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Starbase 118 Ops
Michael Angelo Valentino
Position Marine Officer
Rank First Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236712.25
Age 32
Birthplace Corleone, Sicily, Earth
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Silver Star
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon

Michael Angelo Valentino, a Terran, is currently a Marine Officer at the aboard the Starbase 118 Ops. He is called Angelo as he does not use his first name.

His easy going attitude, and playboy and charming personality makes him a popular officer, especially amongst the females. His talent, skill and ambition are unquestionable and he has an impressive service record with the Vulcan at a tender age.


  • Full Name: Michael Angelo Valentino
  • Species: Terran
  • Place of birth: Corleone, Sicily, Earth
  • Nationality: Italian/Sicilian
  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: 236712.25
  • Age: 27 years
  • Marital Status: Promiscuous bachelor

Appearance & More

  • Weight: 85kg.
  • Height: 6'2.
  • Build: Slim and athletic.
  • Hair colour: Dark Brown.
  • Hair style: Medium/long and styled.
  • Eye colour: Emerald.
  • Face: Light olive complexion. Smooth and unblemished. Light stubble at times.
  • Speach: Slight Italian accent. Smooth and melodic voice with a light bass to it.
  • Carriage: Confident with a swagger.
  • Tattoos: Vulcan calligraphy on the back of his right shoulder; Strength, Courage, Honour, Love. (Further mark on chest: See Classified section).
  • Off duty clothing: Cargo or three quarter length pants and a sleeveless t-shirt.
  • Jewellry: A Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond pendent. One of the most expensive diamonds on Earth. (See family empire).
  • Aliases/Nicknames: 'Tino, Angelo, Maverick, V, Romeo.


  • Father: Vito Valentino (see left)

Angelo's relationship with is father is pleasant and one of respect. Vito is not too fond of Angelo's friend Tommy as he thinks he is a bad influence on Angelo. His hardest decision was to allow Angelo to go away with the Vulcans for training at such a young age.

  • Mother: Maria Valentino (see left)

Angelo's relationship with his mother was one of friendship and laughter. Since a young age, Angelo would always talk to his mother about any problems or concerns. They remain close and she is very protective of Angelo.

  • Siblings: None. *NB: Angelo and Tommy Fontaine grew up together, and as Sicilians, their bond grew to the extent that they are now considered Fratellos (brothers) by all who know them.

His parents continue to live an idyllic life in Sicily and run their family restaurant.

Family Empire


In the 20th and 21st century, the Valentino's were a very influential and powerful family back on Earth and were heavily involved in organised crime. They had influence over politics and media. Their criminal empire spanned most of Europe and USA. Their reign lasted over a century between 1920 and 2050. Family stories, legends and tales have been passed on for generations and an enormous amount of hidden gold, wealth and treasures collected over their reign is still hidden somewhere in Sicily!

One of their "acquisitions" was the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. in the early 20th century. It is supposedly part of the hidden treasures, however part of it was cut and made into a pendent to be worn by the "don" of the family, to denote leadership and power.

The diamond pendant doesn't necessarily have the same meaning now, but it is given to the person who has a similar status in the Valentino clan.

At it's peak in the early 21st century, the Valentino criminal empire was reportedly worth over $65bn. The wealth still exists, mostly tied up in European real estate.

Ristorante Valentino


The family own a thriving restaurant that is renowned on Earth for serving the best sea food. Ristorante Valentino has been a family run business for generations and has evolved with the times. It's location is prime and has allowed a fantastic development; the underwater section of the restaurent.

It's unique view and atmosphere is a favourite amongst diners.



Angelo was born to a Sicilian father and an Italian mother. He grew up in the town of Corleone, Sicily, Earth.

He and his best friends Olivia and Tommy spent their youth exploring the town of Corleone, climbing the foothills and swimming and getting into trouble. Angelo had always excelled at school and was a bright child. At the age of 9, it was discovered that he had developed an eidetic memory. After studying an image or scene for ten seconds, he is able to maintain a nearly perfect photographic memory of that image in his short term memory.

When Angelo turned 16, the Minister of the V'Shar (Vulcan Ministry of Security), arranged to have Angelo train with them. The Minister, Satok, was indebted to Angelo's father for saving his life 5 years earlier, and have been close friends since.

Angelo found the transition difficult at first as the Vulcan’s were superior in terms of strength and logic. After a few weeks, he learned to use his assets, which were his agility, speed, intelligence and superior memory. After the first year, it was evident and for all to see that Angelo was a natural leader and tactical strategist. The second year saw Angelo promoted to the elite security detail for the V'Shar, called the Sim're'Pelq'Ari (Elite Vulcan Defence Force). Here, he improved many aspects of his physical state, his strength, speed, agility as well as strategic thinking, tactical analysis and psycho-analysis; a method of investigation of the mind.

During his time with them, he also mastered many forms of martial arts as well as becoming skilled in covert operations, unarmed combat and information extraction. He was the youngest human ever to have the honour of being a Sim're (Elite member of the V'Shar).

By the time Angelo was 18, he joined Starfleet Academy with a glowing reference from the Vulcan High Command and the head of the V'Shar, Minister Satok.

Although Angelo excelled at Starfleet Academy, it also allowed him time to express himself. Angelo was known for his legendary examination preparations, revise the night before an exam! He was able to do this because of his eidetic memory. His athletic prowess was also renowned, as he was the 100 metre sprint champion for three consecutive years, still holding the Earth record of 8.12 seconds. Angelo's reputation with the ladies was as famous.


Angelo is a very calm and composed individual. Due to his sociable and friendly character, he is a popular person to have around. He is an approachable individual with a killer smile. His charming and charismatic personality combined with his Italian features make him a modern day Casanova. He is a descendant of the Italian actor, Rudolf Valentino from the 19th century. He was known as the famous Latin Lover.

He was seen as a child prodigy when he was young, allowing for him to go train with the Vulcans at such a young age. His array of talent, good looks, charm and experience has made him, at times, over confident, arrogant and egotistic. He is slowly learning that life, especially in Starfleet, is not as easy as he thought it would be.

He constantly thinks that his opinions are the ones that count, and therefore, he dislikes forms of authority. Starfleet Academy has helped him calm down and be more attentive to authority.

Angelo suffers from mild claustrophobia and this is because as a child, he became trapped in a walk-in refrigerator at his family restaurant, Ristorante Valentino.

  • Hobbies: Martial arts, Soccer, Squash, Running.
  • Likes: Singing, Swimming, Flirting with women.
  • Dislikes: Bullies, Judgemental people, Has a hard time dealing with authority.


MVG3.jpg MVG2.jpg AngeloV1.jpg AngeloV2.jpg


Angelo is known to his friends, colleagues and acquaintances as a "playboy". He has never been one to settle down and often finds himself dating multiple women at a time. He is a promiscuous young man who takes relationships very casually. It seems to work for him!

Here is a tenative list of some of his notable relationships.

Photo Name Details
Angelina Angelina and Angelo met in the first day of their Engineering class. They had a casual relationship, whereby they could see other people as well. This lasted an entire year and it was the direct cause of their failure in the subject.

They remain friends and keep in touch when they can.

Tessa Tessa and Angelo simply had a physical relationship. “No commitments just fun” as she would say. Lasting almost two years, the pair thoroughly enjoyed their relationship.

The remain friends.

Eva To be revealed.
Carmella There's Carmella, the bride to be who had a one night stand with Angelo the night before her wedding a few years ago. They had been friends since they were 17 and had dated for a while.

She got married and they haven't been in touch since.

Kara Kara is Professor Migelo’s daughter. They spent a memorable week on Risa and continued their relationship until the end of the semester.

The remain friends and Proffesor Migelo still keeps in touch with Angelo , his favourite student, but isn't aware of Angelo and Kara's relationship.

Tiffany Tiffany and Angelo dated for a couple of months. She is Jonathan’s sister. Jonathan and Angelo trained together for their martial arts tournaments. When Jonathan found out about their relationship, he wasn't best pleased.

He hit Angelo during training and was disqualifed from the tournament. Angelo made a compassionate plea to the directors of the torunament and they reinstated Jonathan. Angelo and Tiffany rekindled their relationship after.

Raven Raven, Jaired Birks’ sister, dated Angelo for a little over a week.
Alyssa Alyssa and Angelo had a one night stand and was caught by her roommate, Raven. Alyssa and Angelo continued a relationship on and off for a few months afterward.
Holly Holly, rumoured maneater, had a one night stand with Angelo.

She and Ensign Steelheart are lifelong friends.

Holly and Angelo havn't seen each other since.

Taryn Summers Taryn and Angelo first met in Sicily at his family restuarant and have remained friends through the years, never crossing over the romantic line until recently.
Hannah Martinez After a night of drinking and partying, Hannah and Angelo decided to go back to his place. They we both extremely drunk! One thing led to another until they tried to access a secured area accidently, setting off an alarm. They were hidden by Jaxon McGhee's son, Joel. She really liked Angelo and wanted to persue him. They never spent the night together.

Note: Hannah and Skyleena are good friends.

Amy Young After his escapade with Hannah, the very next evening, Angelo met a new ensign; Amy Young and their attraction for one another led them both back to his quarters for an exciting and amorous adventure that night!


A bit of fun (Part 1)

A bit of fun (Part 2)

Skyleena Blake Skyleena was not a fan of Marine officers, even when she met Angelo. But one night of giving into their inhibitions led to her spending a wild night fuelled with passion and lust.

The next morning, Parker came a-knocking...! Uh-oh!


Midnight Calling

The morning after the night before



2367: Born in Corleone, Sicily, Earth.

2377: Discovered eidetic memory aged 9.

2384: Joined the V'Shar, Vulcan High Command aged 16.

2385: Promoted to the Sim're'Pelq'Ari (Elite Vulcan Defence Force) aged 17.

2385: Captured by The elite Romulan intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar.aged 17.

2386: Joined Starfleet Academy aged 18.

2387: "Alpha Quadrant Under 21s All Styles Mixed Martial Arts" champion aged 19.

2387: Sets Earth record for the 100 metre sprint in 8.12 seconds aged 19.

2387: Sets Earth record for total recall memory; memorised the first 103,431 decimal integers of pI aged 20.

2389: Graduated from Starfleet Academy aged 21.

Modular Excellence

As member of the V'Shar and Sim're'Pelq'Ari, Angelo excelled at and achieved highest honours in;


Armed and Unarmed Combat

Mixed Martial Arts

Armed and Unarmed Combat


Close Protection

Strategic Planning

Information Extraction


Interrogation - Passive and Aggressive

Mission Leader

Covert mission leader


Interpretting Microexpressions


  • Angelo's quarters are lavish. Red carpet and cream coloured walls give the room a nice contrast with antique Italian furniture. He has a passion for botany and his quarters have quite a few plants. He has a desk facing the large windows and a large comfortable couch. As he loves to entertain and have guests over, he also has a dining table and plenty of seating.

  • He has programmed the ventilation ducts to frequently fragrant his quarters with his favourite scent from home; Ylang Ylang. His home in Sicily was surrounded by thousands of Ylang Ylang plants, which made the house have a natural and sweet fragrance. As soon as he walks into his quarters, he remembers home.

  • He often brings women back to his quarters and therefore ensures that his quarters is clean, elegant and welcoming.


  • 238502.12: Was captured by The elite Romulan intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar for 4 days until rescued by his fellow members from Sim're'Pelq'Ari (Elite Vulcan Defence Force).
  • Angelo suffers from mild post traumatic stress due to this incident.
  • Although his full name is Michael Angelo Valentino, he is almost always called Angelo Valentino.

Unique Achievments

  • Achieved highest honours with the V'Shar and Sim're'Pelq'Ari'.
  • 100 metre sprint champion for three consecutive years.
  • Holds Earth record for the 100 metre sprint in 8.12 seconds.
  • Holds Earth record for memory total recal. For this record, he memorised the first 103,431 decimal integers of pI after reading the integers once!
  • Youngest human ever to have the honour of being a Sim're (Elite member of the V'Shar).
  • One of the highest paid male models on Risa for two years running.
  • "Alpha Quadrant Under 21s All Styles Mixed Martial Arts" champion at the age of 19.


  • Body markings: A strange symbol appeared burning on his chest when he was serving with the Sim're'Pelq'Ari (Elite Vulcan Defence Force) during a classified mission. Although the wound has healed, the markings are still there, feint.

Spontaneous marking on chest.

Professional History

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
M01-2Lt-Green.png 2nd Lieutenant 238904.30 - 238906.21 Embassy of Duronis II and the USS Thunder Marine Officer
M02-1stLt-Green.png 1st Lieutenant 238906.21 - 238908.26 Embassy of Duronis II and the USS Thunder Marine Officer
M03-Cpt-Green.png Captain 238908.26 - 239005.02 Embassy of Duronis II and the USS Thunder Marine Officer
M03-Cpt-Green.png Captain 239005.02 - Present USS Avandar Marine Officer

Awards and Service Ribbons

Award Name Date Presented By Ship
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2389 Rear Admiral Toni Turner USS Thunder
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg The Silver Star 238906.22 Fleet Captain Toni Turner USS Thunder


A bit of fun

The art of passion and seduction with Amy Young

Midnight Calling

Seducing Sky Blake

The morning after the night before

The next morning with Sky Blake

The Playboy, the Warrior, and the Chief of Security (A battle with Parker)

A brutal and epic fight with the monsterous Hannibal Parker

Let's move out! (Showing leadership)

Oranganising and leading the evacuation of civilians and officers safely and tactically.

Top Gun. (Exceptional flying skills)

Destroying 3 B'Rel class and a K'Peck class Klingon ships with Mike Hunt. Top Gun, eat your heart out!