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  • Full Character Name: Gabriel
  • Date of Birth: 228209.07
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Place of Birth: El-Auria Prime
  • Hair: Sandy/Blonde
  • Eyes: Electric Blue
  • Height: 1.80m

Family History

  • Mother: Resaria (Missing)
  • Father: Coiden (Missing)
  • Siblings: One Sister, Asari' (Missing)
  • Spouse: Engaged to Lt Elandra Dar CoS Duronis II (He's crazy about her)
  • Children: Elandra miss carried their first child mid term just over a year ago, it was a terrible blow to both of them. Gabriel has recently recieved news that Elandra is pregnant again, he is naturally extreamly protective of her in this state.

Personal History

  • D.O.B. 227809.07 Gabriel had a very happy child hood. His home world was one of peace and his people were artisans, historians, explorers and philosophers. His people became known through out the universe as "The Listeners." He begins his studies to be a listener, (Counselor) of his people.
  • 229010.05 The El-Aurian homeworld is assimilated by the Borg, very few people escaped, his own family escaped along with ten other families.
  • 229101.15 The ship they were on collides with an anomaly known as the Nexus, all ten families are trapped within.
  • 229509.17 Twenty people are rescued from the Nexus by a Starfleet vessel. Gabriel is the only one of his family to be rescued, he makes friends with the doctor of the ship, a Dr. T'val, and is invited to live with her, he happily accepts.
  • 229802.12 Gabriel becomes interested in medicine and studies under T'val and eventually applies to Starfleet. (Failed entry exam).
  • 229812.22 Reapplies to Starfleet a second time and is accepted.
  • 230506.01 Gabriel completes Medical training and becomes a (Dr) Starfleet Medical officer.

Professional History

  • 230506.01 Gabriel completes training and becomes a (Dr) starfleet Medical officer.
  • 2309: Spends 4 years in general practice and enjoys it.
  • 2314: Studies for his doctorate in Bio-chemistry.
  • 2319: Five years in Medical research. Starts studies as a surgeon.
  • 2323: Becomes a field surgeon for SFMC and serves in many campaigns on a MASH ship the USS Braveheart.
  • 2332: After many campaigns he returns to earth and begins more studies.
  • 2338: Professor of Biology and Xeno-Biology.
  • 2345: Master Surgeon, Bio-Molecular Physiologist.
  • 2349: Dr T'val, his best friend companion and lover dies in his arms. Gabriel resigns from starfleet.
  • 2351: After several deep space contracts he winds up on Risa.
  • 237607.14. He spends his time studying psychology and languages. After 25years of the easy relaxed hedonistic life on Risa he meets a young starfleet officer, she persuades him to rejoin Starfleet, he finally agrees.
  • 237608.01 He is quickly accepted into the Starfleet medical programme.
  • 237804.15 Gabriel moves through the training with ease and is fast tracked into specialisation fields.
  • 238009.21 Joins USS Constitution-B as Medical Officer.
  • 238010.25 Promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Constitution-B.
  • 238011.21 Promoted to Chief Medical Officer USS Constitution-B.
  • 238201.17 Takes over official durites as Chief Medical Officer and Representative of Federation medicine on Duronis II

Academic Qualifications


  • Xenobiology: Genetics, Humanoid (Terran, Vulcan, Klingon, Betazoid).
  • Xenobiology: Genetics, Non-Humanoid 1 (Breen)
  • Xenobiology: Evolution, Humanoid (Terran, Vulcan, Klingon, Betazoid)
  • Xenobiology: Evolution, Non-Humanoid (Breen)
  • Xenobiology: Microbiology 1 (Bacteria)
  • Xenobiology: Microbiology 2 (Virii)
  • Xenobiology: Immunology, (Non-Terran, Klingon/Vulcan/Betazoid)
  • Xenobiology: Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems
  • Xenobiology: Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod
  • Xenobiology: Pathology
  • Xenobiology: Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
  • Xenobiology: Endocrinology
  • Xenobiology: Reproductive Biology
  • Xenobiology: Hematology
  • Xenobiology: Neuroscience
  • Xenobiology: Neuroscience
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, Terran
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, (Non-Terran, Major Species)
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, (Non-Terran, Minor Species) Bajoran, Trill, El-aurian.


  • Medicine: First Aid and Field Medicine
  • Medicine: Pharmacology 1&2
  • Medicine: Surgery, Major Humanoid Species. (Terran/Vulcan/Klingon/Betazoid)
  • Medicine: Surgery, Non-Humanoid Species (Breen, Gorn)
  • Medicine: Post-Operative Conditions
  • Medicine: Bedside Manner
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, Terran
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, (Non-Terran, Major Species, Vulcan/Klingon/Betazoid/Trill)
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, (Non-Terran, Minor Species, Vulcan/Klingon/Betazoid/Trill)
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, (Non-Terran, Major Species) Klingon, Vulcan, Betazoid, Romulan.
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, (Non-Terran, Minor Species) Bajoran, El-Aurian.


  • Engineering: Medical Systems and Equipment (General)
  • Engineering: Life Support Systems (General)
  • Language: (Non-Terran, Major Species) Vulcan, Klingon, Betazoid.
  • Xenology: (Non-Terran, Major Species) Vulcan, Klingon, Betazoid.

Personal Interests

  • Physics: Quantum Mechanics
  • Physics: Temporal Mechanics

Personal Notes

The El-Aurians are a space faring people who's homeworld was assimilated by the Borg, they are known throughout the galaxy as "Listeners." They have lifespans in access of 500yrs. El-Aurians tend towards the more passive professions. Specializations: Master Surgeon, Bio-Molecular Physiologist. He keeps himself fit, to do so he enjoys running especially free-running as well as surfing, swimming, jet biking and the popular game of Velocity. (He has won the Champions shield three times), he has now retired from competing professionally but he does still like to play. He is a marksman with a hand phaser or blaster and trains to use them with one in each hand, this is mainly due to his velocity training. Gabriel has the ability to sense distortions in space and time, and has an amazing awareness of his surroundings. Gabriel is proud and quiet having worked and studied hard all his life, he rarely looses his temper and always tries to keep a smile on his face. His patients are always his first priority. Gabriel is a workaholic, if he is not taking care of his patients he is researching or studying for some new project or theory or he will be studying some one elses paper or thesis. Very loyal to his friends when he is in one place long enough to make some. He has an amazing pair of calming blue eyes that people tend to remember him for.