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Remembering the Lost

Welcome to a memorial to those who have joined our crew, and have given their lives for the family that is the Eagle. Aboard the Eagle rests a memorial to those who have given their lives to save their ship and crewmates. The memorial will keep those who have died for the Eagle in our hearts and will give us a place to remember.

If anyone wishes to share their memeories of our heros, please click their name and share your thoughts under the section entitled memories.

Captain Taboo

The following is a list of personnel who gave their lives under the command of Captain Taboo since he took command of the USS Eagle on Stardate 238501.10:

  1. Lieutenant Commander Ben Hunnicutt - Lost in action while in the mirror universe as of 238509.09
  2. Ensign Cam Michaels - Passed away during the mission to Miri IV as of 238511.23