Occupation by her treacherous sister, Alana Lor Gulok.

Interesting Notes

  • Arista suffers from "Flashbacks" of her life before finding a home in our timeline. She tries to triumph over them and finds anchors to keep herself sane. She takes medication to keeps these images at bay. In her prior life, she used to self medicate with alcohol.
  • She has difficulty in trusting others. It takes a lot of time and effort to get through to her. In a way, it has been her defense mechanism from a prior life. When she does make friends and relationships, they tend to be on a deep and loyal level. She realizes that she needs to have a sense of trust to become an effective team member of her crew.
  • While Arista admits that the Betazed of this universe is beautiful, she still has a great amount of difficulty separating it from the one in her time. She gets frustrated when others assume that knows everything about the planet and adores to visit there when, in fact, she knows only of the planet through her adopted family and information from text books. It's bittersweet.